Spontaneous Snow Day Baking


Yesterday was the winter day I had been waiting for.

I’ve waited literally all season for snow, like real, accumulated snow.

As I saw the snow falling I decided to do an impromptu recipe. I’m not here to share the recipe or review these cupcakes. I’m simple sharing the joy of finding a recipe that you have all the ingredients to inside your warm house while the first snow fall of the season is happening.

I wore a big wool skirt from mod cloth and a nice comfy sweater and a frilly apron. And I got to baking. And you know what? I didn’t do anything else yesterday. And it was so fun.

Let this be your invitation to take a day to make up a recipe and have fun with it, no matter how messy it might get. Or redo your room. Or paint a picture. Do something spontaneous this week that takes up your day, that makes you forget about the usual distractions in life. If you do, let me know how it went.

-The Very Spontaneous Heather


Lush Inspiration: Blackberry





Back-to-school season has been reminding me to take as many baths as I can now, while I still have a tub (compared to my soon-to-be dorm life).

I took a bath the other day using Blackberry from Lush and The colors were amazing, so I thought I’d share some pictures I took of the bath bomb (and some pictures that resembled it).

Let me know what you think!


My Current Favorite Breakfast


Suffering from the same boring breakfast? I know I was for awhile until I started trying different things. Instead of having the same cereal every day (sorry, Lucky Charms) I introduced fresh fruit into my morning. It’s summer, so if you can get your hands on some in-season fruits, I’d take advantage of it! I’ve generally been having Nutella on toast with cut up strawberries and yogurt on the side. I thought I’d share this and see what you’ve been enjoying for a refreshing summer breakfast.


Lush Haul & Cocktail| August 2015

Lush1Sex BombBlueberrymarshmallowGrannyLush2Lush3Lush4

For the majority of you, you’ll already know I am obsessed with Lush.

I went in to get some Lush last week and I was happy I went when I did. If you didn’t know, the U.S. Lush stores are phasing out a lot of their old (and most loved) bath bombs! I already stocked up on Space Girl and Phoenix Rising last month, but I didn’t know that Granny Takes a Dip was leaving too. When the employees told me, I knew I had to get it. I also bought a few other fun bath treats (and they all look pretty cohesive, don’t they?)

Cocktail: Granny Takes A Dip & The Comforter

Granny stats:

(Featured ingredient is Lemon Oil)

  • The wonderful array of swirling colors paints a gorgeous picture in the tub.
  • This bomb was inspired by a 1960’s clothing boutique called Granny Takes a Trip.
  • The pink outer ring contains small bits of Bubble Bar for a bit of bubbling bliss.

Comforter Stats:

(Featured ingredient is Bergamot Oil)

  • Soaking in a tub with The Comforter is like sinking beneath a bath of cotton wool.
  • The warm aroma of cassis absolute is so relaxing that you’ll go to bed feeling happier.
  • Blackcurrant absolute is extracted by solvent extraction from the buds of the blackcurrant bush.

I actually got he last Granny in the store (sad, but awesome) and I knew I needed to use it with something for its last hoorah. The scent of Granny goes perfectly with the candy-scented comforter, and you can see in the pictures that the bubbles were amazing in a purple/pink bath.

Have you bought anything fun at Lush lately?


Inspiration Post| August 10th, 2015

august post

(Only first image is mine, all the rest will link back to their sources.) I put together some images that I think sum up the end of summer for me. I can’t believe this is the last month of summer vacation!

If you want to see what other images I’ve been loving, check out my Tumblr and my Pinterest! 

Here’s what I’ve been listening to:

Cough Syrup // Young the Giant

Can’t Go Back Now // The Weepies

XO // John Mayer

Everything Has Changed // Julia Sheer

The a Team // Julia Sheer

The One That Got Away // Julia Sheer

Just for Now // Imogen Heap

Cups // Anna Kendrick

Unconditionally // Katy Perry

That’s all for now!


What I’ve Been Up To| July 9th, 2015


Hi everyone, it’s me again.

1. I’ve really been enjoying relaxing outside as much as possible. Between the extreme hot or the crazy thunderstorms, it’s harder than you’d think! Sitting on the porch and taking some quiet time is so therapeutic. Sometimes I let my dog come out and sit with me, although he tends to run after the dogs next door.

2. I’ve also been enjoying gardening and looking after all our plants! Where I live is very green and I’m trying to make the most of it this summer.

3. Lately, I’ve been taking trips to the park when I can. Walking around or playing tennis is such good exercise, and it’s free! I’m so lucky to have a nice park near me to go to.

4. I’ve been drinking lemonade non-stop, what’s your favorite flavor?

5. I bought these adorable nail stickers for fourth of July from goscratchit.com and I thought they were maybe the most adorable ones I’ve ever had. They were supposed to be picnic themed, and they made the rainy holiday a little bit brighter.

6. After the fourth came around, it got HOT. I’ve been trying to cool down in any way I can! One fun thing for summer to keep you cool is fun ice cream and popsicles. Flag down an ice cream truck, or find some fruity flavors at the convenience store!

