My Fool-Proof Liquid Eyeliner Routine

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When I got my new Maybelline liquid liner a month ago, I was suddenly addicted to it.

Here’s how I get my liner as perfect as possible (it doesn’t always happen though!).

1) Use a primer

I use Urban Decay’s Primer Potion on my lids and it avoids any transfer during the day or any smudging.

2) Find a good eyeshadow color

This is just a cheap one from Elf, but I use it all the time! it is a gold/rosegold color that isn’t super pigmented. I use it all over my lid when I want an easy makeup day. It makes it look like there’s a little something on your lids without being too much.

3) Start with one straight line

I find the easiest way for me to do liner is to go across the lash line first. When you concentrate on just getting a straight line, it’s easier than going in for a wing. Once you’ve accomplished this, you can start figuring out where you want to draw your flick. You could also just leave a straight line across your lash if you like how it looks!

4) Draw one line to start your wing

I go with the rule that you should go alone the line of your bottom lash line. This prevents you from making a wing high up on your eye, which looks unnatural. A small, easy flick looks best. Go over it a few times to see how thick you want it to be.

5) Perfect the line

I go over the flick a few times and connect it to the base line that I originally made. This makes the line thicker and a bit more natural on your eyelid.

I then of course curled my lashes and used so mascara. What are your tips for liquid eyeliner?



5 thoughts on “My Fool-Proof Liquid Eyeliner Routine

  1. Well my personal tips for liquid eyeliner are to choose the products provided with the right tip, so in the ‘pen’-like packaging, because they’re easier to use. A good tool is also the oblique brush, which helps to create the cat-flick, much more than those too long and flexible glued to the cap of most liquid eyeliners…

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