Somewhere in the forest, MASSACHUSETTS

Somewhere in the forest, MASSACHUSETTS


I know I’ve been posting a lot of Polyvore’s lately, but bear with me! I have a few blog posts ideas to get through and I’m also getting ready to move back to school next week. I’ll be doing a super fun workspace project once I’m moved in.
I hope you liked this set, it reminds me of fall in my native state. Let me know what you think!

Luna Lovegood

Luna Lovegood


Isn’t Polyvore the best way to get your fangirling out when you need to? I love Harry Potter and I watched it the other night while relaxing. I think getting lost in the world with the characters is so fun and sometimes therapeutic.
One of my all-time favorite characters is Luna. She has always been the character I related to because she is so dreamy and optimistic. I also love Luna’s eccentric but nostalgic style. I thought this might be a good representation of what Luna would wear.

Flea Market Finds & Other Adventures

T1_DSC0082_DSC0085_DSC0087 _DSC0092 _DSC0094 _DSC0096 _DSC0097 _DSC0099 _DSC0104 _DSC0105

Looking for some cheap, wacky stuff?

I was looking for some eccentric items to spice up my mostly-IKEA dorm room in the fall and decided to go to a local flea market.

We started our adventure with some good old donuts. There is a little cafe right up the street from my house that we’ve been going to. We got a classic chocolate frosted, and then a cinnamon sugar donut as well. Cinnamon donuts got me immediately ready for fall! It also fueled me for a day of bargains.

My favorite thing about flea markets is you have no idea what you’re going to find. We go back to this particular one every so often because sometimes the venders change. You could find some crazy things, good and bad. We got some cash ready and looked around. I was happy I brought my camera, because I noticed some of the setups were absolutely beautiful. The clutter of items is always fun to look through.

On our way home from the flea market, we went by an estate sale. Sometimes I find it creepy to look through someone’s house when they’re gone, but in this case, the house was full of books and amazing things to explore through.

At the end of the day, we bought a lamp, a picture, a book, and a guitar (not pictured). This lamp was at the flea market and we talked it down to $12!!!

I’ve been collecting more things to arrange on my walls at school, and I thought this $10 old picture of flowers was so perfect with the other things I’ve gathered.

The last thing we got was at the estate sale. I saw so many classic novels and authors that I wanted to bring home with me. But we found this amazing collection of Edgar Allen Poe stories that was printed in 1907. As a literature buff, I freaked out (quietly) and we payed only $1. I couldn’t believe how many interesting items were at the estate sale. It just goes to show that sometimes bargain hunting is the way to shop.


Lush Inspiration: Blackberry





Back-to-school season has been reminding me to take as many baths as I can now, while I still have a tub (compared to my soon-to-be dorm life).

I took a bath the other day using Blackberry from Lush and The colors were amazing, so I thought I’d share some pictures I took of the bath bomb (and some pictures that resembled it).

Let me know what you think!


Untitled #304

Untitled #304


Polyvore has been my best friend lately.
Since autumn is coming, I can’t help but make a bunch of outfits that I wish I could wear now. I hate to say it, but I’m over this heat! I can’t wait to wear long sleeves and jeans again. I love this outfit because it’s pretty casual, but it looks like there was a bit of work put into it. Stacking rings always adds a bit of flare as well.
To see what I’ve been doing on Polyvore, check out my profile! I usually follow back.

Horoscopes for Beauty


In my humble opinion, horoscopes are 100% real.

I was asked by Madison Reed what my zodiac sign was, and they were kind enough to send over the coolest little “hairoscope” that told me what was in my future (for my hair, that is.) And I will say, I agree with it! I think horoscopes and zodiacs are such a fun thing to play around with, and I thought I’d devote a post to it. After all, we are in an exciting time with Jupiter coming into orbit, and just a couple weeks ago we had a blue moon! Since horoscopes are kind of trendy at the moment, I’ve selected hairstyles that are from celebrities of each horoscope! Find your sign and see if you like the hairstyle.

Also, if you want to see what Madison Reed has to say about your specific sign, take a look here. 

Amanda Seyfried // Sagittarius 

Cheerful, Optimistic, Daring

Amanda always has amazing hair. The golden color really does seem optimistic and cheerful! This blonde always has long, flowing waves.

Carey Mulligan // Gemini

Trendy, Adventurous 

I’m pretty sure we all wish we looked like Carey with short hair.

Alexa Chung // Scorpio

Mysterious, Intense, Sensitive

One of my personal favorites, Alexa always makes bedhead look chic. With the center part bangs and long waves hair, everyone wants to look as effortless as her. If you’ve read this style icon’s book, “It,” you’ll know she is quite an intense and sensitive person. More than anything though, she is definitely mysterious. I would say this Hair-o-scope is right on. I’ll be saving this picture for a future trip to the salon…

Catherine Zeta Jones // Taurus

Elegant, Romantic, Supportive

Catherine is full of life, and so is her hair! With huge, bouncy waves, we can’t help but wish we had this romance that her hair does. Though she is pretty spicy in her roles, her hair is always elegant and chic. Her dark color is her signature and frames her face in the best way.  She is a true beauty!

Marion Cotillard // Libra

Charming, Sensitive, Social

This is one of my favorite chic hairstyles. Marion is so elegant and charming, while maintaining a quiet mystery to her.

Kristen Stewart // Aries

Fiery, Competitive

I’m not sure about competitive, but Kristen sure is fiery! Her hair is always out of place, and yet it looks gorgeous. How does she do it?!

