Horoscopes for Beauty


In my humble opinion, horoscopes are 100% real.

I was asked by Madison Reed what my zodiac sign was, and they were kind enough to send over the coolest little “hairoscope” that told me what was in my future (for my hair, that is.) And I will say, I agree with it! I think horoscopes and zodiacs are such a fun thing to play around with, and I thought I’d devote a post to it. After all, we are in an exciting time with Jupiter coming into orbit, and just a couple weeks ago we had a blue moon! Since horoscopes are kind of trendy at the moment, I’ve selected hairstyles that are from celebrities of each horoscope! Find your sign and see if you like the hairstyle.

Also, if you want to see what Madison Reed has to say about your specific sign, take a look here. 

Amanda Seyfried // Sagittarius 

Cheerful, Optimistic, Daring

Amanda always has amazing hair. The golden color really does seem optimistic and cheerful! This blonde always has long, flowing waves.

Carey Mulligan // Gemini

Trendy, Adventurous 

I’m pretty sure we all wish we looked like Carey with short hair.

Alexa Chung // Scorpio

Mysterious, Intense, Sensitive

One of my personal favorites, Alexa always makes bedhead look chic. With the center part bangs and long waves hair, everyone wants to look as effortless as her. If you’ve read this style icon’s book, “It,” you’ll know she is quite an intense and sensitive person. More than anything though, she is definitely mysterious. I would say this Hair-o-scope is right on. I’ll be saving this picture for a future trip to the salon…

Catherine Zeta Jones // Taurus

Elegant, Romantic, Supportive

Catherine is full of life, and so is her hair! With huge, bouncy waves, we can’t help but wish we had this romance that her hair does. Though she is pretty spicy in her roles, her hair is always elegant and chic. Her dark color is her signature and frames her face in the best way.  She is a true beauty!

Marion Cotillard // Libra

Charming, Sensitive, Social

This is one of my favorite chic hairstyles. Marion is so elegant and charming, while maintaining a quiet mystery to her.

Kristen Stewart // Aries

Fiery, Competitive

I’m not sure about competitive, but Kristen sure is fiery! Her hair is always out of place, and yet it looks gorgeous. How does she do it?!

Blake Lively // Virgo

Hardworking, Practical

I’m sure it does take some hard work to get that hair! Blake has been a hair-inspiration for years since she was a stunner on Gossip Girl. Every time I personally see her, I am wowed by the gorgeous blonde. This girl is usually hard at work! Even after having a baby, she looked super fine. Blake, we will always love that hair.

Lilly Collins // Pisces

Passionate, Creative, Dreamy

All of these pretty much describe Lilly. Whether she is playing a fairy tale character or a heady writer, her hair is always so lush. I love her dark hair against her pale skin. When her hair is short, she rocks the cut with waves and layers. When it’s long, she looks like a romantic goddess. Quite dreamy, I’d say!

Cara Delevinge // Leo

Loving, Outgoing

Cara is a huge icon right now in the fashion world, but can we talk for a second about her hair?! Whatever she does, she looks fierce. It’s interesting that she’s a leo and her hair resembles a beautiful lion’s mane. Cara certainly is outgoing, but her flowing hair is romantic and beautiful. I love how she braided one side to get a shaved effect. She can pull off just about anything, though.

Lauren Conrad // Aquarius

Confident, Witty, Open-Minded

Lauren has always had beautiful golden hair from the beginning of her days on The Hills and Laguna Beach. However, in the past few years she has tried different things. My favorite look from her was when she did a subtle ombre. Her long hair could certainly pull of this recent trend! Lauren always likes to keep things fresh, but sophisticated.

Liv Tyler // Cancer

Compassionate, Nurturing, Psychic 

There is something mystical about Liv’s appearance. Maybe it’s from seeing her in Lord of the Rings so often. But her hair is always a dark thick style that leaves us wondering if we should go dark too. No matter the length, Liv keeps her hair shiny and full of bounce. Maybe she can share her elfin ways?

Kate Middleton // Capricorn

Perfectionist, Leader, Family-Oriented

Perhaps one needs to be royalty to get hair like this. Kate is definitely perfect looking, from her curls to her impeccable outfits. She is also a pretty impressive leader. Just having her second child, she no doubt has a love for her growing family. Even after two kids, her style is elegant and chic. We all love this princess!

Let me know which hair style you like the most, and which one you think best suits your zodiac! Do you think the horoscopes were right?



4 thoughts on “Horoscopes for Beauty

  1. I’m a cancer and I’ve had someone tell me I look like an elf from LOTR. LOL. Not sure what to think of that, but I just take it as a compliment since Liv Tyler is absolutely stunning!

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