Rays Of Sunshine


After a strangely warm winter, I’m kind of looking forward to spring. I know that a brutal winter might still be coming, but part of me is buying into the floral prints and warm, inviting colors. I wanted to do a nail look that incorporates the happiness of spring with some bold shapes. I went to TJMaxx to get some cheap polishes (Deborah Lippmann for $4!!!!) and went to work!

This is honestly a very easy thing to recreate. I just painted two coats of the blue polish and waited until that dried completely. Then, I angled the yellow and swiped it on either side of the nail to make an inside-out-triangle shape.

If you try this with different colors, send me the pictures and let me know how they look! The great part about this design is that you can really use it with any bold colors.



Abstract & Autumnal Nail Art


Long autumn days, not a lot of sleep, and a busy college schedule means my nails are generally pretty boring.

However, I found a way to do fun nail art without breaking out the crazy nail tools. While I love some dotting tools, tape, and all the other tricks to give amazing works of art on our fingertips, I just don’t always have the patience! I wanted to do something simple that included multiple fall colors. I’m watching a few (not a lot!) of the trees changing and I was inspired by the deep reds and beautiful golds. This can also be done with any base color that you’d like! I like this gray-ish purple, because it’s a beautiful color but also feels neutral enough to not clash.

  1. Pick a base coat that will be different enough from your colors to let them stand out. This was a nail polish I got in an Ipsy bag and I’m obsessed with the pale-purple color. This is fun for fall, and I only needed one coat (but use two if you need to).
  2. Find three colors that you think will work together well. Mine were a wine-colored marsala, a stark white, and a beautiful shimmery gold.
  3. Once the base has dried, use one color at a time. Paint each nail with only one swipe! I swiped up with the maroon first. Once the maroon dried, I went with the white and swiped sideways, painting every finger and waiting for that to dry. Lastly, I swiped the gold through the middle of the two first colors and painted every nail until they dried. The best part about this is, it doesn’t have to be neat!
  4. Wait a long time until the top coat to make sure all the colors you used have dried. Seriously, swiping on a topcoat too soon can smudge them all and ruin your hard work! Once the top coat is on, still be careful of the nails because all that polish piled on top of each other is a recipe for disaster. When you’re finished, you should have a pretty cool design that wasn’t that hard to achieve!

If you guys try this out, let me know how it goes! You can also tweet me a picture or DM me on Instagram. I thought this would be a fun nail idea, and I haven’t shared one for a little while now.


Pink & Sparkles


Spring colors on nails are one thing, but adding some sparkle to the mix brings something different to the game.

I wanted to share a little manicure I did this week when I was feeling quite girly.

I used a pale pink as the base and then just layered a very chunky glitter polish, concentrating at the tips. I went for a glitter that had different sizes so it looked like the glitter was going down the nail. Something like this looks very clean and classic. But i think it it still looks unique, because many people ask to see them and compliment them! It’s an easy extra step to a normal pink nail polish. I think it’s worth it!


Nail Party

peach nails

And the Nail posts continue…

I know that the Northeast just braved a huge blizzard and there are over 20 inches of snow outside my house right now. But I really can’t stop with the pastel trends right now. This is usually when people start with light colors and floral patterns because after Valentines day, I consider it spring. Is that too soon? I can’t help it! I love spring trends after a long, cold winter.

I did my nails like this halfway through the week after I had two snow days from school. I was feeling the winter blues and wanted something brighter and happier. I have’t used my Clinique polish in awhile and was excited to dig it out again. Something about peach makes me feel so optimistic, it has a great feeling to it.

I wanted to pair this with a very glittery gold, but unfortunately, all mine ran out from all my Holiday looks! I scrambled around looking for a substitute and failed miserably since peach is actually quite hard to match. However, my friend Colie let me use a China Glaze (I’m sorry, I don’t have the name!) that was a sort of metallic-glittery-gold.

I immediately loved the look of this together. It has a preppy feel to it because of the gold color, but it goes with almost all my outfits. I love looking down and seeing such a cheerful combination, even though it’s freezing and snowing outside. The polish also dries very quickly, so I’m considering getting more from the Clinique range. The one I used is called “Really Rio”. The bottle also looks adorable, don’t you think?

I’m excited for brighter nail looks as the weather gets warmer.  I will need to invest in some more pastels though, as my collection is filled with darker colors from winter.

What do you guys think? What have been your go-to manicures this month? Also, let me know what would be a good glittery-gold to invest in. I’m currently looking for some additions!


4 Pastel Nail Polishes That Will Motivate You For Spring


Hello there!

The first polish I have to talk about here is Essie’s “Romper Room”. I know that the classic favorite of Essie’s pastels are “Ballet Slippers”, but this color pink is a bit more pink and really puts me in a girly mood. It seems to have some peach in it, which I really love for spring time.

