Valentine’s Day Treat

Hey guys,

You know my immense love for treats and holidays and, well, holiday treats. When I saw this I had to post it! I did not make this, but it is a quick and easy guide for a perfect Valentine for your loved ones!

I hope you all have great Valentine’s Days, and please give me feedback if you tried this adorable idea 🙂



Cutie of the Day!

I haven’t done a cutie of the day in awhile, but I loved this picture! There is a website of dogshaming where you can see doggies that get in trouble! This one puts his toys up high so the other puppy can’t get them! I see so many of these and a lot of times want to send the things my own pup does! He’s so mischievous…

Just like always, if you guys submit a cute pet of yours or one that you found, I will gladly make it a Cutie of the Day!

Thank you everyone!