Paris FW

Paris FW


Vince dress

Wool poncho coat

Platform boots

Black handbag
$380 –

Forever 21 necklace

Olivia Burton silver watch
$105 –

Givenchy pearl earrings
$545 –

Christian Dior eye shadow brush

Trish mcevoy makeup

Bottega Veneta rose perfume

Burberry fragrance

Korres body moisturizer
$15 –

Soy wax candle

Succulent pot

Oh, writers block.
I’ve been trying to come up with blog posts for a week now, but I’m honestly going through a hard time. Besides being busy, I don’t feel myself. I’m trying to come up with some before Halloween though, so be patient with me.
Currently I am staying at my friend’s beautiful loft and I wanted to make some cozy outfits on Polyvore to reflect my mood. The cold weather is comforting to me, as well as layers. I played around with some beauty items in this one to sharpen it up. But I thought I’d share with you what I would wear if I were going to Paris Fashion Week.
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Rosy Autumn

New Favorite Clothing Piece: Vintage Style Bird Shirt

birdsbird shirtbird closeup

Hello everyone!

I officially have a new favorite piece of clothing in my wardrobe, and that is this little shirt full of birds.

I put “vintage” in the title in order to sound really indie, but this actually came from Forever 21. It does have the vintage vibe though, since the bird illustrations almost look painted on. I said this when I was wondering in there and it was one of those things that you feel the need to buy as soon as you see it. I didn’t care the price (even though I’m sure it was only $12) and marched right over to the register. It has a loose fit, and the sleeves are quarter length. It is pretty universally flattering and I’ve worn it with many different types of outfits! I even featured it in my Winter Lookbook which you can see here! I also noticed while buying it that I was wearing tights with little foxes on them and realized I have an unsettling amount of clothes with tiny animals on them.

Anyway, it’s quite sheer and goes with many things since the birds have mostly neutral colors on them. I think it goes well with my hair because the birds are pretty much the same colors in my hair (as you can see in the last picture). I wore it today with my new Kate Spade necklace (which was one of my awesome presents from my boyfriend) and it looks adorable with the shirt! I’ve noticed a lot of rustic-woodland-animal styles going on at the moment and this is a great addition to that look without breaking the bank. I’ve seen a few animal shirts and places like Anthropologie that go for $60+ but if you really dig around Forever 21 you’ll find some really great things. I think for awhile I was opposed to the store because they have so much stuff that honestly is crap, but they also have many gems in there as long as your looking with an open mind. I wore this with some new boots and it always looks good! I’ve been wearing it so much I thought it deserved a blog post. I’m also sorry I haven’t been on here as often, but with the holidays came many busy days and nights and I didn’t have the time to properly take some good photos and write up a post. I’d like to know how everyone’s holidays were? Have you guys seen the crazy sales in stores after Christmas? There was an incredible sale in Urban Outfitters and I ended up buying some great jeans. I hope everyone is having a great break and relaxing with the people they love.


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