Winter Body Scrub


I couldn’t resist. I had so much extra cinnamon and sugar that I was itching to make a body scrub. I picked up this adorable jar at Target, and here we are!

It’s winter, and let’s be honest, we are all dry and need a good scrub to get that dead skin off (ew).

I actually got a beautiful scrub and body butter set for Christmas and I loved the scrub. The scent was very fresh and I loved it, but I also wanted a sweeter scented one that I could use as well. I found this super easy to make! Hopefully you have everything in your kitchens to create this as well.

(You need a jar)

2 Cups brown sugar

3/8 cup of honey

1/4 cup of coconut oil

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

1 tablespoon cinnamon

You basically just mix all these together in a bowl, and use your hands to mash up the oil and everything together. I added slightly more vanilla to give it a cinnamon-vanilla scent. The coconut scent just barely comes through, so it smells great and it feels amazing.


If you try this out, let me know how it goes!




October Lush Haul | Halloween & Glitter


It seems like the entire internet is obsessed with the fall Lush that’s come out. I waited patiently until I could finally go, and I was grabbing things left and right. I picked up the new Halloween things (they were out last year too) and a few other things too.

I know this isn’t a big haul, but I don’t have much money to be spending on Lush, especially since I can only take baths at home and not at school. But I knew some of you would want to see this, so I took some pictures of them! Lush is so magical during the fall and winter. I went in and there were decorations and everyone was so cheerful. If you haven’t stopped in lately even just to browse, you should take a look.

I also want to say that the glittery Lush treats are always my favorite. I don’t think you can overlook the beautiful pumpkin or the revamped bubbleroons. They are always amazing and I can’t wait to relax into a hot bath on a crisp Autumn evening. This most certainly is one of the best parts of Autumn.

Lord of Misrule: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, this is one of my favorites. I say that a lot, but this has always been my all time favorite that I look forward to with seasonal releases. The smell of this is something you honestly can’t put into words. My advice is, just go sniff it. The color of it is a festive wine color and there are popping candies!

-The crown design on Lord of Misrule was inspired by the one worn by the ruler of the Pagan Feast of Fools, where a lowly peasant became Lord for a day.

-This Bath Bomb features Fair Trade vanilla absolute; the world’s first!

-Although commonplace today, black pepper was incredibly expensive in Medieval Europe.

Honey Bee: This bath bomb is very special to me because it was the first Lush product I ever bought! I was feeling nostalgic and thought it was time I tried it out again.

-A bath treat for the whole family; even the most sensitive of skins.

-Honey naturally moisturizes and softens as you soak in the caramel-colored waters.

-Sweet wild orange, perfect for gently cleansing and toning the skin, brightens your mood.

Sparkly Pumpkin: This is one of those fall bath items that smells amazing and sparkles brilliantly so you feel like your even got just a bit more festive.

-This pumpkin shares its scent with our Mr. Punch soap from LUSH Christmases past!

-Lime and grapefruit oils give this Bubble Bar an uplifting scent.

-A gold shimmering exterior will leave you sparkling in and out of the bath.

Rose Jam Bubbleroon: This was always one of my favorites, but they reformulated it so that it makes more bubbles AND they made it look like a sparkly rose!

-Want more of a great thing? Each Bubbleroon is made for two baths!

-Hop in the tub for the silkiest, softiest, rosiest-scented bubbles you’ve ever had.

-With Fair Trade Shea Butter in the base, Bubbleroons treat the skin to a softening and moisturizing soak.

What were your favorites out of these? And let me know what you’ve been buying at Lush!


Lush Inspiration: Blackberry





Back-to-school season has been reminding me to take as many baths as I can now, while I still have a tub (compared to my soon-to-be dorm life).

I took a bath the other day using Blackberry from Lush and The colors were amazing, so I thought I’d share some pictures I took of the bath bomb (and some pictures that resembled it).

Let me know what you think!


Lush Haul & Cocktail| August 2015

Lush1Sex BombBlueberrymarshmallowGrannyLush2Lush3Lush4

For the majority of you, you’ll already know I am obsessed with Lush.

I went in to get some Lush last week and I was happy I went when I did. If you didn’t know, the U.S. Lush stores are phasing out a lot of their old (and most loved) bath bombs! I already stocked up on Space Girl and Phoenix Rising last month, but I didn’t know that Granny Takes a Dip was leaving too. When the employees told me, I knew I had to get it. I also bought a few other fun bath treats (and they all look pretty cohesive, don’t they?)

Cocktail: Granny Takes A Dip & The Comforter

Granny stats:

(Featured ingredient is Lemon Oil)

  • The wonderful array of swirling colors paints a gorgeous picture in the tub.
  • This bomb was inspired by a 1960’s clothing boutique called Granny Takes a Trip.
  • The pink outer ring contains small bits of Bubble Bar for a bit of bubbling bliss.

