Snow. Wind. Chill.


If winter wasn’t here before, I’m certain it is now. It has been freezing the past few days and I’ve had to make actual use out of my heavy jackets. It’s been fun trying to figure out how to layer and make it all work together. I’ve also been wearing boots every single day. It’s the only thing you can wear in this weather!

Today was a pretty casual day as I was getting ready to go back to school. Leggings and sweatshirts can apparently look great when you throw on a nice winter jacket.

Jacket- Volcom

Sweatshirt- Calvin Klein (Thrifted)

Leggings- target

Boots- Steve Madden

Necklaces- Both thrifted

-The Very Cold Heather


Indian Summer


As usual, I’m posting an “outfit” blogpost without seeing a full length shot of me.

I can never get a good angle from the spot in my room! Once I do outfit shots out and about or when I have things going on I’ll be able to get full shots. For now, here are some details of my outfit. It’s been so warm this week that I didn’t even need a jacket with this dress!

I wore my new hat from TJMaxx and I loved the vibe it gave off with the chambray dress. My hair also looks really dark in this, I’m not sure why but when I straightened it, it seemed a lot darker!

How have your weeks been? Has the weather warmed up a bit where you are as well?


OOTD January 15th, 2015


I forgot to upload this outfit of the day yesterday! My post ended up going late and I decided I could put it up tonight. Yesterday was a pretty lazy day for me. I did a few things out of the house, but besides that, I just tried to keep warm. It didn’t help that we ran out of oil last night. Luckily, the oil company came and helped us out before me and my dog were popsicles.

So basically, this was a very casual outfit.

The sweater I wore was my comfy wool one from Zara that seriously insulated my body heat. It went well with my new jeans from Urban Outfitters, which are kind of baggy and casual.

The boots I wore were from way back in the day. I reviewed these shoes from Wanted a couple years ago. They still work when you don’t feel like slipping on the ice on the way to your car.

What were your days like?


Casual Fall Fashion

Spring Wishlist


1. The cutest bathing suit ever. I usually am self conscious about bathing suits, so this one piece is perfect. The suit is by Mui Mui, and I found it at Net-A-Porter for $245. It also comes in sugar-pink, royal-blue, and black. This looks pretty and retro with some rounded colorful sunglasses.

2. I can’t actually find where the bracelet is from, but there are things like this all over Etsy, in Forever 21 and H&M. The mint color is huge, and the vintage-y look goes with all the latest spring trends. The best way to wear it? Try a button-up denim shirt tucked into a red and white polka-dotted skirt, and sandals. Modern 50’s!

3. These could be my favorite. I am desperately looking for rain boots for our rainy spring, and I may settle on Hunter boots. They are the best, and come in so many colors. This teal/mint color is absolutely in right now. The best part is, you can wear it with even a girly lace dress and look chic. Yay!

What do you think?


Outfit of the Day!

We haven’t had one of these in awhile!

I read a great blog post of my friends and she really got me in the spirit for the holidays! And what do I do when I am in the mood for the holidays? I Think of outfits.

This outfit is amazing, and is actually SO easy to do.

First of all, denim shirts are everywhere. I found so many cheap ones and Forever 21 or possibly H&M, but there are better quality and more expensive one at places like Banana Republic, Guess, J. Crew, etc. I actually stole my boyfriend’s o.o

Now this jacket is actually just a brown blazer, and you don’t see a lot of that now. I have every color blazer it seems but brown. But that’s ok, I feel any blazer will do.

Most types of jeans are good for this outfit, but try to keep them slim. Now the socks under the riding boots are hard for me, I have been looking all over for good quality socks. If anyone has any suggestions for cheaper, good quality socks for boots, let me know!! The best place for these socks that I can think of is T.J. Maxx and Marshalls. Seriously, these places had comfy knitted socks that I was so excited about. Just put them over your jeans, and sort of bunch them up. Then put on your boots and fix your socks to look right with the jeans and the boots and everything.

