7 Must-Have Apps


This might sound familiar: you are in bed, trying hard to fall asleep early, but you just can’t stop playing Candy Crush (and honestly, you’re probably alternating between that and Trivia Crack). Games on your phone are fun and all, but there are some apps that are seriously helpful for bloggers, and some are just down-right addicting. I’ve compiled some of my favorite apps that I use to waste time or to help enhance my life a little. I haven’t been sponsored by everyone, these are just honestly what I use. I also am not putting and game apps, because this list would be a lot longer…

1. Fancy

This is a shopping app that also shows a bunch of trends from many shops and compiles them into sections, I’ve found it’s great for gifts.

2. Pinterest

I don’t consider this a social media app like Twitter or Instagram, I really think this is an inspiration/time waster. I get totally lost into Pinterest when I use it on the computer. I will spend hours on the mobile app, but some great blogging ideas have come out of it!

3. Adobe Color

This was an app I stumbled upon when I tried to find ways to make color palettes. This is actually featured in my picture in this very blog post. This amazing app will find colors in the pictures that you take. It always gives a cool look when the little bubbles search around the screen and give you different color options. I used this in a few Lush inspiration posts. I think this is a fun app for inspiration or even just to find a specific color scheme for whatever reason.

4. Perlin Draw

This was an interesting little app that I use to mainly get rid of stress. You can draw different designs on the screen and change shape and color options to make the pictures look different. I often use this at night if I’m anxious or even while I wait for class. It isn’t necessarily a game, but it is fun!

5. DailyHoroscope

I can already see the eye rolls. I will be honest, I find astrology fascinating. This is one of the top horoscope apps in case you are feeling celestial and curious.

6. Bloglovin’ 

I use this to catch up on the blogs that I follow throughout the day. It usually gives me great ideas for what I should write for upcoming posts.

7. Water Lite

A few days ago I was waiting for a meeting and heard some water being poured, but the sound was coming from someone’s phone. It was reminding her to drink more water! I asked for the app because I need to remember to drink much more water so I can feel better throughout the day. This will give you reminders as often as you want, and I love it so far!



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