Rays Of Sunshine


After a strangely warm winter, I’m kind of looking forward to spring. I know that a brutal winter might still be coming, but part of me is buying into the floral prints and warm, inviting colors. I wanted to do a nail look that incorporates the happiness of spring with some bold shapes. I went to TJMaxx to get some cheap polishes (Deborah Lippmann for $4!!!!) and went to work!

This is honestly a very easy thing to recreate. I just painted two coats of the blue polish and waited until that dried completely. Then, I angled the yellow and swiped it on either side of the nail to make an inside-out-triangle shape.

If you try this with different colors, send me the pictures and let me know how they look! The great part about this design is that you can really use it with any bold colors.



Flower Spring Nails

Hey guys!

My roommate (who is amazing at nail art) gave me the cutest little manicure last night. I wanted something with spring colors, and I wanted some cute flowers as well. We made use of a few nail decals for the design.

We alternated the blue and yellow every other finger except the middle and ring finger were the same. The tips were a bit difficult, but we just painted as best we could and then cleaned it up with a q-tip and nail polish remover.

The flowers were done with plain white nail polish and a dotting tool. The little nail decals were in a set from Claire’s, and I think they’re really cheap. I also know that I go some cute Katy Perry ones in her Deluxe album set, and she made another collection of them for Claire’s.

Basically a self explanatory design, so let me know what you guys think! I have loved floral nails lately because I think it’s so girly and appropriate for the season. I might even try this design with different colors. What do you think of floral nails?



Perfect Spring/Summer Dress — Anthropologie

Galen Dress, $128


Hello everyone!


I’m sorry for my absence from this blog, most of my mid-term projects were group projects, and they were extremely time consuming! However, most of my final projects are under control, and I am ready to organize some things for blogging.I bought a few new dresses for summer that are standard “summer dresses” like sheer sundresses. But while in my fashion history class, I noticed one of my friends wearing a beautifully styled dress that I thought would look amazing on many body types. I looked around for some good ones, and came across a great version from Anthropologie, (AKA my favorite store). It is a bit pricey, and I’m aware of that. However, splurging a little for a dress this beautiful could last you a good few seasons. The color is in “blue motif”, and I think it could really be dressed up or down based on the occasion!


What do you think?




Hot Items for Late Summer

2. ModCloth $124.99
4. Dior

Hey guys, it’s been awhile! I am getting ready to go back to school, and I thought I would do a Hot Items list for the end of summer/early fall. These are all items that are being talked about right now!

1. I have no idea where this ring is from, (suggestions?) but gold rings are huge right now. Stacking them is big right now, as well as midi-rings that go on the top part of your finger. The design is adorable, and I found many of these at urban outfitters.

2. I love ModCloth, and I was looking for a dress for starting school in the fall. This dress from is pretty pricey, but I would pay it. It’s called the “Byron Bay Beautiful Dress” and is a really hot item on ModCloth at the moment. This sailor-inspired nighttime dress is perfect for a dinner by the sea, and is sold exclusively online. It can be done with lots and lots of colorful accessories for summer, and when fall rolls around it can be paired with tights, socks, boots, and jackets. I love the colors and the pattern!

3. I couldn’t find this brand either, but I did love the cut and the style. (It seems i’m into preppy sailor things lately.) The brown lining and stripes is nautical and summery, but can be translated for fall. For summer, It can be worn over a bikini at the beach, or with high waisted shorts and sandals. For fall, this is slouchy enough to wear over leather leggings, and would look great paired with a maroon jacket or knee high socks and boots.

4. This is from Dior’s Pre-Fall 2013 collection. I didn’t find the price (but I think we just know it is mind-blowing). I have been really into statement necklaces lately. This pearl-embroidered piece is perfect because it isn’t too much. You could wear this with a plain white tee and jeans to add some color, or you could use it with a beautiful dress for weddings or cocktail parties. The color is beautiful (I predict it will be big this fall), and I’ll be on the lookout for imitations!

Be on the lookout for some gold stacked rings, printed dresses for fall, nautical slouchy shirts, and colorful statement necklaces!


6/13/13 Summer Picks

1. Evanworld $4.50
2. Haoyou $5.99
3. Madewell $138

Hey guys!

My favorite way to accessorize in the summer is with bracelet stacks. When you don’t wear as much layers, it is nice to stack up on bracelets to add some dynamics.

The top bracelet stack is a Harry Potter themed one, (I couldn’t resist, I am in love with Harry Potter). It has metal, leather, and cotton as materials, and the size of the bracelets can be adjusted. This is a product from Etsy.com and the shop name is Evanworld. The bracelets are handmade and shipped from China or Singapore. The shop I must say is very reliable and will contact you with address information, as well as being extremely open about feedback and keeping the costumer satisfied.

