Preparing For Winter Haul | Ulta & H&M

Winter Haul_DSC0245_DSC0250_DSC0254_DSC0255_DSC0256_DSC0257_DSC0258_DSC0259

Sweaters are my go-to’s almost every day, so this time of year is wonderful when I can snuggle up in them.

The only issue was, I really wanted a Christmas sweater. I know that Christmas is very far away and I need to get it together. But I predict that when all the Christmas sweaters come out, they’ll be overpriced and snatched off the shelf. I wanted to get a head start on finding my perfect holiday sweater, but that led to me going and buying a few more things! Before I knew it, I had collected a little haul for myself.

All of these really do have a winter theme because they all remind me of Christmas or winter beauty care. I stopped at Ulta to treat myself to a few new things to help my dry skin and I bought some basics at H&M. I’m also aware that I already bought a sweater at H&M this month, but I don’t even care. Both of them are my all time favorites, I might have to just wait a little to wear this new one.

Christmas Deer Sweater- As I was looking around H&M, my eyes fell on this and I picked it up right away. I imagined myself near Thanksgiving time or in mid december wearing it while drinking hot chocolate. I decided right then and there to buy it! I don’t have any other sweater like this and I’m proud to own my first “Christmas sweater,” eve if it was $35. It feels slightly scratchy, but it honestly kept me so warm that I had to take it off because I was roasting, so it’s great for freezing cold winter days.

Wine and White Basic Tees- You might say, “Heather, this is a winter haul, why did you buy t-sirts!” Well, because winter is about layering and honestly, you might need a good old basic t-shirt. They were having a 2-For-$10 deal which is insane. The quality of the shirts is great and you can’t go wrong with a staple plain shirt to go with your outfits.

Sally Hansen Miracle Cure- The fall and winter makes my nails flake like crazy (which is really gross) so I bought this to combat it, and so far it works great!

Simple Cleansing Micellar Water- I watch so many Youtubers who use this cleanser or something similar, and they rave about the results. I think it’s because it’s very light and still washes away bacteria and extra makeup. I use this after already cleansing because I feel like it gets everything else off for good. Also, It’s so cheap! This is my first time using Simple products and I’m very happy with it. I think it’s worth repurchasing!

Maybelline Color Sensational Matte in “Siren in Scarlet”- Ok, this color is very bright. I put it on and thought, wow, that is pretty red. However, I don’t have a great pigmented red that packs a punch like this one. I think this will be perfect to wear around the holidays with my Christmas outfits and such. The matte is very useful because it stays in place all day, but it really doesn’t crumble or seem too dry. I think this is their new collection out, so go check them out because the formulation is wonderful!

Let me know what you’re planning to buy to get ready for these colder winter months! I know it’s early, I’m just being enticed with the coziness of November.



Professional Glittery Nails


nails 2

Hello there!

I did a simple and professional glittery nail because, let’s be honest, I can’t shake the holiday sparkles. I used this nude color polish from Forever 21 called “Natural” and then I brushed the tips of the nails with a Cynthia Rowley polish in the color “Gold Star”. They aren’t super glitzy, but I really think this would be a great workplace nail combination because they are subtle and very pretty.

I also used the nude color on my toes last night and it was really quite simple and chic.


A Casual Monday


Hello everyone,

It’s been a slow week for me.

I feel like between New Years and when I go back to school is a weird limbo period where I’m expected to organize and clean or something. I don’t have much work because my new semester starts soon, so I’ve been spending a lot of time redoing my room and cleaning through my closet. Today, however, I was so extremely cold and tired from this weird weather that I ran a few errands and then got back home and did absolutely nothing. My boyfriend made me some hot chocolate and that basically did me in. Any project I hoped to get done today just isn’t going to happen!

My mom has been sick lately so I’ve been staying home a lot anyway and helping out. I feel like with all this wind and snow, it’s impossible to even want to take my dog for a walk! I’ve been spending a lot of time in the bathtub and reading my new books. I guess winter break for college students is a good time to relax for awhile.

I am also growing quite a nice candle collection now after the holidays! What have you spent your time doing after New Years? Is anyone working on resolutions?


