The Scents in My New Dorm


Going to college is awesome.

You know what’s not? A stinky dorm room. I’ve experienced my fair share of weird college dorms and houses that had some strange scents going on. Maybe it’s someone reheating pizza in the kitchen. Maybe it’s someone’s late night boozy adventure. Either way, these two wondrous scents keep my dorm feeling home-like and make me forget I’m not quite living in a home.

The first is the Glade room spray in Apple Cinnamon.ย I sprayed this in the store and put it immediately into my cart. It smells like fall and the beautiful scents that come with that season. I’m afraid I might have to get multiple of these before autumn is over. I’ve been here two days and so far have sprayed it four times (too much?)

The second is the Aromatherapy from Bath & Body Works in the scent Lavender and Camomile.ย This can be used on your bed or even in the air. You can even spray it in curtains if you’d like. The scent is obviously to induce sleep, something I have a hard time with. This might make living in a dorm a bit more comfy with an easier night’s rest.

What scents and smells are you into for the fall season?



2 thoughts on “The Scents in My New Dorm

  1. I’ve been looking for something to use in my dorm! An air freshener just isnt doing it justice, this was really helpful!

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