Abstract & Autumnal Nail Art


Long autumn days, not a lot of sleep, and a busy college schedule means my nails are generally pretty boring.

However, I found a way to do fun nail art without breaking out the crazy nail tools. While I love some dotting tools, tape, and all the other tricks to give amazing works of art on our fingertips, I just don’t always have the patience! I wanted to do something simple that included multiple fall colors. I’m watching a few (not a lot!) of the trees changing and I was inspired by the deep reds and beautiful golds. This can also be done with any base color that you’d like! I like this gray-ish purple, because it’s a beautiful color but also feels neutral enough to not clash.

  1. Pick a base coat that will be different enough from your colors to let them stand out. This was a nail polish I got in an Ipsy bag and I’m obsessed with the pale-purple color. This is fun for fall, and I only needed one coat (but use two if you need to).
  2. Find three colors that you think will work together well. Mine were a wine-colored marsala, a stark white, and a beautiful shimmery gold.
  3. Once the base has dried, use one color at a time. Paint each nail with only one swipe! I swiped up with the maroon first. Once the maroon dried, I went with the white and swiped sideways, painting every finger and waiting for that to dry. Lastly, I swiped the gold through the middle of the two first colors and painted every nail until they dried. The best part about this is, it doesn’t have to be neat!
  4. Wait a long time until the top coat to make sure all the colors you used have dried. Seriously, swiping on a topcoat too soon can smudge them all and ruin your hard work! Once the top coat is on, still be careful of the nails because all that polish piled on top of each other is a recipe for disaster. When you’re finished, you should have a pretty cool design that wasn’t that hard to achieve!

If you guys try this out, let me know how it goes! You can also tweet me a picture or DM me on Instagram. I thought this would be a fun nail idea, and I haven’t shared one for a little while now.



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