7. This was me being silly in TJMaxx. I think it’s important to have fun when you go out shopping! I was commenting on how my dog wouldn’t be caught dead in a dog bed because he’s spoiled and loves to sleep with us. I tried it out, and it turns out they are pretty comfy! I’m sure Rex would hate it though. TjMaxx has some amazing home items in at the moment, you should check it out!

If you want to follow my Instagram, you can go right here and do so 🙂

What have you been up to this month?


Interesting & Easy Nail Art


Gold detailing is the new trend.

I wanted to try a nail art that would be interesting, but easy. I had a lot of events to go to this past week and I wanted a great design that people would notice, but it wouldn’t be in your face. This was a really fun design to make! And with concentration, it’s pretty easy too.

I started off with a matte gold polish from Nicole by OPI. I only did one coat of this because it was very thick. You could do two coats if you want a stronger coat. I kind of wish I did this since the tips are chipping away. I’ve also had it on for over a week now.

The next step was taking my Straedtler pen and carefully starting at the tip of my nail and drawing a line. I use more pressure at the tip and as I get closer to the nail bed I let off. This lets it gradually stop. You can make this as messy or neat as you want! It’s really easy and you can try different colors markers if you want too!

After I let the marker dry for awhile, I used a strong topcoat. When I used this over the matte, the finish wasn’t exactly glossy. It was more of a satin finish, but I enjoyed the way it looked. This will work with a normal finish gold polish as well.

I really love this nail look, and many people have liked it too! I wore it to a ceremony, a graduation, and throughout weekend activities.

This can be recreated with other colors like silver polish or even white. But since gold and black are so popular right now, I thought this was very cool!

What do you think? Let me know if you try it and how it comes out!


What I’ve Been Up To // 5-16-15


This type of post has been brewing in my brain for awhile now. 

I wanted to be able to share with you what I’ve been up to through pictures, and what better way than to show my latest posts on Instagram. This goes back to about 6 weeks ago when I was still in school. Here is what I’ve been doing!

1. Through the school year, I tried to start eating better, and that meant buying fresh fruit every week to snack on. Not only is it tasty, but it looks cute when you put them in mugs and eat them from there.

2. As spring came, so did my trench coats, and I dug out one of my favorite thrift store finds with this Jones of New York pink trench. 

3. Mother’s Day was an amazing day, and I got the cutest wrapping paper for my mom’s gifts at TJMaxx. I love putting together gifts and then wrapping them up. My mom loved all her goodies (which consisted of many candles).

4. Another Mother’s Day post was in order as we had a huge brunch with lots of delicious food to celebrate the mom’s in our family.

5. Earlier this week, I moved out of my dorm and said goodbye to my school for the summer. Although I had a hard year, it was still bittersweet to leave. The houses on our campus are beautiful. 

6. A shameless selfie I took while trying to unpack my stuff (it still isn’t done). There has been so much to do this week that my procrastination levels have been at an all time high when it comes to putting my clothes away. This is also the last picture of my hair like this! Two days ago I got my hair cut 4 inches, dyed a bit darker, and I got some bangs cut in.

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What have you been up to this past spring? I’d love to know how your week has been!


7 Must-Have Apps


This might sound familiar: you are in bed, trying hard to fall asleep early, but you just can’t stop playing Candy Crush (and honestly, you’re probably alternating between that and Trivia Crack). Games on your phone are fun and all, but there are some apps that are seriously helpful for bloggers, and some are just down-right addicting. I’ve compiled some of my favorite apps that I use to waste time or to help enhance my life a little. I haven’t been sponsored by everyone, these are just honestly what I use. I also am not putting and game apps, because this list would be a lot longer…

1. Fancy

This is a shopping app that also shows a bunch of trends from many shops and compiles them into sections, I’ve found it’s great for gifts.

2. Pinterest

I don’t consider this a social media app like Twitter or Instagram, I really think this is an inspiration/time waster. I get totally lost into Pinterest when I use it on the computer. I will spend hours on the mobile app, but some great blogging ideas have come out of it!

3. Adobe Color

This was an app I stumbled upon when I tried to find ways to make color palettes. This is actually featured in my picture in this very blog post. This amazing app will find colors in the pictures that you take. It always gives a cool look when the little bubbles search around the screen and give you different color options. I used this in a few Lush inspiration posts. I think this is a fun app for inspiration or even just to find a specific color scheme for whatever reason.

4. Perlin Draw

This was an interesting little app that I use to mainly get rid of stress. You can draw different designs on the screen and change shape and color options to make the pictures look different. I often use this at night if I’m anxious or even while I wait for class. It isn’t necessarily a game, but it is fun!

5. DailyHoroscope

I can already see the eye rolls. I will be honest, I find astrology fascinating. This is one of the top horoscope apps in case you are feeling celestial and curious.

6. Bloglovin’ 

I use this to catch up on the blogs that I follow throughout the day. It usually gives me great ideas for what I should write for upcoming posts.

7. Water Lite

A few days ago I was waiting for a meeting and heard some water being poured, but the sound was coming from someone’s phone. It was reminding her to drink more water! I asked for the app because I need to remember to drink much more water so I can feel better throughout the day. This will give you reminders as often as you want, and I love it so far!