Blake Lively // Virgo

Hardworking, Practical

I’m sure it does take some hard work to get that hair! Blake has been a hair-inspiration for years since she was a stunner on Gossip Girl. Every time I personally see her, I am wowed by the gorgeous blonde. This girl is usually hard at work! Even after having a baby, she looked super fine. Blake, we will always love that hair.

Lilly Collins // Pisces

Passionate, Creative, Dreamy

All of these pretty much describe Lilly. Whether she is playing a fairy tale character or a heady writer, her hair is always so lush. I love her dark hair against her pale skin. When her hair is short, she rocks the cut with waves and layers. When it’s long, she looks like a romantic goddess. Quite dreamy, I’d say!

Cara Delevinge // Leo

Loving, Outgoing

Cara is a huge icon right now in the fashion world, but can we talk for a second about her hair?! Whatever she does, she looks fierce. It’s interesting that she’s a leo and her hair resembles a beautiful lion’s mane. Cara certainly is outgoing, but her flowing hair is romantic and beautiful. I love how she braided one side to get a shaved effect. She can pull off just about anything, though.

Lauren Conrad // Aquarius

Confident, Witty, Open-Minded

Lauren has always had beautiful golden hair from the beginning of her days on The Hills and Laguna Beach. However, in the past few years she has tried different things. My favorite look from her was when she did a subtle ombre. Her long hair could certainly pull of this recent trend! Lauren always likes to keep things fresh, but sophisticated.

Liv Tyler // Cancer

Compassionate, Nurturing, Psychic 

There is something mystical about Liv’s appearance. Maybe it’s from seeing her in Lord of the Rings so often. But her hair is always a dark thick style that leaves us wondering if we should go dark too. No matter the length, Liv keeps her hair shiny and full of bounce. Maybe she can share her elfin ways?

Kate Middleton // Capricorn

Perfectionist, Leader, Family-Oriented

Perhaps one needs to be royalty to get hair like this. Kate is definitely perfect looking, from her curls to her impeccable outfits. She is also a pretty impressive leader. Just having her second child, she no doubt has a love for her growing family. Even after two kids, her style is elegant and chic. We all love this princess!

Let me know which hair style you like the most, and which one you think best suits your zodiac! Do you think the horoscopes were right?


My Current Favorite Breakfast


Suffering from the same boring breakfast? I know I was for awhile until I started trying different things. Instead of having the same cereal every day (sorry, Lucky Charms) I introduced fresh fruit into my morning. It’s summer, so if you can get your hands on some in-season fruits, I’d take advantage of it! I’ve generally been having Nutella on toast with cut up strawberries and yogurt on the side. I thought I’d share this and see what you’ve been enjoying for a refreshing summer breakfast.


What I’ve Been Wearing| August 2015

makeup augustaugust makeupmakeup swatches

-Let’s all pretend for a moment that August isn’t nearly over. Where has the time gone?!

This is the makeup I’ve been wearing this month. I have been all over the Lorac Pro Palette because there are so many neutrals that make any eye look amazing. I’ve been using the bronzy pigment that I’ve told you about countless times all over the center of my lid, and then going in with the highlights in my corner to gives some sheen. The darker colors I use in my crease and carry underneath on my lower lash line for definition. I put all of the colors for this look on my arm so you can see the variation.

What have you been wearing this month for makeup? I’m sure everyone is excited for fall makeup soon!


Shades of city

Shades of city
It’s probably really overrated to go on and on about Polyvore since everyone uses it now, but I can’t help that I love it.
I created this look a couple days ago when I was thinking about back to school clothes. I think for the fall an easy shirtdress and boots will be my favorite combination. Since I go into the city a lot, it’s effortless and easy. I hope you enjoyed the outfit!
If you want to follow me on Polyvore or just see what I’ve been up to there, you can find my profile here. 

Lush Haul & Cocktail| August 2015

Lush1Sex BombBlueberrymarshmallowGrannyLush2Lush3Lush4

For the majority of you, you’ll already know I am obsessed with Lush.

I went in to get some Lush last week and I was happy I went when I did. If you didn’t know, the U.S. Lush stores are phasing out a lot of their old (and most loved) bath bombs! I already stocked up on Space Girl and Phoenix Rising last month, but I didn’t know that Granny Takes a Dip was leaving too. When the employees told me, I knew I had to get it. I also bought a few other fun bath treats (and they all look pretty cohesive, don’t they?)

Cocktail: Granny Takes A Dip & The Comforter

Granny stats:

(Featured ingredient is Lemon Oil)

  • The wonderful array of swirling colors paints a gorgeous picture in the tub.
  • This bomb was inspired by a 1960’s clothing boutique called Granny Takes a Trip.
  • The pink outer ring contains small bits of Bubble Bar for a bit of bubbling bliss.

Comforter Stats:

(Featured ingredient is Bergamot Oil)

  • Soaking in a tub with The Comforter is like sinking beneath a bath of cotton wool.
  • The warm aroma of cassis absolute is so relaxing that you’ll go to bed feeling happier.
  • Blackcurrant absolute is extracted by solvent extraction from the buds of the blackcurrant bush.

I actually got he last Granny in the store (sad, but awesome) and I knew I needed to use it with something for its last hoorah. The scent of Granny goes perfectly with the candy-scented comforter, and you can see in the pictures that the bubbles were amazing in a purple/pink bath.

Have you bought anything fun at Lush lately?