Ipsy Bag December 2014

ipsy eye paintipsy hairipsy lashesipsy lipDSCN1700Hey everyone!

My Ipsy bag came and I had to take the pictures on my older Nikon so they aren’t super crisp and I’m sorry about that but the other camera seems to be working again!

1. Cailyn Eye Polish (#5 Orchid) – This was quite an interesting product. It looks like an nail polish but is actually a loose powder for your eyes! The applicator is a strange little sponge at the end of the nail-polish-like wand and picks up the loose powder in the pot. I haven’t used it yet, but I will soon because the color is amazing for the holidays!

2. Sexy Hair Heat Defense Blow Out Spray – I used this stuff only once before I did some light heat styling on my hair and I noticed my hair was very bouncy and tousled. I didn’t notice a significant amount of shine, but I also didn’t use that much that one time so maybe I will next time. The best part about this product is that it smells like pineapple and coconut! I was happy to put this in, whether it works or not.

3. tarte 4-in0-1 Mascara – We’ve all heard about this Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara time and time again and I was so excited to use this. I’ve used it twice and I really enjoy the fluttery look it gives to my lashes. But to be honest with you, it isn’t very thick or volumizing. It does a great job for day time looks, but it really doesn’t pack much of a punch for a heavy mascara.

4. NYX Lip Balm (Marshmallow) – After using Nyx’s butter glosses, I couldn’t wait to receive this balm. I wasn’t disappointed either, although I’ve only tested it and not worn it for long periods of time yet. First of all, the best part about these are the names, because they are all named after delicious foods. Also, the smell is so amazing (not actually like a marshmallow) sort of like a fruity scent that isn’t overwhelming. There is enough color that this would be a good nude shade, but it isn’t so pigmented that you need to worry about it smearing or feathering. In all, this seems like a lip balm that I’m going to use for a long time, so well done Ipsy!

5. Beauty Without Cruelty Facial Cleanser – I’ve never heard of this brand before but the sample I received was huge and that excited me the most! I’ve used this a couple times and I’ve decided to use it mostly in the morning because it’s a gel cleanser and would do better with refreshing my face before makeup than taking my makeup off at night.

What did you receive in your Ipsy bags?




November Makeup Look Featuring Be A Bombshell, It Cosmetics, & Starlooks

ipsy makenov

_DSC0125Hello everyone,

I’m doing my November Ipsy bag makeup look today. This is the makeup I wore yesterday for a day spent with family and friends and just generally hanging out. As you can see, there isn’t a picture of the lipgloss. That’s because the light wasn’t very good and I couldn’t get a good picture!

As for the Be a Bombshell eye base, I’ve been experimenting with a couple ways to wear it. Since I’m so pale, I can really use it as a cream eyeshadow instead of a buildable base color. I tried using it in my crease and building on it and that worked well too! But for this look, I simply used an ivory shadow all over the lids and then used the eye base as an eyeshadow and really coated it everywhere below my crease. Then, I took a dark brown and lined around my eyes and under my eyes for a smoky looking liner.

I also smudged a little black pencil liner into that brown eyeshadow “liner” do deepen the look. It looked very nice for winter makeup because it’s a lot softer than the bold liquid liner.

As for the concealer, I haven’t been using it the way I should be! I know this very popular concealer is usually used for under eye correction. But since it’s a bit dark for under my eyes and also kind of sticky, I use it to lightly cover any spots on my face.

The lipgloss that is sadly not pictured has been on my lips all week. I used to with so many makeup looks because it’s a perfect neutral-pink shade that compliments a wide range of skin tones and eye colors. It is a bit thick, so I wish the sample was slightly bigger. It also smells so good!

I hope all of you who celebrate Thanksgiving had a great one, and that everyone is staying safe and happy during this time of year! I have a November favorites coming up to show you that I’m excited about, as well as an outfit post. I imagine everyone is sipping eggnog and staying cozy together. Have a great week!


Ipsy Bag November 2014

Ipsy nov





glossHello everyone,

I’m sure you’ve noticed I went a little crazy with the Christmas decor. I can’t help it, I’m just so excited for the holidays! I got my Ipsy bag a couple days ago (I was at school so I didn’t get it sent to me there) and I have to say I’m really impressed! I know it Cosmetics is really big right now and a bunch of Youtubers I watch are using their stuff, so I’m happy to get a sample, even if it’s small and much to dark for my skin tone. The scrub is also very impressive, I used it already twice and I love how it makes my face feel! The hairspray also smells delicious.

I’ll be posting a makeup look using these items very soon. Here was last months Ipsy post!

Also, I got a new camera. I’m so pleased with the quality of the pictures!


Makeup Look Using Ipsy October Bag

oct makeup

ipsy oct lip

ipsy october lashes

Hello there!

I used my mascara and lipstick from the Ipsy bag i received for October.

I didn’t get any blush, bronzer, or eyeshadows this month, so I did a smokey fall eye look with my Topshop Magic Liner, and then used the mascara on my lashes!

As far as how the mascara performs, it really isn’t that bad. The brush isn’t huge, but the formula keeps your lashes long, though not quite thick.

