Interesting & Easy Nail Art


Gold detailing is the new trend.

I wanted to try a nail art that would be interesting, but easy. I had a lot of events to go to this past week and I wanted a great design that people would notice, but it wouldn’t be in your face. This was a really fun design to make! And with concentration, it’s pretty easy too.

I started off with a matte gold polish from Nicole by OPI. I only did one coat of this because it was very thick. You could do two coats if you want a stronger coat. I kind of wish I did this since the tips are chipping away. I’ve also had it on for over a week now.

The next step was taking my Straedtler pen and carefully starting at the tip of my nail and drawing a line. I use more pressure at the tip and as I get closer to the nail bed I let off. This lets it gradually stop. You can make this as messy or neat as you want! It’s really easy and you can try different colors markers if you want too!

After I let the marker dry for awhile, I used a strong topcoat. When I used this over the matte, the finish wasn’t exactly glossy. It was more of a satin finish, but I enjoyed the way it looked. This will work with a normal finish gold polish as well.

I really love this nail look, and many people have liked it too! I wore it to a ceremony, a graduation, and throughout weekend activities.

This can be recreated with other colors like silver polish or even white. But since gold and black are so popular right now, I thought this was very cool!

What do you think? Let me know if you try it and how it comes out!



Pretty Easy DIY Manicure for Gold Polish

nail art stars


Hey guys!

I’m sorry my blog has been full of nail posts lately, but I haven’t really been into any other beauty/fashion related items besides that in awhile. Is anyone else in a mid-summer slump?

This is a pretty self explanatory nail art, so forgive me that it isn’t a groundbreaking design. I used the Formula X nail polish from Sephora in the color “Heroic” for the base of the nail.

I used this polish and let it dry completely after two coats. I then took a basic black polish (specifically from Forever 21 I think) and VERY thin paintbrush to make the star-like design on the two fingers. I will disclaim that even though I cleaned my brush immediately after using it in the black, it kind of messed up the brush, so maybe find a cheap one that you won’t reuse for actual painting. After letting the black dry, I used a top coat, but I really thought this was a easy manicure that jazzes up plain gold polish, since gold has been SO in lately.

If you try this out, comment and let me know so I can see! I was also tagged to do sort of a “About me” type of tag so I’ll be uploading that tomorrow night for you!


Thanks for reading,


Delicate Spring

Edgy Winter Outfits

Hot Items for Late Summer

2. ModCloth $124.99
4. Dior

Hey guys, it’s been awhile! I am getting ready to go back to school, and I thought I would do a Hot Items list for the end of summer/early fall. These are all items that are being talked about right now!

1. I have no idea where this ring is from, (suggestions?) but gold rings are huge right now. Stacking them is big right now, as well as midi-rings that go on the top part of your finger. The design is adorable, and I found many of these at urban outfitters.

2. I love ModCloth, and I was looking for a dress for starting school in the fall. This dress from is pretty pricey, but I would pay it. It’s called the “Byron Bay Beautiful Dress” and is a really hot item on ModCloth at the moment. This sailor-inspired nighttime dress is perfect for a dinner by the sea, and is sold exclusively online. It can be done with lots and lots of colorful accessories for summer, and when fall rolls around it can be paired with tights, socks, boots, and jackets. I love the colors and the pattern!

3. I couldn’t find this brand either, but I did love the cut and the style. (It seems i’m into preppy sailor things lately.) The brown lining and stripes is nautical and summery, but can be translated for fall. For summer, It can be worn over a bikini at the beach, or with high waisted shorts and sandals. For fall, this is slouchy enough to wear over leather leggings, and would look great paired with a maroon jacket or knee high socks and boots.

4. This is from Dior’s Pre-Fall 2013 collection. I didn’t find the price (but I think we just know it is mind-blowing). I have been really into statement necklaces lately. This pearl-embroidered piece is perfect because it isn’t too much. You could wear this with a plain white tee and jeans to add some color, or you could use it with a beautiful dress for weddings or cocktail parties. The color is beautiful (I predict it will be big this fall), and I’ll be on the lookout for imitations!

Be on the lookout for some gold stacked rings, printed dresses for fall, nautical slouchy shirts, and colorful statement necklaces!


My Vacation Nails





Hey everyone!
I am back to blogging now that my summer classes are over. I’m currently on vacation in Georgia! I had a really cool and colorful chevron design on my nails when I first came here, but they were too chipped to show you. These are my new nails.

So originally I wanted my ring finger to be gold. When I went to buy the polish the black color (Maybelline Color Show in “Twilight Rays”) looked sort of gold because there is gold glitter in it. But when I put it on it was very very black. So be aware of that! The white color is also Maybelline Color Show in “Porcelain Party”.
The whole ring-finger-different-color thing is big right now, and so is black and white. So it’s a win-win!
I also bought a new topcoat that I highly recommend. It is the clear coat by Covergirl, and it was nice and smooth. It really protected my nails.
Tell me what you think of this design!

Summer Beach Pieces

1. Salty Girl Jewelry $169

2. Vans


Here’s some summer inspiration for you!

I found this beautiful bracelet at and loved it! It is hard to picture on, but it is literally like a bracelet for a mermaid (or mermaid lover). The fringe is delicate and feminine, and these bracelets are all hand made in Hawaii.

The second item is a pair of awesome, bright vans. I don’t know the price, but I believe they are from the Carhartt collection. (That’s leather, so I’m pretty sure they’re expensive.) But the color and style is awesome for the beach or just out on a summer night.

