Hot Items for Late Summer

2. ModCloth $124.99
4. Dior

Hey guys, it’s been awhile! I am getting ready to go back to school, and I thought I would do a Hot Items list for the end of summer/early fall. These are all items that are being talked about right now!

1. I have no idea where this ring is from, (suggestions?) but gold rings are huge right now. Stacking them is big right now, as well as midi-rings that go on the top part of your finger. The design is adorable, and I found many of these at urban outfitters.

2. I love ModCloth, and I was looking for a dress for starting school in the fall. This dress from is pretty pricey, but I would pay it. It’s called the “Byron Bay Beautiful Dress” and is a really hot item on ModCloth at the moment. This sailor-inspired nighttime dress is perfect for a dinner by the sea, and is sold exclusively online. It can be done with lots and lots of colorful accessories for summer, and when fall rolls around it can be paired with tights, socks, boots, and jackets. I love the colors and the pattern!

3. I couldn’t find this brand either, but I did love the cut and the style. (It seems i’m into preppy sailor things lately.) The brown lining and stripes is nautical and summery, but can be translated for fall. For summer, It can be worn over a bikini at the beach, or with high waisted shorts and sandals. For fall, this is slouchy enough to wear over leather leggings, and would look great paired with a maroon jacket or knee high socks and boots.

4. This is from Dior’s Pre-Fall 2013 collection. I didn’t find the price (but I think we just know it is mind-blowing). I have been really into statement necklaces lately. This pearl-embroidered piece is perfect because it isn’t too much. You could wear this with a plain white tee and jeans to add some color, or you could use it with a beautiful dress for weddings or cocktail parties. The color is beautiful (I predict it will be big this fall), and I’ll be on the lookout for imitations!

Be on the lookout for some gold stacked rings, printed dresses for fall, nautical slouchy shirts, and colorful statement necklaces!



Summer Items 6/23/13

2. Emma Stine $89
3. Three Floor $209


Hey guys!

This is like a half inspiration post and a pieces-to-buy post.

I have no idea where the first or last pieces are from…but I know they are adorable. The first one is definitely from a one of the runway shows from the fall 2013 collections. I thought it was a great indication that there will be a lot of red for fall, as well as ornamented necklines. (Which is exciting)

THe second item is a beautiful shirt that can be worn with soo many things. It is a soft knit, so it can be worn during the summer, as well as transitioned into the fall. The hem is asymmetrical, and the oversized shirt is cut in a way that it is 1 size fits all (for the most part).  I found this at a great new website that I want to see more of, called

The third item is something you might want to buy for an occasion, seeing as it is more expensive. The dress itself is made out of textured cotton and the top is a mesh material. The bust of the dress and the skirt is lined with a luxe material that reminds you why you spend so much for these cutout dress. It is gorgeous for summer events, and even works for the fall. I found this at

The last item is one I found online and can’t quite locate. But you can find these almost anywhere. I love the graphic tees for summer because they can be worn with skirts, shorts, and over bathing suits. I found so many like this at Forever 21.

What do you think of these pieces?


Best Dressed

1. Michael Kors $397.98
2. Unknown


3. Body Glove $57


4. Zara


5. Angel Court $72.99

Hello everyone!

I hope you are all safe with the crazy weather we have been having. Yesterday was my birthday, and it was extremely hot out. We are in for a heat wave, and just in time for some summer picks. I found all of these items scattered across the internet, and I will share where to get em’! Enjoy.

1. Michael Kors has done it again. When looking for something casual that is still chic, this dress does all the work. This is a shirtdress with beautiful cargo pockets and a stretch quality that is perfect for warm weather. The last thing you want is to wear something that doesn’t breathe or move with your body. The light color is gorgeous, and it can be belted to accentuate a waist line. I found it online at Nordstrom, and it was originally $995. But it was 60% to a still cool $397.98. Worth it if you have the money to spend!

2. I wish I could give you all the deets on this beautiful dress, but I can’t find it anywhere. I did want to include it though, because it has a bunch of trends in it. The black and white was all over the spring and resort runways, as well as stripes. It also has a very cool look to it. Literally cool, as in it looks like you won’t be sweltering in it. Gorgeous, and something to model any event dresses by for the summer season.

3. This halter just screams music festival. I actually thought it was a bathing suit top at first. I bet it could be used as one. I thought it looked awesome in black, which is the biggest color of the summer (oddly), but it comes in like a billion colors. And by a billion I mean: Blueberry, Fabulush, Mochachino, Orangerine, Pink Pulse, Scarlet red, Sea Blue, Sunny mango, and White. If you have any doubt what the creative names for the colors are, they actually look exactly as they sound. I found the top at!

4. Zara heels. Need I say more? You can probably find these anywhere. I stumbled upon them via a blog, but I couldn’t seem to find them on the website. This once again has the color-blocking black trend, and is perfect for summer. Let your toes breathe!

5. This might be my favorite find. This pendant is by Angel Court and is the symbol for devotion. It is perfect for that laid back summer vibe. (It would look awesome with that Body Glove halter!) It even has Swarovski crystals in it. $72.99 is a bit much for a necklace, but if you are looking for a splurge, this would be the perfect summer accessory. I found this at, and it was my first time visiting there! It had amazing accessories as well as apparel and artwork! They have a bunch of vintage finds and great things by small designers. Please go support this cool website!

