September Ipsy Bag 2015


Nyx 3 Color Shadow Palette

I used this palette yesterday when I went to a huge fall festival and it was perfect! The colors were Autumnal and it was super easy to do a smokey eye.

Bayberry Naturals Rosehip & Hibiscus Moisturizer

I haven’t used this yet, but I love the look and feel of it at first look!

Evelyn Ona Cream Blush in “Ash”

I used this yesterday with the palette and I really loved the color. The only issue with this is that it’s quite small and I can never get enough on my finger without getting it under my nail. If it was slightly bigger, it also might be easier to blend. I was putting some on my hand and then warming that up before putting it on my face. This color is rusty and perfect for fall. After a few minute of blending on my cheeks, it was the perfect warm pink.

Not Soap Radio Revitalization Hand/Body Lotion in the scent “Persimmon + Plum”

I used this lotion immediately since my hands have been so dry and I was so impressed. Not only did it work to moisturize my skin, the scent was addicting, and I think I might try to track down a full-sized version!

TrèStique Mini Matte Lip Crayon in “Nantucket Nude”

I haven’t used this yet, but I am very curious about it since the other crayons I’ve got from this company were amazing. This color is a nude type of shade that I haven’t worn before, but I’m still experimenting how it will work with my skin tone.

What did you get in your monthly boxes in September? I also apologize for camera quality, I left my good one at school! This does the job though.



Ipsy| August 2015

ipsy augustIpsy lipIpsy hairIpsy eyelinerIpsy eyeliner 2Ipsy nailIpsy nail 2Ipsy primer

Ipsy is one of those things that just brightens up the middle of your month.

As it’s the end of summer, this will be my last Ipsy bag before returning to school! I can’t believe the fall is almost here. I was so happy with my Ipsy bag this month. I can’t wait to share what I got with you!

Hikari Lip Gloss in  “Merlot”

I actually wore this lip gloss yesterday and I was in love with it. True to its name, the color looks like a deep wine. I love the pigmentation, but it is quite dark for summer. Fall will be a perfect time to wear this!

BWC Leave-in Conditioner 

I used this once and I think it really made a difference. You use this after you’ve washed your hair and you keep it in until you’re done styling. I tried blow-drying my hair straight after using this, and my hair was significantly less frizzy. This says a lot for me because my hair becomes a frizz ball pretty easily! The summer humidity makes it worse, so this was an impressive product.

Starlooks Eyeliner Pen

You guys, this was AMAZING. I used it yesterday and I quickly swiped it on, and miraculously the liner was flawless! I didn’t have to fix either side. The tip of the pen is so easy to use, I was blown away! Removing it was very easy too, as it didn’t stick to my skin the way my usual liquid liner does.

Trust Fund Beauty Nail Polish in “Elegantly Wasted”

I put this beautiful shade on my nails last night and I’m in love. I think these powdery colors are perfect for in-between seasons because they are the perfect hue. This is a grey/periwinkle that will go with everything at any time of year.

Jesse’s Girl Eye Shadow Primer

I used this yesterday and today on my eyelids and have mixed feelings about this. It probably does a great job if you have a simple makeup look, but as far as liner and more complicated shadow goes, it transfers a little bit. Then again, it is significantly cheaper than Urban Decay’s Primer Potion, which I use all the time.

What did you think of your beauty boxes this month?


Ipsy Bag| July 2015

Ipsy JulyUnknownipsy eye_DSC0072_DSC0073_DSC0074

Packing this month’s goodies into my makeup bag made me extremely happy.

tarte Amazonian Clay Waterproof Bronzer in “Park Ave Princess”

I haven’t used this yet, but I am going crazy over it. This is one of tarte’s most popular items and I can’t believe it was in my Ipsy bag. I love the color of this because as I’m quite pale, this is the perfect color on me without being too dark. There is a slight sheen to this, but I think it’s necessary for the kind of color and bronzer that it is. I can’t wait to start using this. I’ll make sure to tell you how it is!

jelly pong pong 2-in-1 Eyeliner & Shadow 

I’m so happy I received a pencil eyeliner because mine was starting to dwindle. I love the color of this because it isn’t as harsh as a complete black liner. It seems to smudge easily and is large enough to use as an eye shadow too. I can’t wait to see what I can do with this!

Crown Brushes Tweezers

I first was disappointed that I received these because I have so many pairs of tweezers. I even have a pair that I paid $25. I always just tend to use those because they are excellent quality. However, in the fall when I go to school, it might be useful to have a nice pair at home so I don’t have to keep carrying tweezers with me. Also, my friend used them and loved them!