Comfy Winter Playlist


1. The Hanging Tree- Jennifer Lawrence

2. Soul Outside- Antonio Pinto

3. Magic Tree And I Let Myself Go- Craig Armstrong

4. Vianne Sets Up Shop- Rachel Portman

5. Yellow Flicker Beat- Lorde

6. Centuries- Fall Out Boy

7. Do You Hear The People Sing?- Les Mis Cast


I’ve been into movie soundtracks/scores lately! These all make me feel cozy on these cold winter days. Also, isn’t this a great picture of my dog? My boyfriend took it and I thought he looked so comfy.


My December Makeup

makeup decembereye openeye closed

Hey everyone!

This post is pretty late in the making. I know I’m a day late but this was the makeup look I wore for a lot of December. On that note, Happy New Year!

Please excuse my eyebrows as I needed them done and actually tended to them last night. It’s hard to keep big brows tamed, but I cleaned them up conveniently after this picture was taken.

The products I used for this were actually not many products! I used the new Cailyn Eye Paint I got from my Ipsy bag and I wore this for New Years last night as well. I wasn’t sure what the consistency of the product was going to be, but it stuck right to my lid every day that I wore it! It’s a beautiful bronzy/gold color and I used it many different ways but this was my favorite and most simple way. I used my Urban Decay 24/7 Pencil (the purple one) to lightly line the outside of my bottom lash line for a little bit of definition.

I layered a few other shadows on top of the eye paint to have a bit more color on the lid. But all of them were from the Naked palette and were very natural! I also used my Tarte mascara that came in my Ipsy bag and I loved how long it made my lashes.

I got a Nyx butter balm (or something) in my Ipsy bag and I have been wearing it a ton, but for my lips with this look on New Years I actually wore Benefit’s Coralista lip gloss. I felt like the matte nude color was a bit much for a gold look on my eyes. The peach color complimented the bronzy color of the eye paint very well. It also was light and easy to wear with all the food and drink that I had last night.

Once again, it was difficult to photograph my face. I have a tripod but I can never align my face right! If anyone has any tips, please let me know. How were your New Years?

OOTD- December 30th, 2014


Hey guys!

This was my outfit on this very chilly day. I kind of enjoy showing these because it also gives me a post to do a little catch-up. I’m getting so excited for New Years Eve tomorrow! I’m currently picking out which new sparkly polish will be the perfect amount of glitter (is there ever too much?). I hope everyone is having a good holiday break. Also, I hope everyone is staying safe!

I obviously wore tights with these shorts. I bought these new fleece-lined tights from Urban Outfitters during my after-Christmas shopping spree because they were on sale. It was about 30 degrees today and as I was walking around my legs stayed strangely warm! So good job Urban, you made some very warm (and expensive) tights. I love patterned tights but the problem with wearing them in the winter is that they tend to be partially sheer and that means you could freeze to death just to have little hearts on your legs. I think I’ll stick to my new ones for now.

I also got some great new flats today at DSW. I’ve had the same flats from Payless Shoes for about 6 years (I know, don’t even comment on the cheap-ness) and I desperately need more. The older I get the more practical my shoe choices become. I decided on a turquoise Steve Madden patent leather flat. If the Payless shoes can get me through all those years I’m sure these will hold up. I think they’re adorable and they brighten up my outfits when I’m getting into monochromatic phase (which means I just wear everything black because I’m lazy).

Anyway, how have you guys been doing with shopping? Are you excited for the new year?


Naughty Or Nice Tag


#1) Brussels Sprouts…Naughty or Nice?

Definitely naughty. Are these like a Christmas thing? I don’t think anyone eats these, especially around Christmas.

#2) Christmas Pudding…Naughty or Nice?

I know this is an English Christmas tradition so I have to be honest and say I’ve never had it. But from watching Zoella’s vlogs I think it isn’t that appetizing. My mom lived in London for like 3 years and she said it wasn’t that good. But we have our own Christmas desserts that I love like chocolate pie and peppermint bark. I love watching Hello October’s vlogs and she has Christmas pudding pajamas which are absolutely adorable. Maybe one day I’ll try it, but for now it’s naughty. 

#3) Christmas Songs…Naughty or Nice?