Comforter Stats:

(Featured ingredient is Bergamot Oil)

  • Soaking in a tub with The Comforter is like sinking beneath a bath of cotton wool.
  • The warm aroma of cassis absolute is so relaxing that you’ll go to bed feeling happier.
  • Blackcurrant absolute is extracted by solvent extraction from the buds of the blackcurrant bush.

I actually got he last Granny in the store (sad, but awesome) and I knew I needed to use it with something for its last hoorah. The scent of Granny goes perfectly with the candy-scented comforter, and you can see in the pictures that the bubbles were amazing in a purple/pink bath.

Have you bought anything fun at Lush lately?


Lush Inspiration: Avobath


I’ve fallen in love, and his name is Avobath. This is another repurchase for me, but I indulged in a bath after I had a hard day moving out of my dorm, and it was just what I needed.

This bath bomb doesn’t  have all the bells and whistles that some of the other ones do (ie. seaweed, glitter, confetti hearts) but it still one of my all time favorites. It doesn’t fizz for that long before it’s done, but the color and scent are very strong. This was a good relaxing and fresh bath bomb to use when you’ve been on your feet the whole day. I find that when I use this I can relax easier because the scent is calming but still uplifting. This is a perfect spring-into-summer bath bomb!

Here’s some specs on Avobath:

-perfect for early mornings when you just don’t feel like getting up

-lemongrass scent helps wake your brain up

-has mixed in avocados to bring moisture to your dry skin

-having a foggy brain? this might help you get motivated

-a zesty refresher

Have you used Avobath?


Lush Inspiration: Dragon’s Egg

dragon's egg 1Dragon's egg 2dragon's egg 3

Hello everyone, today I am blogging to you while I am very sick in bed. The best time to get sick is not around finals week. The dorm I live in is pretty much filled with gross people, thus resulting in me getting sick a lot. 

Anyway, I have some Lush inspiration for you. I really enjoyed doing it last time with the Twilight bath bomb. This time I took on Dragon’s Egg, which I’ve used before and I loved!

Here are some stats on Dragon’s Egg:

-Good for if you need to let off some steam (it really took my anxiety from this terrible week right away)

-A good bath bomb for all of your senses

-Has lemon oil, which is good for toning and refreshing skin 

-It’s vibrant, sizzling, and has many sounds, colors, and scents while it’s in the bath

-Good for groggy morning or before an evening out!


Lush Inspiration: Twilight


Shameless, typical Tumblr-inspired pictures of bath bombs.

I came up with a cool idea to compare bath bombs to thing. I actually didn’t really come up with this, because people have been doing similar things on Tumblr. But I thought it would be a fun thing to do for this blog! I love Lush and I can’t always get it, so it might be fun to do something like this when I treat myself. I only own the first two images!!

This was the Twilight bath bomb, and I’ve used it before. I love this because of the lavender in it. As someone who is anxious and usually needs help falling asleep, this is a great bath bomb to use at night. The smell is divine!

Some specs on this bath bomb (taken right from the Lush site):

1. Lavender is a natural melatonin that will help make you sleepy (as said before)

2. It has sweet tonka absolute, which is the “saucier cousin of vanilla” that will help you become relaxed and tired

3. It has a slow froth, and when I used it, it really did take awhile to completely fizzle out.

Honestly, I want to repurchase this over and over after it helped me relax so much after a very stressful week. I love how the colors changed from pink to blue to purple, just like the night sky.


Great Balls of Bicarb- Lush Treats


I have added some Lush products to my collection, and I must say, the excitement is overwhelming. In case you’ve been noticing, there has been a big lack of Lush on this blog lately. Let’s just state the obvious: I’m a broke college student. Keeping up with Lush every month was a nice luxury for awhile, but it had to stop. Especially since I don’t have a bath at school and I only use my bath products when I come home. That meant I had to cut down how much I went to Lush, and eventually, I just stopped going.

Trust me, this is just as devastating to me to have to live through as it probably is for you to read this. However, I decided when I get some extra money, I’ll stop in every so often and get some Lush. Fast forward to Easter, when I told my mom all I wanted was one single peep. I came downstairs the next morning to a basket (full of peeps, by the way) with a huge Lush gift inside. AND IT WAS VERY HARD TO HOLD IN MY EXCITEMENT.

This is the Great Balls of Bicarb Lush box (cylinder, really) and I really love it because my favorite thing to get at Lush is bath bombs.

I haven’t used any yet, but I am planning to this weekend. I think as I use each bath bomb I’ll do a blog post on how they look/perform in the bath.


Ipsy Bag December 2014

ipsy eye paintipsy hairipsy lashesipsy lipDSCN1700Hey everyone!