Vasanti Exfoliating Cleanser

I haven’t used this yet but I spread it on my hand and really loved the exfoliant of it. It feels like it’ll really clean my pores out and leave my skin squeaky clean.

Octavio Sea Salt Spray Infused with Algae Extract

I used this the other day and was in love. With the weather being so humid and hot, I don’t like doing a lot of styling to it recently. I put this in before putting it into a ponytail and it gave my hair major texture, it also smells like an amazing beach trip!

What did you receive from your monthly beauty boxes?


Ipsy June 2015

ipsy alllipeyefacehair_DSC0013

Makeup bags are not just a fad, I’ve had mine for over a year now, and I’m still in love with it!

This months bag was definitely summer themed, and it had some great thing inside it. The only thing that I’ve sampled so far was the face mask, and I loved it. But a primer is a great necessity for summer since you don’t want your makeup dripping off your face. The colors in this bag were also amazing. In all, I’m very happy with it!

1. Shea Moisture Lipstick “Sarah”

I haven’t used this yet, but the color is amazing! It isn’t too pigmented like other lip crayons. It has an iridescent sheen that will look beautiful in the sun. It seems like an easy color to wear with simple summer makeup.

2. trèStique Mini Shadow Crayon “Aspen Pine”

I’m so excited to use this! It’s exciting to see such an earthy color for summer. It reminds me of camping in the mountains and taking pictures of trees. There is some glitter in this which will make for a beautiful eye look. It blends pretty well!

3. dr. brandt Blackhead Extractor Mask

I’ve used this in the morning a few times since getting it and it really makes my skin soft and ready for makeup!

4. pure brazilian Leave-In Conditioner 

I haven’t tried this yet either, but I’m excited! First of all, this is a huge sample. Second, it smells delicious! I’m excited that I got this because it’s easy for my nighttime routine. Putting this in when your hair is wet and just letting it sit is much less work than the ones you need to rinse out.

5. smashbox Foundation Primer

This was so exciting to get in my bag! I love smashbox products and this is a really good item from them. I haven’t used it yet, but there is a lot in this sample to last a long time. It doesn’t feel too silicon-y, but it also isn’t liquid-y either. I’ll let you know how this feels under my foundation. It’s a super important item for summer!


Ipsy Bag May 2015

ipsy mayipsy hairipsy lipipsy faceipsy browipsy shadow

Another month, another Ipsy bag.

I have to say, maybe it’s because it’s my birthday month, but I am in love with May’s Ipsy bag. Every single thing in it was something I would use. There were no new weird products that had barely anything in them. Everything was an amazing size with great assortment. I’m very pleased!

1. Organic Farm-A-Ceuticals Hair Oil 

This stuff is pretty helpful for me since I just got bangs. That requires styling them every time I shower, so I need some protectant. This is organic and all-natural, and it comes with a dropper that is so easy to use!

2. Urban Decay Glide On Lip Pencil “Ozone”

I haven’t given this a try yet. However, it’s a genius idea. I hate matching lip liners to the many colors of lipsticks that I have. Lip liner is an essential if you want your color to stay put, so I’m so pleased with this! I haven’t used it yet, but I can’t wait to. The only weird thing about this is that it has a strange smell. Has anyone else noticed this? (haha)

3. Nuxe Face Cleansing and Make-Up Removing Gel

I’ve used this once and I’m hooked. It’s French, so I’ll need to figure out where I can get it since everything on the label is in another language.

4. Chella Tantalizing Taupe Eyebrow Color

I am really charmed by this product. My other eyebrow pencil was getting down to a nub, so I was so grateful to get this in my bag. But the reason I love it is because it’s so petite and cute! The size of the applicator is very thin, so drawing on brows is super easy. I’ve used it a few times and I love the way it draws on. The writing and everything on the packaging is beautiful, so this is another product I might repurchase.

5. Jesse’s Girl Pure Pigment Eye Dust “Brown Sugar”

I haven’t used this yet, but the color looks beautiful and blendable.

What came in your Ipsy bags?


Ipsy Bag: April 2015


Confession: This may be my favorite Ipsy Bag. I have thoroughly loved everything inside of this! Every single item was something that I could put to good use. I just want to say one thing though, the lipstick packaging DID fall apart and I am calling Ipsy to see if they will give me a replacement.

But besides the weird lipstick (which has a great color) I am in love with this month’s Ipsy, especially the adorable makeup bag. 

Jor’el Parker Perfume- Femina

Hikari Blush- Tango

KCO Colors Lipstick- Natural Born Beauty

The Balm Cosmetics Mini Nude Eyeshadow- Flirty

Lather Ultra Light Face Lotion

What came in your monthly beauty bags?


