A Peek Inside My Workspace


There are about 10 places I can get work done very effectively, and admittedly, most of them are at Starbucks. For a long time, I didn’t have a workspace that was peaceful or “me” enough to get my creative juices flowing, and I always settled for a library or a cafe of some sort.

I’m so excited that I have a dorm to myself this year. As a senior, I wanted some design freedom with what I did with my room and how I decorated. I spent the last two days tweaking things and making everything feel as cozy as possible. I’ve learned something about myself, simplicity works best for me in a ย workspace. Clutter stresses me out, and this new dorm gave me a fresh start to be as minimal as I pleased.

Here is a small peek into my new dorm, which is something I’m sure I’ll be expanding on.

Workspaces are important because they need to stimulate you, they need to push you to come up with ideas and work harder. You can see my desk space is a place of work, but of quirky little treasures that remind me to put my personality into everything that I do. I also included a drawer of my markers, pens, pencils, and journals for writing (and this colorful little drawer has me creating new things multiple times a day now!).

If you enjoyed this kind of interior workspace post, maybe you’ll find some inspiration with WeWork’s awesome Office Space page.ย You can search for the general area you are interested in and find motivation in some very successful people’s workspace. My favorite places to look through were Berkley, Boston, and New York City, just because they were closest to me. I am quite a nose person, and if you’re anything like me, this feature on their site will leave you satisfied and motivated to get up and create something!


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