Absolutely nice! My mom had a Christmas concert last weekend and I’ve been non-stop listening to Christmas carols ever since.

#4) Mulled Wine…Naughty or Nice?

I haven’t ever tried this since it isn’t as popular in America. But my mom said it was delicious so I’ll go with nice. I think most Christmas wines are nice around this time. 

#5) Christmas Movies…Naughty or Nice?

I’ve been watching Christmas movies since November 1st, so this is a nice. I can’t help it, I just love getting in the mood for this magical time. I just watch National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation last night, and it’s a classic. My favorite Christmas movie of all time is Elf.

#6) Christmas Lights…Naughty or Nice?

This is a big huge nice! I actually have Christmas lights up all year round since I pick out cute ones that go with other things throughout the year.

#7) The Queens Speech on Christmas Day…Naughty or Nice?

I asked my mom once again who told me this is a nice. I suppose it’s a good gesture from the royal family and I’m guessing it’s a bigger deal in England. I don’t think Obama does any little speech for us does he? That shows how informed I am on Christmas Speeches Via President. Maybe this year I’ll watch the Queen’s speech.

#8) The Decorations…Naughty or Nice?

This is a pretty obvious nice!

#9) Christmas Shopping…Naughty or Nice?

I’ll be diplomatic and say naughty and nice because I love picking gifts out for people, but the crowds of people give me a lot of anxiety in busy places!

#10) Christmas Jumpers…Naughty or Nice?

100% nice! I’ve been non-stop been wearing jumpers and sweaters since it’s freezing where I live. Not only are the cute and fun for the holidays, but they keep you soo warm. My favorites are one’s with woodland animals on them. I hope I get more as presents this year.


This was such a fun little tag to do as it’s less than a week till Christmas! I won’t tag anyone, but I originally saw this on Katie’s blog Plus+Beauty and couldn’t wait to do it myself. If you see this and feel like spreading some holiday cheer, go ahead and do it! I’m aware this is probably a British tag but it’s fun to explore other people’s traditions too. I’ll now be looking up what the deal with brussels sprouts are…

How are your weeks? Are you excited for Christmas?


Holiday Lookbook 2014

DSCF2377DSCF2381DSCF2346DSCF2309DSCF2369DSCF2274Hello everyone!

This is my first ever lookbook. I wanted to do one that would fit ideas for holiday outfits! I’ve put below by picture what pieces and products are shown.

1.  Dr. Brandt’s BB Cream, e.l.f. Baked Eyeshadow (Enchanted), Pacifica All Natural Moisture Lip Tint (Sugared Fig & Vanilla Hibiscus)

2. BDG High Waisted Jeans

3. Eshakti Custom Dress, Coat From Macy’s, Kate Spade Tights, Dolce Vita Shoes, Forever 21 Hat

4. Forever 21 Bird Blouse, H&M Circle Skirt, Kate Spade Tights, Asos Boots

5. Neutrogena Cream Cleanser, P.F. Candle Co. Soy Candle (No. 10: Sweet Grapefruit)

6. Guess Wool Jacket, BDG Jeans, Liberty Edition Vans, BDG Paisley Scarf



November Favorites 2014

november fav

Hello there!

1. Pop Beauty Bronzer- I kind of put this in a drawer when I moved to school and forgot about it, and I’m so happy I rediscovered it before the holidays.

2. Sephora Lipstick- This is the perfect “your lips but better” shade of a balm.

3. Hot Chocolate- I put whatever cool ingredients that you may want to add into the mug and have a great warm drink for the winter.

4. She & Him Christmas Album- It’s full of Christmas hits! My top 5 favorite tracks from the album are “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas”, “I’ll Be Home For Christmas”, “Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree”, “Silver Bells”, and “Baby It’s Cold Outside”.

5. L’Occitane Skin Care- In some of my posts from earlier this fall you can see how bad my skin was. It really was pretty terrible with the transition of seasons and I needed a good moisturizer to calm down the dry skin. Since using the precious cream, my spots are completely gone and the hand cream has been a life saver. I went into the store on Black Friday to see how much it would cost to repurchase and they are quite expensive, but in my opinion it’s one of the best moisturizers I’ve ever used and I really am thinking of asking for it for Christmas.

What have you loved in November?