What I’m Wearing In May | 2015


Nothing makes my heart flutter like bronze makeup in the summer.

For May, I kept my makeup relatively simple because I was so busy this month! I incorporated the bronze colored powder eye shadow that I got from Ipsy into my makeup by spreading it over my lid (in a very “meant to be messy” way). I love the way the bronze color brings out blue eyes, and I feel like it can look casual for day time if used lightly. Also, my hair is darker now, and this color doesn’t look so harsh on me. It has a red tone to it, and I think it blends effortlessly for any type of look.

I used a very light colors on my lid after spreading the bronze on and just pat it in the middle for some variation of color. I used one of my old basic palettes for this, but many palettes have a color similar to this. The lighter ivory looks so nice with the bronze! This is a combination that always looks good together. I love the way it looks on the center of the lid.

Also, you’ll notice in the picture that there is some fallout under my eye. This is a good lesson to do your concealer afterwards!

I haven’t been using too much eyeliner this month because it’s been hotter. Instead, I use a good amount of mascara. I’ve been loving the Voluminous Butterfly Mascara.

This is a great look for many different things. I wore it for a Memorial Day party just yesterday! I also might wear it out for my birthday dinner this weekend. I love that it can be a day or night look, depending on how you compliment that bronze tone.

I plan on keeping this look for a good amount of the summer!



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