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Pamper Your Mom: Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift

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Mother’s Day is great, and it’s just around the corner!

I already picked up a few things for my wonderful mom for Mother’s Day, but it occurred to me that many people are probably way too busy to think of an elaborate gift. There are many of these types of ideas around the blogs lately, but I loved the idea and wanted to give it a go. The reason this is an awesome gift for moms is because they don’t always spend the time and money on themselves that they should. I know my mom has way more priorities than buying a nail file.

This was really easy to make, and everything inside it came from Target!

The jar is from IKEA and they have many different sized of them. All I did was take some thin washi tape from Michaels and carefully wound it around the jar to make a circle. I then looked for some print-outs and found some amazing ones from Elegance and Enchantment that I printed on sticker paper and then cut out.

You really have to be careful when working with the washi, since it tends to go uneven if you aren’t really paying attention. Also, sticker paper won’t hold up if you plan on washing the jar or anything. This is mainly for decoration! I have other gifts for my mom to wrap, and the rest of the sticker will look great on presents. You could even put them in cards or on envelopes.

The scrub that I got is by Shea Moisture and it was on sale, which is awesome because my mom loves lavender scents. I picked out two Essie polishes in “Sunday Funday” (appropriate for Mother’s Day) and “Perennial Chic.” I added the nail file, Nivea lip balm, and fun little moped socks to add more to the “pamper” theme. Then, I found this amazing notepad set in the dollar spot that have a garden theme, complete with a striped pen.

If you try this idea out, let me know how it goes!


Pink & Sparkles


Spring colors on nails are one thing, but adding some sparkle to the mix brings something different to the game.

I wanted to share a little manicure I did this week when I was feeling quite girly.

I used a pale pink as the base and then just layered a very chunky glitter polish, concentrating at the tips. I went for a glitter that had different sizes so it looked like the glitter was going down the nail. Something like this looks very clean and classic. But i think it it still looks unique, because many people ask to see them and compliment them! It’s an easy extra step to a normal pink nail polish. I think it’s worth it!


Blush Trend

Blush Trend
Hello there!
I know it’s predictable that the winter-into-spring trend this year is blush and nude, but who doesn’t get excited for these things?! When I see the pretty pastels, I know warmer weather and new clothes are coming. This year, I’ve noticed a lot of rustic touches mixed in with the baby-pink blush.
It may be hard to style pastels, especially blush. A lot of paler people (me) find it hard to wear because it sometimes washes you out. The best way to deal with this trend for spring is to mix in some nudes and browns. This will be a mature way to wear such a girly color. Make sure that your browns are of good quality, like a nice leather boot, or else it can start to look a little cheap. Pairing creams with it will also be a nice compliment to the blush color.
When it comes to clothing, I might stay away from the blush sweaters. I have pale skin with red undertones, which can make very pale pinks look like I’m not wearing anything (yikes). However, a nude color with a blush skirt is very complimenting, especially if you pick a floaty skirt. I love wearing a cream or off-white hat with pale pink accessories as well, since spring can still be quite cold! A nice pink nail is also a cute way to wear pastels, and Essie is quite popular for their range of colors.
As for makeup, using orange-toned bronzers bring out the red in blush, so when applied lightly it will go perfectly with a rosy tint to the cheeks. A light pink lip looks beautiful in the spring, but you could also use a brown-pink lip liner from winter to compliment your blush!

4 Pastel Nail Polishes That Will Motivate You For Spring


Hello there!

The first polish I have to talk about here is Essie’s “Romper Room”. I know that the classic favorite of Essie’s pastels are “Ballet Slippers”, but this color pink is a bit more pink and really puts me in a girly mood. It seems to have some peach in it, which I really love for spring time.

The Second polish is Clinique’s “Really Rio”, which is picking up a lot bolder than what it really is, which is a nice easy-to-wear peach.

The third polish is Zoya’s “Stevie”. I haven’t worn this in a long time, because I think I got this around September. It’s more of a spring shade and I can’t wait to use it more in the next few months. It’s texture is a “pixie dust” finish, which is sort of a sandy/soft finish. I might enjoy this kind of texture with all the soft materials and colors of spring.

The fourth polish is Essie’s “Mint Candy Apple”. I think you probably could have guessed that though, since it’s the most commonly used Essie polish out there. This is a beautiful color year round, but when you pair it with these other pastels, it honestly looks gorgeous.


Rose Gold Autumn Manicure


Hey everyone!

I did a quick little French manicure that I thought I’d share since it was so quick and easy.  All you’ll need for this is a good base color and a metallic-ish rose gold color.

For my base coat, I used Essie’s “Ballet Slippers”.  Everyone totally loves this color and I see why! I used only one coat because I didn’t want my nails too pink. I think it worked out well!

After letting them dry, I used Sephora’s Formula X for the French tip in the color “Heroic”. I actually did 2 coats of this so it wouldn’t chip.

I waiting for them to dry completely before using a top coat. I always use the topcoat too early and mess up my tips, so I tried to wait it out this time. I used a cheap topcoat from Walmart and I really am considering just buying a good topcoat. It makes a huge difference and my nails have been chipping very easily. Just goes to show you that with some beauty products you really get what you pay for.

I really liked this manicure because the French tips are so classic, but I almost never do them anymore. It seems like a white French tip isn’t really on trend lately. I like how the color is muted and not too bright and in your face. As soon as I picked out the Formula X color I knew it would look great on the nails! When it dries, it seems to get more rosy.

As for this coming week, I hope everyone is having a great October! Halloween is coming and I definitely feel in spirit because I have little pumpkin lights hanging around my dorm. I hope this autumnal nail idea will inspire you for the rest of the month. Have a great week!


Burning Bridges.

Burning Bridges.

Christmas Attire

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