OOTD- Welcome Home


Here are some pictures of a very exciting day that I had yesterday! My dad has lived away from us since I was about 12 because he’s in the military and yesterday was the day he moved back home. Me and my boyfriend had some extensive shopping and baking to do, so I had to wear a practical a warm outfit. Even though it’s almost April, it was snowing yesterday. I opted for my Sorel snow boots and some leggings. I also am wearing a jacket that I’ve had forever, I think it might be from Macy’s.

We made some rainbow cupcakes as well. I’ve been watching the Great British Bake Off for Comic Relief and Zoella inspired me to try this. It wasn’t that difficult! It just took a bit of patience.

We also piped the icing on with a ziplock bag and it was much more difficult than I thought it’d be. But it was so much fun making them. My mom and dad were very surprised when they walked in.

I thought this would be a cool day to share with you guys!

I’m hoping the weather gets a bit warmer so I can do more OOTD’s. What do you guys think? Would you like more of these? Let me know!



Best Ways to Dress for Spring (And Keep it Fresh)

1. Use Something Comfy
2. Be Trendy
3. Black and White


So some of the spring styles are predictable (like pastels) and some were a bit more surprising! (Like black and white)

I have shown the top three things to do with your outfits this spring to keep feeling fresh.

1. The first thing to do is to go for something comfy. Today, in Massachusetts, it is gloomy and it should rain soon. Instead of wearing all the bright  and sheer and flowy sping styles I just bought, I opted for ripped jeans and a big grey t-shirt (my boyfriend’s actually) with boots and a cardigan. Spring can be unpredictable with cold and rainy weather. So when you feel like you don’t wanna dress all the way up on those cloudy days, dress up a sweater, sweatshirt, t-shirt, etc. Comfy clothes with can looked polished if they are worn the right way.

2. The next thing to do is to try all the trends, honestly. There will be ones that you don’t get or you think are unflattering. But you really don’t know until you try. The biggest trends are pale pastels, bright neons, lace, miniskirts, leather, etc. Many of these things sound great, and then don’t look so good when you put them on. All trends are made for different body types, so see which ones work for you! When you buy a lot of trendy items, it will make dressing up everyday fun instead of a task that you would rather scratch and throw on sweats. (We all do it.)

3. The last thing is one that I probably do the most. Black and white. And luckily, black and white (especially in a pattern) was huge on the spring runways. Living in the Northeast, wearing all black is a pretty common thing. But I also like to throw whites in when I can. It is always classy, and black is the most flattering color for every body type. Leather black leggings with a black and white striped shirt or sweater can always look chic, and can be worn with converse, booties, pumps, flats. The possibilities are endless. This is one trend that is always easy.

What are your solutions to keeping your spring wear fresh?


Cool Transitions

Hello everyone!

I think one of the hardest things for me to do is figure out with what temperature I’m supposed to wear things, and when to wear winter jackets, when to wear tights, when to not wear peep toes, ah! It’s a bunch of trial and error if you ask me. So I thought I would talk about what I usually do when transitioning from cool weather, to cold weather, to freezing.

Here in this outfit, is something i would wear if it was at least less than 50 degrees out. I would consider that a (very nice) winter peacoat. The leggings, the scarf, and the snow (obviously) tell you that this is for the colder months that are up ahead. But what about in-between?

70’s-When it starts getting to be fall and we’re in the low 70s weather, I tend to start wearing leggings or jeans with tank tops or tee shirts. I don’t usually wear any jackets or anything around this time.

65-70 Usually around the upper 60’s I start wearing a jacket that I’m prepared to take off when it gets a little warmer in the afternoon. I still wear jeans and things, but I balance with less on top, like a tank or tee. If I wear a skirt or a dress, I usually bring a jacket or a sweater to keep the chill off.

60-65 This is basically what was all last week in Massachusetts. This is the typical fall weather, where i wear heavier sweaters and trench coats that I plan on keeping on all day. I start wearing heavier scarves and leaving my summer ones behind. This is when I stop with any peep toe or sandal type of heel or shoe.

50-60 This is actually what it has been like today and yesterday, very cold! I haven’t worn any winter coats yet, but I do wear heavier jackets and sweaters, and I ensure to have something on my legs when i wear skirts and dresses, like tights or leggings. I start bundling up and wearing more and more scarves and bring coffee to school. (Coffee, in my opinion, is an accessory!)

Anything below 50 degrees, means I am wearing a winter jacket. On the normal sunny days, I will wear a winter jacket and maybe leggings like in this picture. If it’s colder out because of wind or cloudy skies, I will opt for some leather fancy gloves to keep my warm. But if it’s especially windy or raining, I will bundle up with a huge scarf, knit gloves, a hat, anything to keep me warm!

This is my main layout of how I dress when it gets colder. I hope it helps some of you out! I know not all places are the same when it gets to be fall, but if the temperatures are similar to your climate, you can use this!

Item of the Day!

Hey everyone!

Something I’ve wanted to try for a couple years now is leather leggings. But they’re always very expensive and it’s hard for me to not spend my paycheck as soon as I get it…

But I found a new twist on the usual basic leather legging. The front is a very sexy leather, while the back is “stretch ponte” (which is a fancy way of saying, stretchy soft material).

These leggings are in black, but they also come in taupe, which is another great neutral color.

I found these leggings at Hale Bob, but the link is here for you: http://www.us.halebobstore.com/product/2WSE8030BLACK/Black-Walk-On-the-Wild-Side-Leather-Front-Leggings.html#

There’s only one big problem with these wonderful leggings, the steep price of $284.00.

So an alternative I can offer you is: http://www.bergdorfgoodman.com/p/AG-Adriano-Goldschmied-Faux-Leather-Leggings-Blackberry-New-Arrivals/prod79130141_cat369503_cat230300_/?index=1&isEditorial=false&cmCat=cat000000cat230300cat369503&ecid=BGALRJ84DHJLQkR4

These leggings were a little less expensive, at $198.00. That’s still expensive, but at least it isn’t close to $300, and you can count on the quality. These leggings are similar except they are faux-leather, And they don’t have any other material on the back. The color is in “blackberry” . They are by Adriano Goldshmied, found at bergdorfgoodman.com

I hope you enjoyed both pieces, because this is a huge trend for fall!

Thanks guys:)