AC for AG

I am seriously lusting after this collaboration. Alexa Chung is one of my favorite people, as well as my style icon. Every time she’s done a collab I’ve fallen in love. Her Madewell collection was one of my favorites of all time. I love AG jeans and couldn’t wait to see what Alexa Chung came up with. Of course, her tomboy style is mixed with retro vibes that make my wallet cry.

There are plenty of jeans and skirts to chose from in this collection for a wide range of tastes. But I can honestly say they all seem like Alexa’s “It Girl” style. My favorite item is the denim button up dress and I think I cried over the price because I felt like I needed it.

I’m also in love with the skirt. I’m thinking of asking for some of them for my birthday coming up because I’m so desperate for these pieces! They look classic enough to wear with many other looks. I can see pairing the button-up skirt with a peter pan collared shirt and patterned tights. I’m in love with this collection and I’m hoping some of it goes on sale in a little while!

What do you think of Alexa’s newest collection? All photos were found on Vogue.



Outfit Of The Day – 12/17/2014


Hey everyone!

I thought I might post a few Outfit Of The Day’s for you, because it might be fun to see if I can even keep up with it. A few exciting things to talk to you guys about are:

1. I’m having another article published on Hellogiggles (hopefully soon) and there may be even more excited news surrounding that too.

2. I’m thinking of moving to a self-hosted WordPress site and have already purchased the domain. The tricky part would be getting all you guys over to the other blog. I’m contacting WordPress so they can maybe help me out with it. But I’m still here for now!

How were your days? I’m getting so excited for Christmas.


Casual Fall Fashion

Memorial Day Outfits

It is officially Memorial Day Weekend, and now we can sit back and relax with family. But depending on the weather and the parties you’re going to, you might need some outfit ideas. So here they are!

If you have family outings like the family in Wedding Crashers that is super preppy, than the first outfit is perfect. I love the nautical stripes! Very all-American.

For the rainier, colder areas, the second outfit is key. There have been bad storms a lot of places, and even where I live is getting a cold front. So the cardigan over a flannel and t-shirt is chic and still keeps you warm.

For the hotter areas, I love the third outfit. VERY all-American, with a nice American flag. This will definitely keep you cool, and also has a very casual holiday-weekend feel.

The last outfit I picked because I just love a fancy outfit as well. So if there are any fancy affairs you have to go to, I thought this was so pretty. The lace skirt is polished, but the loose button-up is casual enough for a long weekend event.

What are you planning on wearing this Memorial Day weekend?


Outfit of the Day!

We haven’t had one of these in awhile!

I read a great blog post of my friends and she really got me in the spirit for the holidays! And what do I do when I am in the mood for the holidays? I Think of outfits.

This outfit is amazing, and is actually SO easy to do.

First of all, denim shirts are everywhere. I found so many cheap ones and Forever 21 or possibly H&M, but there are better quality and more expensive one at places like Banana Republic, Guess, J. Crew, etc. I actually stole my boyfriend’s o.o

Now this jacket is actually just a brown blazer, and you don’t see a lot of that now. I have every color blazer it seems but brown. But that’s ok, I feel any blazer will do.

Most types of jeans are good for this outfit, but try to keep them slim. Now the socks under the riding boots are hard for me, I have been looking all over for good quality socks. If anyone has any suggestions for cheaper, good quality socks for boots, let me know!! The best place for these socks that I can think of is T.J. Maxx and Marshalls. Seriously, these places had comfy knitted socks that I was so excited about. Just put them over your jeans, and sort of bunch them up. Then put on your boots and fix your socks to look right with the jeans and the boots and everything.

The scarf in this outfit matches the socks, which I think is a fabulous idea. It draws your eye up and down the body, and makes you look very put together! This is a very big chunky knitted circle scarf that you just need to loop around your head twice, and you are done!!

Try this out for a good festive look! 🙂

Mint and Gold

Hello Everyone!

I am still waiting out the storm, so I cozy-ed up and thought I would search through polyvore for some memorable outfits. And what have I found? I love these colors. I think mint and white and nude are beautiful and clean. The accessories that are more essential like the shoes and bag look good in a neutral nude color. But when it comes to the jewelry, it is all gold. I love how simple the accessories are as well. When the clothing is super simple, the gold delicate accessories are beautiful.


I hope you guys are staying very safe out there! I am thinking of everyone in the storm, and I will continue posting as much as I can 🙂


Outfit of the Day: Casual

Now that it’s colder and I’m breaking out all my fall clothes, I have to come up with good outfits that also keep me warm. I find that i often have to tell myself not to compromise comfort because I like the outfit I have on (and it happens very often). This outfit doesn’t compromise anything!

The sweater over a shirt thing is my favorite. I love layers! I like the white underneath, with the tan oversized shirt over it. It flows in all the right places!

I love the jeans and the boots, because I like the look of the dark wash with a black boot. But i wouldn’t choose this style of boot, I would actually go for a riding boot or a chunky motorcycle boot with this outfit. These boots almost make it too casual for me. The black circle scarf is brilliant, matching the boots, and breaking up the lightness of the white and tan shirt with your face. Lastly, a simple cuff studded bracelet isn’t too much, but gives the appearance that you put effort into your style.

I hope you liked this! Thanks guys 🙂

Eva Longoria Street Style

Hello everyone!

Eva Longoria is so beautiful and effortless. She has that latina natural beauty that is shared by girls like Selena Gomez. They always look natural and devastatingly beautiful!

Eva also reflects that in her wardrobe; natural, casual, and flattering. She has a plain, nicely fitted grey long sleeved top with a beautiful blue scarf (this color is huge right now) that flows over it to give some dimension. Her jeans are tight and flatter her figure as well, and her bag is so chic and simple! Her accessories of a couple bracelets and some big sunglasses complete the whole “effortless Hollywood” look. Her makeup is natural, as always.

She is an inspiration! When I am dressing more casual, I always look to Eva Longoria for the effortless looks without so much work!

Thanks guys, you can find her look and many other beautiful celeb looks at

Thank you guys!