Flea Market Finds & Other Adventures

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Looking for some cheap, wacky stuff?

I was looking for some eccentric items to spice up my mostly-IKEA dorm room in the fall and decided to go to a local flea market.

We started our adventure with some good old donuts. There is a little cafe right up the street from my house that we’ve been going to. We got a classic chocolate frosted, and then a cinnamon sugar donut as well. Cinnamon donuts got me immediately ready for fall! It also fueled me for a day of bargains.

My favorite thing about flea markets is you have no idea what you’re going to find. We go back to this particular one every so often because sometimes the venders change. You could find some crazy things, good and bad. We got some cash ready and looked around. I was happy I brought my camera, because I noticed some of the setups were absolutely beautiful. The clutter of items is always fun to look through.

On our way home from the flea market, we went by an estate sale. Sometimes I find it creepy to look through someone’s house when they’re gone, but in this case, the house was full of books and amazing things to explore through.

At the end of the day, we bought a lamp, a picture, a book, and a guitar (not pictured). This lamp was at the flea market and we talked it down to $12!!!

I’ve been collecting more things to arrange on my walls at school, and I thought this $10 old picture of flowers was so perfect with the other things I’ve gathered.

The last thing we got was at the estate sale. I saw so many classic novels and authors that I wanted to bring home with me. But we found this amazing collection of Edgar Allen Poe stories that was printed in 1907. As a literature buff, I freaked out (quietly) and we payed only $1. I couldn’t believe how many interesting items were at the estate sale. It just goes to show that sometimes bargain hunting is the way to shop.



6 thoughts on “Flea Market Finds & Other Adventures

  1. Hi Heather. I went to that same estate sale and couldn’t believe the stuff. Loved the car. I also had much luck at a flea market this Sunday too. I was looking for old tea pots for Cara’s friend Katie for a bridal shower. I found 6 vintage ones for cheap. Both places are my favs to find treasures.

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