The Second polish is Clinique’s “Really Rio”, which is picking up a lot bolder than what it really is, which is a nice easy-to-wear peach.

The third polish is Zoya’s “Stevie”. I haven’t worn this in a long time, because I think I got this around September. It’s more of a spring shade and I can’t wait to use it more in the next few months. It’s texture is a “pixie dust” finish, which is sort of a sandy/soft finish. I might enjoy this kind of texture with all the soft materials and colors of spring.

The fourth polish is Essie’s “Mint Candy Apple”. I think you probably could have guessed that though, since it’s the most commonly used Essie polish out there. This is a beautiful color year round, but when you pair it with these other pastels, it honestly looks gorgeous.


Professional Glittery Nails


nails 2

Hello there!

I did a simple and professional glittery nail because, let’s be honest, I can’t shake the holiday sparkles. I used this nude color polish from Forever 21 called “Natural” and then I brushed the tips of the nails with a Cynthia Rowley polish in the color “Gold Star”. They aren’t super glitzy, but I really think this would be a great workplace nail combination because they are subtle and very pretty.

I also used the nude color on my toes last night and it was really quite simple and chic.


Glitzy Winter Nails

nailsHello everyone,

I did a quick manicure the other night because I was feeling wintery. I love white nail polish but it’s so unnatural that I always forget to use it! I simply used that as a base and then put a glittery gold as a french tip, and my ring finger completely gold.

Have a great week!


Sweet Shoppe

nail decalsHello there,

I recently made a very affordable purchase that totally satisfied my sweet tooth (sort of!). My favorite things in the world are desserts and sugary treats. I came across the website Dope Digits when I saw models wearing adorable nail decals in a magazine about a month ago. I took a look through the many bold themes they had (twerking Mileys, Drake and Beyonce, even emojis) and found some that I couldn’t NOT purchase. They were for the cheap price of $8, which is a good deal since you get 14 decals. It’s set up so you could have  matching nails and both hands, but of course I’ll try to mix it up when I use them. I’m sorry I didn’t do a post with them on my nails first, (which was my intention) but I haven’t had the time! I’ve had some unexpected things happen in my life lately and on top of school, these took the back burner. But, I was still meaning to put them up here for you to see how adorable they are before they go on the nail.

The best part about this company is that they ship quickly and are very simple. These didn’t come in a huge box with a bunch of tissue paper. It came with a card and instructions on how to apply the decals.

For the most part, this seems easy. I don’t remember the last time I used a nail decal, I just remember using a topcoat over them.

I will say for a tip that before you dunk your finger in the water to have the decal stay, make sure your base color of nail polish is dry!

I was going to put these on top of a set of nail stickers by Sally Hansen but decided it might be difficult for the decal to stick to it. I didn’t want to risk it. I’m thinking of painting my nails a sparkly black color and putting these on top for Thanksgiving. Obviously, these don’t have a “fall” or “winter” theme, but if you’re anything like me and love adorable treats, it will always be a conversation starter. My favorite decals out of all of them personally is the little cookies with milk. I think they are all adorable though! My boyfriend thinks they look like something Katy Perry or Zooey Deschanel would wear (and I was so happy since those are my fave people ever). There are also “fast food” nail decals that are really popular. I’ve seen a lot of pictures on Tumblr of people with the little french fries and pizza on their nails. This is a great easy way to do nail art without having a lot of trouble smudging and ruining it.

Anyway, here is the website with it’s products for you to look through. Even if the sweets aren’t your flavor, you’ll find a bunch of other themes that are sure to interest you!

Have a great week,


Rose Gold Autumn Manicure


Hey everyone!

I did a quick little French manicure that I thought I’d share since it was so quick and easy.  All you’ll need for this is a good base color and a metallic-ish rose gold color.

For my base coat, I used Essie’s “Ballet Slippers”.  Everyone totally loves this color and I see why! I used only one coat because I didn’t want my nails too pink. I think it worked out well!

After letting them dry, I used Sephora’s Formula X for the French tip in the color “Heroic”. I actually did 2 coats of this so it wouldn’t chip.

I waiting for them to dry completely before using a top coat. I always use the topcoat too early and mess up my tips, so I tried to wait it out this time. I used a cheap topcoat from Walmart and I really am considering just buying a good topcoat. It makes a huge difference and my nails have been chipping very easily. Just goes to show you that with some beauty products you really get what you pay for.

I really liked this manicure because the French tips are so classic, but I almost never do them anymore. It seems like a white French tip isn’t really on trend lately. I like how the color is muted and not too bright and in your face. As soon as I picked out the Formula X color I knew it would look great on the nails! When it dries, it seems to get more rosy.

As for this coming week, I hope everyone is having a great October! Halloween is coming and I definitely feel in spirit because I have little pumpkin lights hanging around my dorm. I hope this autumnal nail idea will inspire you for the rest of the month. Have a great week!