March Ipsy Bag

ipsy marchIMG_0442_retouchedipsy lipstickIMG_0445_retouchedIMG_0446_retouchedipsy eyestick

Are you ready for another Ipsy bag?


1. Laneige BB Cushion (Comes with several shades) “Light” “Dark” & “Medium”

This was kind of a strange product to receive. I would rather can concealer than a BB cream (or whatever this is) but I’ll give it a try. I know I’m the lightest shade so I opened the other to see the consistency and it was kind of weird! It looks like a puff saturated in makeup. I’ll try this out maybe tomorrow, but I have no idea how many uses I’ll get out of it. I imagine it might dry up after opening the seal.

2. NYX Lipstick “Hunk”

I wore this yesterday and I am IN LOVE with it. The shade intimidated me because it looks quite dark. But it’s a berry tone that goes really well with paler skin. The pigmentation wasn’t incredible, but it totally works and might stay longer with a lip liner.

3. Skyn Iceland Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels

You get two samples of these. I kind of wish there were more! I used this yesterday and it felt amazing on my skin, which has been stressed from being so sick lately. This is mainly for de-puffing which I don’t have a huge problem with, but it helps with baggy eyes and mostly just feels cool and refreshing.

4. Coolway Oil Treatment

I am not the biggest fan of hair care items in Ipsy bags to be honest. I’m sure this will be of some use to me, but with hair products you really need more than a tiny sample to see any results. However, I’m glad to have another oil to help my hair with heat protection. Since I’m using Wen, I might take a small break to try this out. It smells nice (if that adds anything).

5. Marykayatplay Eye Crayon “Teal Me More”

This is quite a bright color for an eye crayon! It’s thin enough to be used as a liner (possible) but I’ll see how to incorporate this into a monthly makeup look.

In all, I think this month was a pretty good Ipsy bag. I really enjoy the full-sized lipstick. I think sometimes the samples they give can’t be used very often though. Also, I’m sorry about the decreased quality but I left my good camera at school and I went home for spring break, so bear with me!

Here was last month’s Ipsy bag


Ipsy February 2015

_DSC0383_retouched_DSC0384_retouchedIpsy Shadow_retouchedIpsy Blush_retouched_DSC0391_retouchedIpsy Gloss_retouched

Here we go with another Ipsy Monthly blog post!

I am in love with the colors for this month, let me just say that first.

I haven’t actually used any of these yet, but every single one makes me so excited. I’m hoping the honey mask will last me the month if I use thin layers. Also, how adorable is the pink brush?!

Luxie 504 Large Angled Brush

rob. Scheppy for ‘tini beauty Powder Eyeshadow “Pearl Fizz”

Model Co Blush Cheek Powder “Cosmopolitan”

hey honey Exfoliating Honey Peel Off Mask 

cargo cosmetics Gloss “Anguilla”

What do you think of this month’s  Ipsy items?


Ipsy Bag January 2015



Items in my Ipsy bag this month:

realTechnique Fine Liner Brush

Pacifica Shadow in “Ethereal”

J. Cat Beauty Fantabulous Gel Eye Liner in “Blue Black”

Manna Shimmer Lotion

Nourish Organic Eye Cream

Also, can we talk about what a cute bag it came with this month?!

I thought this was an amazing bag, even though I say that every single month. The difference with this month was that I can actually say I will use every single one of these. I’ve been wanting to try out gel liner for so long and just never bought the supplies for it. I can’t wait to try out different ways to wing my liner, and I love that it’s a navy color because it’s slightly different. I’ve never owned a realTechniques brush and I’m so pleased that they put these in our bags!

You may have noticed I don’t have a swatch for the Pacifica shadow. That’s because my camera went wonky and I couldn’t get even one  good picture of it. But it such an amazing shade that shows up like a shimmery champagne. I’m not sure if it’s super pigmented, but I can only imagine how amazing it’s going to look with the navy liner. Going with the shimmery theme, there is also a shimmer lotion that can be used on your face or body. I’m planning on using this on my cheekbones very lightly because it’s quite pink on my skin and could look like a highlighting blush.

The eye cream is also really exciting for me. I love getting beauty products for my face in Ipsy bags because I enjoy switching it up. At the moment I have one steady cleanser that I use and my Clarisonic, and every month it’s fun to add whatever I get in my monthly bag. This eye cream actually kind of smells like avocados, which is the main ingredient in it. I’ll be honest, this is my first eye cream. But the size is pretty good for something you apply lightly to a small area of your face, so I’m really excited.

What did you get in your Ipsy bags, or any monthly beauty boxes? Let me know!