The lipstick is honestly the best little size for lipstick. I think I mentioned this in my Ipsy bag review, but I think all companies should sell lipsticks at this size as well because I never finish my lipsticks!

The color is honestly beautiful. This is my first dark lipstick and I’ve been wearing it nonstop. With more pale skin, I was worried, but I got so many compliments and I think the warm burgundy color in the shade works well with my coloring. It is also a dry lipstick, so I was able to really keep it in place all day!


Ipsy Bag October 2014

ipsy october

oct nails

oct face

oct lips

oct body

oct lashes

Hello there!

I received my Ipsy bag this week and I think this might be the most impressive bag yet. As you can see, it included good size objects and brands!

I already used the lipstick (I’m wearing it right now) and can I just say that even though this is the smallest sample, this is the perfect size for lipsticks. I never finish mine! The size of the mascara, body butter, and exfoliant are all much bigger sizes, and the OPI nail polish is shockingly full sized.

I also have used the exfoliant and body butter, and both are very nice. The exfoliant is more gritty and doesn’t have those small beads in it but rather have a sandy-texture to it. I kind of like it and I used it before putting on my makeup and thought my face felt clean and smooth! I also have terribly dry elbows from this weather, and the body butter completely hydrated them. The brands that came in the bag aren’t very familiar to me besides OPI and Patagonia, but those two are great companies. As for the mascara, I think the wand is a great size and I can’t wait to try it out. It’s been awhile since I saw a wand that was a brush, but I kind of prefer them to the plastic wands. The color for the OPI nail polish is called “On a Gilt Trip” and I thoroughly plan on using it this week! Altogether I think the colors were perfectly fall themed for this month. There were dark tones and shimmery gold tones, and that’s what I think about when I think of October!

What did you get in your Ipsy bag?


Makeup Look Using September Ipsy Products 2014


Hello there!

This has been a well-needed post to go up and I finally got the pictures to do it! I did a makeup look using my Ipsy products from this month, and as you can tell, it was also my photoshoot for the custom dress I received. I was trying to kill two birds with one stone and I think the makeup was perfect with the dress.

The main things I used that were from the Ipsy bag were the Nyx eyeshadow, the Pacifica eye liner, and the Cailyn lip gloss. I also used the brush that was included in my bag this month to make this makeup look, and I was so impressed with its performance! I recently washed it with my other brushes and it seems to hold up great. I was really excited to get an actual brush in an Ipsy bag, and was even more please that it was double sided. I used both sides for this look, using the thicker side of the brush to pack the Nyx shadow to the edge of my eyelid, and the smaller side of the brush to blend brown into my crease. I used my Naked palette to use some more colors than just the Nyx eyeshadow because in actuality I wouldn’t wear just that color alone. It isn’t very highly pigmented and ends up going on your eye as a grayish color. I didn’t mind because I think it allowed my eye to have a smokey effect, it just isn’t an eyeshadow I would use all alone for the most part. As far as the eyeliner goes, I was really impressed! This pencil was easy for me to make a wing, and that’s saying something since usually pencils are too crumbly for that.

I used my usual tinted moisturizer and for my bronzer, blush, and highlight I used my usual face palette that’s by physician’s formula. The look I was trying to get here was sophisticated, but still pretty natural, and it would be a perfect match for wearing a dress like mine.

I also recently used the hair mask that was in my Ipsy bag and I can’t say I notice a huge difference yet. I just invested in a tangle teezer and I can’t tell if my hair is softer due to that, the hair mask, or a combination of the both. I also didn’t use enough of the mask last time, since I have so much hair, but it did nicely replace using conditioner.

In all, I really utilized every product that came in my Ipsy bag this time. The lip gloss I have actually been wearing non stop (including right now as I’m writing this) and I think I’ll continue to wear it into the fall and winter.

Another thing Ipsy did a great job of this time is matching the colors up so when used all together, they look amazing. The purple/gray color of the eyeshadow just looked so nice and smokey against the brown eye liner, and with t mauve-type lip, I think the whole color scheme is so autumnal. They obviously think about these things when putting them into bags, I’m just not sure if every person gets the same color. Do any of you know? That would be helpful to find out. I think my bag specifically worked well together and I’m planning on using the liner and eyeshadow a lot more now that the fall sweaters are coming out (except today, where it’s a shocking 84 degrees). I feel as though we’re going into Indian Summer time, and I’m not ready for that. I’ve been drinking pumpkin lattes for a few weeks now! I hope all of you enjoy the nice weather and also enjoy your Ipsy bags, or whatever monthly beauty box comes to you. Let me know if you received similar products, and how you thought they performed. I’m eager to know the comparisons!


Ipsy Bag September 2014

ipsy sepi[psy eyeshadowipsy eyeshadow coloripsy lip glossipsy lip gloss coloripsy hair maskipsy eye lineripsy eye liner coloripsy brush

Hey there!

I received my Ipsy bag a little while ago and have finally had time to show you what was inside! For the most part, I was again impressed with Ipsy. Every product in the bag was a good size, and I’m convinced the eye shadow and lip gloss were actually full size. The eye liner was sort of repetitive since I got the Urban Decay eye pencil last month, but I’m not complaining that much. I also want to point out, all the colors are absolutely perfect for fall!

