How to Dress Up Whites After Labor Day

I present to you, two completely different ways to dress up your whites after labor day! The preppy style and the comfy style are both super popular right now, so give me some feedback on how you feel about them!


Outfit of the Day!

We haven’t had one of these in awhile!

I read a great blog post of my friends and she really got me in the spirit for the holidays! And what do I do when I am in the mood for the holidays? I Think of outfits.

This outfit is amazing, and is actually SO easy to do.

First of all, denim shirts are everywhere. I found so many cheap ones and Forever 21 or possibly H&M, but there are better quality and more expensive one at places like Banana Republic, Guess, J. Crew, etc. I actually stole my boyfriend’s o.o

Now this jacket is actually just a brown blazer, and you don’t see a lot of that now. I have every color blazer it seems but brown. But that’s ok, I feel any blazer will do.

Most types of jeans are good for this outfit, but try to keep them slim. Now the socks under the riding boots are hard for me, I have been looking all over for good quality socks. If anyone has any suggestions for cheaper, good quality socks for boots, let me know!! The best place for these socks that I can think of is T.J. Maxx and Marshalls. Seriously, these places had comfy knitted socks that I was so excited about. Just put them over your jeans, and sort of bunch them up. Then put on your boots and fix your socks to look right with the jeans and the boots and everything.

The scarf in this outfit matches the socks, which I think is a fabulous idea. It draws your eye up and down the body, and makes you look very put together! This is a very big chunky knitted circle scarf that you just need to loop around your head twice, and you are done!!

Try this out for a good festive look! 🙂

Outfit of the Day!

Hey everyone!

Today’s outfit of the day is so cozy and beautiful, I think I might where something like this for my brother’s birthday party today!

The black skinny jeans are perfect tucked into a pair of black wedge booties. It draws a long black line down your leg, making you look leaner! A cream button up shirt is tucked into the black jeans, looking so chic. On top of that is an off-white chunky sweater-jacket. It is long and draped over those long legs, and also is long in the arms, making you look comfy and fashionable all at once. The red scarf is wrapped in a circle around her neck, balancing out the whole outfit. Lastly, the beautiful over the shoulder bag has the redish-orange of the scarf, along with color blocking some brown in there to pick up the fall feel! The sunglasses make you look oh-so-chic like a movie star. Perfection!

I don’t have any information about these items, but these are all so easy to find!

Thanks guys, I hope you enjoyed it! 🙂