The scarf in this outfit matches the socks, which I think is a fabulous idea. It draws your eye up and down the body, and makes you look very put together! This is a very big chunky knitted circle scarf that you just need to loop around your head twice, and you are done!!

Try this out for a good festive look! 🙂

New Boots!

Ok so, I was a very happy girl today when I came home from classes and saw my new boots in the cutest shoe box I have ever seen! These were the motorcycle boots from that I was telling you about. They are called simply “Motor” and are in black. These I had to pre-order because they were sold out, but luckily before they made they’re last big shipment, they had my size!! I was so happy about this, and I was also SO happy when I got the boots and tried them on. So here are my pictures of them…

So as you can see at the end…My hamster really loved the boots as well 🙂

Now for the details…

These were $79.99 boots, so trust me, they were good quality.

The whole outside of the boot is a very nice heavy leather. The studs are a grey-ish metallic color in a block pattern (sort of reminding me of Minecraft). They also seem very sturdy. I know this because my hamster has bitten off remote buttons, and he tried with these and couldn’t make them budge. On the top of the boot on the outside, there is a buckle sort of thing that doesn’t really tighten anything, it’s just for show I think. The sole and whole bottom of the shoe is a very thick rubber that seems super reliable and durable, so that’s pretty good.

I think the thing I was most surprised about was that they looked really small when I first took them out of the box. I was scared that I just pre-ordered and just barely got expensive boots that wouldn’t even fit. And when I put it on, it was a snug fit, but honestly it is the most comfortable shoe or boot that I own. The inside starts with leather and then turns into a padded soft material all the way to the bottom where there is a pretty soft sole. They have great support and I don’t see having to break this in or anything. Overall, a really good buy 🙂 I would highly recommend buying from Wanted Shoes in the future if you have some extra money to splurge and you want something nice. I was really pleased with this purchase and I think I want more from this company!

Anyway if anyone else has anything about these boots and/or company please give feedback! 🙂

Thanks guys!

Best Fall Boot

I found a great boot that is by a fabulous brand, ALDO, and I instantly fell in love. These are sold at Nordstrom, and the reason I really loved them was because they don’t really conform to one style. Yes, they are the style of a riding boot, but they are also a classic leather winter boot too. That means you can wear this in the fall with a very comfy sweater and have a casual style, you can put this with preppy clothing for the equestrian style, and you can dress this up with dark jeans and a peacoat for a very chic and rich winter style. This style is in dark brown. They are also $179.95, so I am going to again give you guys a similar alternative.

The link is here:

The alternative is a very similar shaped boot that I found at The boots are by Journee Collection. This boot is only $43.49, and comes in black, chestnut, and stone.

Here is this link:

I hope this guides you to your dream boots!!

Motorcycle Boots

I have been looking for motorcycle boots everywhere! But all the wonderful ones (Steve Madden, for example) are way too pricey. But when I came upon Wanted Shoes, I was looking through really good quality shoes that aren’t too expensive at all! I settled on a pair of motorcycle boots simple called “Motor” in black. These shoes were $80, and on top of that they weren’t even in stock. But i pre-ordered them and used a coupon because it was my first purchase at the website. You can find these codes all over the internet.

The link for the boots is right here:

I’ll send you guys a picture when they come in, whenever that is! Thanks guys 🙂

Item of the Day!

Hello everyone!

The beautiful item of the day is a pair of very beautiful (and expensive) Michael Kors Shailym Leather wedge ankle boots. These booties are the biggest thing on the runways this fall because it isn’t as southern as cowboy boots but they are more casual than ballet flats. The heel measurements are 115mm/4.5 inches with 25mm/ 1 inch platform. They are made of real leather and are zip up pointed booties. Unfortunately, they come with a cool cost of $350. You can buy them here:

They are large to size, so for US fittings, get the next size down.

A great alternative is here:

They are a good alternative at the price of $170.26, which are on sale from 295.00. They are in black, but they also come in nude!

I hope you enjoy this everyone!