The second bracelet set would probably go with any summer outfit. The shop is Haoyou, and you can actually design a lot of the stacked bracelets yourself and request them from this shop. When ordering from the shop, you can specify the materials and colors that you want and the shop owner will communicate with you to give you the bracelets you want. This is also from Etsy.com

The third little item is a beautiful washed chambray blazer. This is by Madewell, and as always, delivers awesome quality and versatility for summer outfits. It is structured for a casual jacket, and is also polished with small pockets that lay at the hips. The hem in the back is also very flattering for summer dresses and things of that nature. I found this at Shopbop.com

What do you think of these summer picks?


Simple Flower Nail Art






Hey guys!
I’ve been really into vintage styles lately, and I fell in love with this cute nail design. I first saw it on Mani-Monday post on someone’s blog, and decided to try it.
You will need:
-A nude color base coat
-Two colors of acrylic paint
-A very thin paintbrush
-A toothpick or wood skewer
-A paper plate
-A top coat
Note that I only put the flower design on my thumbs and pinkies. But you can use them where you’d like!
I first put two coats of a nude colored nail polish that I got from Forever 21. I thought keeping it simple would make the flowers stand out more. (My nude color is pretty pale seeing as I am pretty pale.)
Before moving on to the flowers, I let my nails dry a good 2 1/2 hours. I didn’t use a topcoat till the end.
After waiting a couple hours or until the nude is completely dry, take your acrylic paint. (My colors were Kelly Green and Soldier Blue.)
I practiced a few times with both hands on the paper plate first. The easiest way is to start with your stem color (mine is green) and with your paintbrush, make the first curved line. I made a slightly longer line off of that one, and then added the smaller branches after. After applying to my thumbs and pinkies, I let that dry and then went over the stem again with a second coat.
I took my skewer stick and lightly dipped it in the dot color (mines blue) and dotted a few more times on the paper plate. Then I quickly applied one dot to each stem!
After about an hour, I applied a good top coat that sealed the deal.
You can change the base colors and the flower colora to whatever you want! It’s a simple design that is fun for summer.
What do you think?

Adorable Summer Finds

1. Evon Case $40
2. Amadi 1 $29

Hey everyone!

Now that the weather is finally nice and I have enough money to go to a total shopping spree (which I will share with you when it happens) I have been thinking of cute new items to invest in. I came across these adorable little gems and thought I should share them with you.

The first is a pair of phone cases for a couple, a bff, sisters, etc. For people like me with a Droid, the cases can’t be used. But these cases do work with the iPhone 4, 4S, and 5. It is $40 for both cases (which is a pretty good deal), and it comes in a couple different colors. The colors shown are “Pink/Mint on Wood”. The other colors are: “Red/Navy”, “Red/Mint”, and “Red/White”. When the cases are apart, they also just look like a cool design! I found the cases on Uncovet.com (I am becoming very fond of this website.)

The second item is a pair of beautiful heeled sandals. These single-sole wedges have a rose-gold plate (which is all the rage) and a gorgeous rose color. They are by Amadi 1 and are relatively cheap for heels at $29. And for those of you conscious of this, it is made completely of vegan leather. They only come in one color (rose) and there are only four left. So hurry! I found them at lulus.com 🙂

What do you think of these precious summer finds?


Memorial Day Outfits

It is officially Memorial Day Weekend, and now we can sit back and relax with family. But depending on the weather and the parties you’re going to, you might need some outfit ideas. So here they are!

If you have family outings like the family in Wedding Crashers that is super preppy, than the first outfit is perfect. I love the nautical stripes! Very all-American.

For the rainier, colder areas, the second outfit is key. There have been bad storms a lot of places, and even where I live is getting a cold front. So the cardigan over a flannel and t-shirt is chic and still keeps you warm.

For the hotter areas, I love the third outfit. VERY all-American, with a nice American flag. This will definitely keep you cool, and also has a very casual holiday-weekend feel.

The last outfit I picked because I just love a fancy outfit as well. So if there are any fancy affairs you have to go to, I thought this was so pretty. The lace skirt is polished, but the loose button-up is casual enough for a long weekend event.

What are you planning on wearing this Memorial Day weekend?


Another Nail Idea: Pastel Tips

Ok, I know I just posted about a nail idea, but this has got to take the cake.

As soon as I saw this picture, I was like, “I can do this. This is easy.”

I decided I would scout my collection for colors closest to this (and most are old and crusty) and then buy the rest. As for the silver strip, I thought I could get nail stickers and cut a thin strip and stick it on, or take tinsel and glue it on…

But just as my ideas hit a rut, I clicked the link that the picture came from, and found the most glorious thing.

Nastynails.com sells sets of nail polish to achieve different looks. Seriously. Most of these colors were Essie colors as well as an Orly, and GET THIS, silver tape. In the kit. For us. WOW.

It is all $24.00 (worth it if you’re a nail freak) and looks perfect instead of a makeshift version. I haven’t bought one of these kits yet, but I plan on it.

What do you think of having this handy dandy kit?