What do you think of these summer picks?





Outfit Inspiration

I know I did another outfit post earlier, but I love the exact opposite of the previous style as well. Instead of a bright maxi skirt, a longer neutral skirt is so vintage that it makes the blazer and flats look like a cozy outfit. The bow tied around the neck is adorable, and easily done with a scarf. I love the green and cream together. This neutral type of spring is a favorite for me as well. What do you think?


Springspiration: Maxi Skirt

Hey guys!

So I know I made a little pun but this is actually a very serious issue! I have wanted (and been searching for) a maxi skirt for so long that I could actually work into outfits. A lot of trends are intimidating, and I find myself avoiding them for silly reasons…”Maxi skirts will probably go out of style”, “Maxi skirts are probably expensive”, “Maxi skirts don’t go with anything in my wardrobe”, etc. But that’s the wrong attitude! I saw this outfit and instantly loved how cool it felt, and it seems quite easy.

The striped shirt is just a basic that I’m sure you all have. It isn’t too tight or too loose either. The skirt hits a little bit below the bust and then is belted with a thick brown belt. (I’m sure any color will do) Leaving your hair slightly curled or even just natural with the glasses or that hat keeps the whole look for getting to fancy to too casual. 

I can’t wait to try out all the outfit possibilities!

Feedback encouraged, as always 🙂


Prom Dress Inspiration

While I am in college and not going to prom anymore, I still have seen the ads for it everywhere. It is an exciting time, and sometimes you just want to stand out. A big trend for prom dresses (and actually any dresses) is this ombre with crystals. The crystals bead at the top and become less frequent toward the end hem. I think it is gorgeous.

What are your thoughts on this elegant trend?


Outfit of the Day!

We haven’t had one of these in awhile!

I read a great blog post of my friends and she really got me in the spirit for the holidays! And what do I do when I am in the mood for the holidays? I Think of outfits.

This outfit is amazing, and is actually SO easy to do.

First of all, denim shirts are everywhere. I found so many cheap ones and Forever 21 or possibly H&M, but there are better quality and more expensive one at places like Banana Republic, Guess, J. Crew, etc. I actually stole my boyfriend’s o.o

Now this jacket is actually just a brown blazer, and you don’t see a lot of that now. I have every color blazer it seems but brown. But that’s ok, I feel any blazer will do.

Most types of jeans are good for this outfit, but try to keep them slim. Now the socks under the riding boots are hard for me, I have been looking all over for good quality socks. If anyone has any suggestions for cheaper, good quality socks for boots, let me know!! The best place for these socks that I can think of is T.J. Maxx and Marshalls. Seriously, these places had comfy knitted socks that I was so excited about. Just put them over your jeans, and sort of bunch them up. Then put on your boots and fix your socks to look right with the jeans and the boots and everything.

The scarf in this outfit matches the socks, which I think is a fabulous idea. It draws your eye up and down the body, and makes you look very put together! This is a very big chunky knitted circle scarf that you just need to loop around your head twice, and you are done!!

Try this out for a good festive look! 🙂

Eat your Cake, and your Cupcakes!

I think one of the greatest ideas for a wedding (and my mom is a great planner and organizer, so I’ve seen a lot of wedding stuff) is to have a cake and cupcakes. This is a perfect idea. The colors on this cake and cupcakes are beautiful! I love the pink and cream, with the flowers and little candy sprinkles. The flowers, lace, ribbons, make it so feminine and girly. If you look closely, you can even see the ombre on the beautiful fondant roses.

The upsides to a cake is that it is an event in the wedding. The bride and groom cut into it, the guests watch and take pictures and laugh, and it’s a great time. But sometimes passing out cake is an issue! If you don’t want a huge cake that is overwhelming, but you have a lot of guests, what do you do? Especially since small cakes are more attractive to the eye. It’s easier to pass out matching cupcakes. It’s also better because you can have different flavors of cake and frosting with the cupcakes! That way those with allergy issues or dislike for certain flavors can pick and choose.

It’s fun and practical!

Enjoy everyone!

Beauty Look: Bold Smokey Eye

This is a great tutorial on how to do a bolder smokey eye that is perfect for a fancier event than just an everyday makeup routine.

Draw a line from the middle of your top lashline and loop upward to your crease. When meeting your crease, trace it with the eyeliner.

Take a black eyeshadow and apply it, filling in where you drew the loop from the middle of your eye to the crease. Blend it out to the edge of your eye.

Take a dark brown eyeshadow and deepen the shadow of the part you filled in, making it smokier at the edge of the eye. Then blend the dark brown into the crease so it creates a smokey crease line.

Apply a cream colored eyeshadow onto your brow bone. and blend it into the brown and black that is smokey at your crease.

Apply a nude color to the space in between the line that was looped to your crease and the whole crease of your eye.

Blend a black eyeshadow under the lower eyelashes, connecting it to the black that is blended on the side of your eye.

Take a flat eyeshadow brush and use black eyeshadow and use it to line your bottom lash line, making a dark, bold line.

Lastly, add generous mascara!

Beautiful! Please enjoy!