The only items I’ve used so far were the brush and the eye shadow, and I loved both of them. The shadow looks kind of like a brown/dark purple color, and when you put it on it isn’t that pigmented. But I used it to do a very subtle smokey eye today with the brush, and everything blended beautifully. I’m also excited about the hair mask, since I’ve lightened my hair again and needed some more damage control.

What did you get in your Ipsy bags?


Ipsy Bag July 2014

ipsy july 2014

ipsy bagipsy hairipsy tanipsy bronzeripy bronzer colorbronzer swatchipsy eyeshadoweyeshadow swatchipsy liplip swatch

Hello everyone!

Today I got my Ipsy bag for July. This is my second bag and when I got my first one last month, I totally didn’t think about uploading what was inside. But I thought I’d share with you what I got in the bag, and my first impressions.

Firstly, Ipsy is a beauty bag that comes once a month. It’s very similar to Birchbox (which my mom just started getting and is very pleased with) but I felt Ipsy had trendier and younger beauty finds that I would maybe not buy on my own. The reason I decided to sign up was because I never really go outside the box when it comes to new products (like colored liquid liner or very bright blushes) and this would allow me to try out these things without spending a bunch at Sephora. (Oh yeah, the bag is only $10) I REALLY think Ipsy is a great deal for what you’re paying. The company takes the money from your card on the first of the month, and so far it has been consistent. The bag comes right in the middle of the month, for example, today is the 16th, and last month it came on the 14th.

Firstly, I got the healthy sexy hair beach spray (and it was actually too big to fit in the bag that they gave me). I love these kind of texture sprays, and I actually use a gel one. This is for much beachier waves, and I’m excited to try it. I have two other products from this company, one being the Big Sexy Hair hairspray and the powder play. Those were both around $16 full size, and the size of the beach spray is pretty huge. It seems REALLY worth the money! It also smells nice. The tanning oil is something I’m honestly not going to use much. It has a small amount of SPF for you to “tan naturally” but in my opinion, I wouldn’t want to use a tanning oil because of how pale and sensitive my skin is. For people that would use a tanning oil, it’s an amazing size, and you could easily get five or six uses out of it, maybe more. I was most excited for this bronzer! I’ve never heard of pop beauty, but this bronzer is a gorgeous color for my pale skin (I’m a bit tanned, but honestly not much). You can sort of see in the picture that there is a VERY slight shimmer, but it’s mostly matte looking. This was so exciting for me because I always gravitate towards a shimmery and multi-colored bronzer since they look most natural and seem to be more for the money. Matte one-colored bronzers are usually more expensive, and I was excited to try. The pigmentation is good enough to see when first applied, but not too much that you have to be super careful. It’s easy to build a color onto your skin, and the size of it is great! The 5 in 1 bareMinerals product is actually a cream eyeshadow. As you can see, it’s teeny tiny compared to the other products. I was most disappointed in the size, but it was still a great creamy texture, and it was greatly pigmented. A coupon for a full-size version came in the bag, so you could buy the full size with a discount. I hope I can get a few uses out of this cream! The last product is a pixie lip balm that I enjoyed much more than I thought I would. Firstly, the color and pigmentation is perfect for the summer. It’s not too sheer, but it is also light, and smells like mint! The size of the product is also really good for the $10-in-all price! In all, I was really happy with my bag. Last months was also great, and I’m so happy I signed up for the website. Just to inform you, the items are mostly customizable to your style and body by taking a quiz when you first sign up. You answer questions about your hair color, skin color, skin type, eye color, and what you’d prefer for beauty products and brands. The lineup of brands is also super impressive, like Benefit, Urban Decay, Stila, Mac, and soo much more. If you’re looking for a reliable box that gives you trendy and good-sized product, Ipsy is the way to go. Each month, you also get a little makeup bag. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with all those bags, but I love the idea behind each bag having a theme. (This months was a tanned-summer theme, very July appropriate). Also, the whole website was created by bloggers and beauty gurus, like Michelle Phan. One of my favorite Youtubers Andreaschoice is also part of the website. I think the amount of product given really justifies only $10, because when buying at stores like Sephora or Ulta, most of this is over that price anyway. As far as Birchbox goes, my mom is subscribed and really enjoys it so far. They work the same way as far as price and billing. Check out which is best for you!

Let me know if you guys are subscribed to any beauty bags/boxes, and what you think! I don’t enjoy having to remember monthly fees, and would usually NEVER pay for something like this, but if you’re looking to bulk up your makeup collection in an affordable way, I promise this is easy to pay for and very satisfying with what brands and how much product you receive. Another side note, I am using a proper camera now! I know these pictures aren’t perfect, but they sure are better. I’m going to work with my boyfriend to make them even better, so stay with me! I’m excited with what posts I have coming up now that I have a camera. I was also interested in doing a makeup look using the products from this July bag. Tell me what you think! It’d be fun to do a review of all the makeup actually on my face.

Have a great week!