Ipsy June 2015

ipsy alllipeyefacehair_DSC0013

Makeup bags are not just a fad, I’ve had mine for over a year now, and I’m still in love with it!

This months bag was definitely summer themed, and it had some great thing inside it. The only thing that I’ve sampled so far was the face mask, and I loved it. But a primer is a great necessity for summer since you don’t want your makeup dripping off your face. The colors in this bag were also amazing. In all, I’m very happy with it!

1. Shea Moisture Lipstick “Sarah”

I haven’t used this yet, but the color is amazing! It isn’t too pigmented like other lip crayons. It has an iridescent sheen that will look beautiful in the sun. It seems like an easy color to wear with simple summer makeup.

2. trèStique Mini Shadow Crayon “Aspen Pine”

I’m so excited to use this! It’s exciting to see such an earthy color for summer. It reminds me of camping in the mountains and taking pictures of trees. There is some glitter in this which will make for a beautiful eye look. It blends pretty well!

3. dr. brandt Blackhead Extractor Mask

I’ve used this in the morning a few times since getting it and it really makes my skin soft and ready for makeup!

4. pure brazilian Leave-In Conditioner 

I haven’t tried this yet either, but I’m excited! First of all, this is a huge sample. Second, it smells delicious! I’m excited that I got this because it’s easy for my nighttime routine. Putting this in when your hair is wet and just letting it sit is much less work than the ones you need to rinse out.

5. smashbox Foundation Primer

This was so exciting to get in my bag! I love smashbox products and this is a really good item from them. I haven’t used it yet, but there is a lot in this sample to last a long time. It doesn’t feel too silicon-y, but it also isn’t liquid-y either. I’ll let you know how this feels under my foundation. It’s a super important item for summer!



5 thoughts on “Ipsy June 2015

    1. To be honest I think it’s a nice color because the forest green is refreshing instead of what they usually give in the summer. I really liked mine! What color did you get?

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