I’m Moving!






Hello everyone,


This title might seem vague and scary, and I guess it sort of is. I’m not moving my geographical location (not yet, anyway), but I am moving across the internet. Sort of.

I’ve had this blog for a long time. I made it when I first started college as a side project to keep myself writing and documenting things I did throughout school. I’ve loved it. I’ve loved the recipes, the outfit posts, even the embarrassing beginning ones (and they do exist).

As I’m graduating in a few short months and applying to jobs and such, I’ve been thinking about what I really want to do and what I want to write about. I love to write, and I want to continue writing online to keep up the momentum. But I just didn’t feel inspired by this space anymore. It felt like I’d grown too big for it, and the themes I wanted to blog about just weren’t matching up.

I wanted to create a new blog for a long time, but since I had gained so many followers on here, I wanted to be able to keep all the readers that I’ve accumulated over time. I felt stuck, and my response was just to kind of not write or upload anything.

For one of my classes, we had to create a new blog that encompassed our style. It could be anything we wanted, and I felt an opportunity opening up for me. The more I thought about this new blog, the more excited I was to do something different. This was the beginning of Heathermoors. I thought long and hard about the blog I wanted to create and I decided that this is what I want, that this is what I want myself to be in a blog, and I’m pleased with it. It’s far from done, in fact the first few posts were posts I had to do for a school project. But I enjoy the pictures, I like the vibe, and I like the name.

If you’re still reading, thank you for making it this far! I’m very proud of my new blog, and I want to take a minute to describe it to you. I want it to be about nature. I want it to be inspired by fashion and beauty and all the things we love, but with lush photography and atmospheric images that conjure up emotions in us that will fill us with passion and joy. I want people to be inspired by every post I make, so the quality standard of what I’m uploading and writing is much higher now.

The name Heathermoors is derived from my name (Heather) and the moors. The moors are my favorite environment, they are fascinating to me. I love looking at Scottish moors, Irish moors, the misty moors of England that inspired books like Wuthering Heights and Jane Eyre. This is my favorite vibe, and I wanted to incorporate it. My first post illustrates my inspiration, you can see it here.

I’ll be planning on uploading more often and coming up with thoughtful, content-rich blog posts to keep the inspiration up. There’s still a lot of work to do, like changing my bios and all my accounts (like Bloglovin’, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.). But I’m happy to be growing into a new space, and I hope you’ll come along with me. All of my faithful friends on this site have encouraged me to move forward, and I appreciate it whole-heartedly.

If you have any questions or want to talk with me about it, I’ll still be answering comments on here! I’ll also be leaving this site up so all the posts I’ve done through the years are accessible. (There were some great recipes that just can’t be deleted!)

Thanks again for always reading and showing love to this blog. I hope to see and hear from you guys soon.




What I’m Reading This Weekend



I loved reading as a child.

I sometimes find it challenging to keep reading now since I need to set aside time for reading. Life gets a bit busy and suddenly, reading feels like a chore. If you don’t have time for a long read session, here are some great blog posts that still count as reading (in my opinion) that you can look over during your morning coffee.

I really loved each of these and they felt like nice little snippets of things that you could attempt, or maybe they’ll just amuse you. My favorite was personally the guest post at Becoming Minimalist about Minimalism & The Pursuit of Happiness.

Take a look at these and see what you think! People do many posts like this and I won’t make this a regular thing. But this weekend you might need a few minutes to wind down and surf the net. These might interest you! I find it relaxing to see what other bloggers are up to at the moment. A nice piece of writing really sets the mood for the day.

Colorblocked Clay Coasters by A Beautiful Mess

Tips For Working Out When You Kinda Just Wanna Relax by The Skinny Confidential

The Alternative Brush Cleaners by The Beauty Department

Orange Lipstick: Is It Wearable? by Dream and Dazzle

The Most Popular Dresses to Rent for Wedding Season by Who What Wear

Steps To Make Your Lipstick Last Longer by Sophie’s Makeup

Minimalism & The Pursuit of Happiness by Becoming Minimalist

How To Thread Your Own Eyebrows by Loepsie