I love both of these summer pieces. What do you think?



Dress Cool for Formal Summer Events

1. Tory Burch $135
2. Boohoo $20


Hey everyone!

I gave you some products earlier today, but I found a couple more things to share with you! I know that one thing that seems to pop up all summer long for me are fancy events. I dread this during the warm weather because I worry about my (very thick) hair frizzing, my clothing choices being too hot, and sweating because I didn’t choose the right sandal. But fear not! I have a few tips that can be solved with some retail therapy.

The first good idea for a fancier event is to keep your jewelry really elegant, and really minimal. In the fall I wear tons of bangles and necklaces and dangly earrings, but in the summer I feel myself wanting to rip it all off. A good suggestion is the Tory Burch bracelet I provided above! It is airy so your wrists will be able to breathe, and it is clearly a classy choice of jewelry. The gold is pretty in the summer because it tends to soften the color of any skin tone (even paper white, like mine). This bracelet is obviously pricey because it is designer, but investing in a few good pieces like this will save you when you are scrambling with what to accessorize with. This geometric pattern gives a clean high polished feel to the 16K-gold piece. It also comes in silver!

Another good idea is letting the clothes be the main event. We went over minimal jewelry, so I should say, statement clothing is really good during the warmer months. In the cold weather, putting staples over more staples and layering that with trendy staples works because, well, you are freezing. So when you are super hot at a wedding and don’t want to move because the cardigan you wore was the center of your outfit, you are in quite a pickle. Look for a dress that simple is the centerpiece of the outfit. This dress that I found at was only $20, and chances are you can find something exactly like it at H&M and Forever 21 for a similar price. No matter what you have in your summer closet, a statement formal event dress is key, and you can hit two birds with one stone by getting one that has a trend incorporated in it. (The dress also comes in “Coral” in size 8 and “Ivory” in size 12)

As for shoes, find something comfortable, and not heavy. The same way the accessories and clothes should be short and sweet (and easy to get sweat stains out of…) so should your shoes.

What do you think of these tips?


Adorable Summer Finds

1. Evon Case $40
2. Amadi 1 $29

Hey everyone!

Now that the weather is finally nice and I have enough money to go to a total shopping spree (which I will share with you when it happens) I have been thinking of cute new items to invest in. I came across these adorable little gems and thought I should share them with you.

The first is a pair of phone cases for a couple, a bff, sisters, etc. For people like me with a Droid, the cases can’t be used. But these cases do work with the iPhone 4, 4S, and 5. It is $40 for both cases (which is a pretty good deal), and it comes in a couple different colors. The colors shown are “Pink/Mint on Wood”. The other colors are: “Red/Navy”, “Red/Mint”, and “Red/White”. When the cases are apart, they also just look like a cool design! I found the cases on (I am becoming very fond of this website.)

The second item is a pair of beautiful heeled sandals. These single-sole wedges have a rose-gold plate (which is all the rage) and a gorgeous rose color. They are by Amadi 1 and are relatively cheap for heels at $29. And for those of you conscious of this, it is made completely of vegan leather. They only come in one color (rose) and there are only four left. So hurry! I found them at 🙂

What do you think of these precious summer finds?


Best Dressed

1. Michael Kors $397.98
2. Unknown


3. Body Glove $57


4. Zara


5. Angel Court $72.99

Hello everyone!

I hope you are all safe with the crazy weather we have been having. Yesterday was my birthday, and it was extremely hot out. We are in for a heat wave, and just in time for some summer picks. I found all of these items scattered across the internet, and I will share where to get em’! Enjoy.

1. Michael Kors has done it again. When looking for something casual that is still chic, this dress does all the work. This is a shirtdress with beautiful cargo pockets and a stretch quality that is perfect for warm weather. The last thing you want is to wear something that doesn’t breathe or move with your body. The light color is gorgeous, and it can be belted to accentuate a waist line. I found it online at Nordstrom, and it was originally $995. But it was 60% to a still cool $397.98. Worth it if you have the money to spend!

2. I wish I could give you all the deets on this beautiful dress, but I can’t find it anywhere. I did want to include it though, because it has a bunch of trends in it. The black and white was all over the spring and resort runways, as well as stripes. It also has a very cool look to it. Literally cool, as in it looks like you won’t be sweltering in it. Gorgeous, and something to model any event dresses by for the summer season.

3. This halter just screams music festival. I actually thought it was a bathing suit top at first. I bet it could be used as one. I thought it looked awesome in black, which is the biggest color of the summer (oddly), but it comes in like a billion colors. And by a billion I mean: Blueberry, Fabulush, Mochachino, Orangerine, Pink Pulse, Scarlet red, Sea Blue, Sunny mango, and White. If you have any doubt what the creative names for the colors are, they actually look exactly as they sound. I found the top at!

4. Zara heels. Need I say more? You can probably find these anywhere. I stumbled upon them via a blog, but I couldn’t seem to find them on the website. This once again has the color-blocking black trend, and is perfect for summer. Let your toes breathe!

5. This might be my favorite find. This pendant is by Angel Court and is the symbol for devotion. It is perfect for that laid back summer vibe. (It would look awesome with that Body Glove halter!) It even has Swarovski crystals in it. $72.99 is a bit much for a necklace, but if you are looking for a splurge, this would be the perfect summer accessory. I found this at, and it was my first time visiting there! It had amazing accessories as well as apparel and artwork! They have a bunch of vintage finds and great things by small designers. Please go support this cool website!

What do you think of these summer picks?