My Ipsy bag came and I had to take the pictures on my older Nikon so they aren’t super crisp and I’m sorry about that but the other camera seems to be working again!

1. Cailyn Eye Polish (#5 Orchid) – This was quite an interesting product. It looks like an nail polish but is actually a loose powder for your eyes! The applicator is a strange little sponge at the end of the nail-polish-like wand and picks up the loose powder in the pot. I haven’t used it yet, but I will soon because the color is amazing for the holidays!

2. Sexy Hair Heat Defense Blow Out Spray – I used this stuff only once before I did some light heat styling on my hair and I noticed my hair was very bouncy and tousled. I didn’t notice a significant amount of shine, but I also didn’t use that much that one time so maybe I will next time. The best part about this product is that it smells like pineapple and coconut! I was happy to put this in, whether it works or not.

3. tarte 4-in0-1 Mascara – We’ve all heard about this Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara time and time again and I was so excited to use this. I’ve used it twice and I really enjoy the fluttery look it gives to my lashes. But to be honest with you, it isn’t very thick or volumizing. It does a great job for day time looks, but it really doesn’t pack much of a punch for a heavy mascara.

4. NYX Lip Balm (Marshmallow) – After using Nyx’s butter glosses, I couldn’t wait to receive this balm. I wasn’t disappointed either, although I’ve only tested it and not worn it for long periods of time yet. First of all, the best part about these are the names, because they are all named after delicious foods. Also, the smell is so amazing (not actually like a marshmallow) sort of like a fruity scent that isn’t overwhelming. There is enough color that this would be a good nude shade, but it isn’t so pigmented that you need to worry about it smearing or feathering. In all, this seems like a lip balm that I’m going to use for a long time, so well done Ipsy!

5. Beauty Without Cruelty Facial Cleanser – I’ve never heard of this brand before but the sample I received was huge and that excited me the most! I’ve used this a couple times and I’ve decided to use it mostly in the morning because it’s a gel cleanser and would do better with refreshing my face before makeup than taking my makeup off at night.

What did you receive in your Ipsy bags?



Huge Lush Haul

lush haulpumpkin lushlush wizardlush bomb

Hello everyone!

I may have gone into Lush and spent (a lot) of money. But in my defense, I haven’t gotten a large amount of Lush ever! I have never spent more than $30 at Lush because I try to get it once a month, and I never spend too much. Anyway, this time, I did. All the Halloween and Fall items were out and I was so incredibly excited. My Lush store is at West Farms Mall, and it’s always super well stocked. I really wanted the Christmas items, but they told me they wouldn’t be in for another couple weeks. I decided to splurge on all the fun little items. I also want to say I realize that the bath melt is not a new or “fall” item, but it reminds me of Halloween since it’s supposed to be a cauldron (plus I needed a new bath melt). Every item here was a new one to me besides the bath melt and Lord of Misrule bath bomb. Let’s get into the specifics!

1. Ceridwen’s Cauldron: $8.45

Like I said, a repeat, but got me excited for Halloween and it has had the best results on my skin!

2. Lord of Misrule $6.95

Yeah I actually bought two of these. It was the first time I ever got a double of a Lush item in one purchase, but this is quite literally my favorite bath bomb ever. It sometimes is between this and one of the Christmas bath bombs, but after using this last night I decided it is my favorite bath bomb ever.

3. Northern Lights $5.95

This was the one item I actually knew I was purchasing before I got into the store. I’ve sort of been stalking this new bath bomb because I see so many people using it and it looks absolutely beautiful.

4.  Sparkler $6.95

I wasn’t sure about this little guy but I saw a lot of people buying this one so I tossed it in as well.

5. Fairy Ring Soap $12 (About)

This was my “should I?” of all of them. It was the cutest thing of soap because instead of the usual ring of soap that Lush usually makes, it had a little fairy mushroom house, so I had to give it a try.

6. Sparkly Pumpkin $7.95

It’s probably the most glitzy of the bunch, and I’m so excited since this smells just like fall!

7. Wizard $7.95

I love this little guy so much! I feel like it smells like the Karma scent, but I could be wrong. It is a familiar smell so I think it’s one of their popular ones. It also reminds me of the penguin bubble bar from the Christmas stuff. He seems like the same shape! I loved him so much and I had a hard time picking one out to buy since they all looked so cute. A lot of people are like “This doesn’t look like a wizard!” but I think he sort of does. He has little sparkles in his eyes and a small star on his head. My mom saw him and told me not to use him because he was too cute. I think they’re Halloween stuff this year is a lot more creative and I hope they bring this guy back, as I love the purple color and how it matches the Northern Lights and Sparkler bath bombs. I also enjoy how some of them are scents from other familiar Lush items and not all new ones that will eventually go away.

Have you seen the new fall Lush items?