Snow. Wind. Chill.


If winter wasn’t here before, I’m certain it is now. It has been freezing the past few days and I’ve had to make actual use out of my heavy jackets. It’s been fun trying to figure out how to layer and make it all work together. I’ve also been wearing boots every single day. It’s the only thing you can wear in this weather!

Today was a pretty casual day as I was getting ready to go back to school. Leggings and sweatshirts can apparently look great when you throw on a nice winter jacket.

Jacket- Volcom

Sweatshirt- Calvin Klein (Thrifted)

Leggings- target

Boots- Steve Madden

Necklaces- Both thrifted

-The Very Cold Heather


Cozy Weekend//Productive Work


I’ve been seriously relaxing all weekend! At school, the project and midterms have been crazy and I was so happy to come home and chill out. I’ve used a lot of Lush and read a lot of books. I’ve also had my fair share of peppermint hot chocolate. I think recharging on the weekends is a great way to get a pep in your step for the week ahead. Not only is my magazine launching, but I have projects for class and Thanksgiving!

I got this amazing tea from the Yankee Candle Factory store in Deerfield and it’s my favorite tea EVER. It’s got chocolate and peppermint, and I added a bit of creamer that was flavored of Crème Brûlée. It was amazing.

I’m sorry about the quality of the pictures for my outfit. I left my tripod at school and had to set me camera on a shelf. The lighting was not ideal. But you get the idea! I liked the chambray-on denim- on paisley. It seemed like a cool combination with a cozy winter coat on top.

Shirt- Thrift Store


Shoes- Converse

Scarf- Urban Outfitters

Sunglasses- Kate Spade

How has your weekend been? Let me know!



Grey Days


I am so freaking excited to finally get this post up! I’m aware of the fact that it’s just a boring outfit post like usual, but I’ve been trying to upload this for about a week.

To be fair, I’ve been very busy and had other posts that had to go up more than this one, and then yesterday and had literally no time to edit these pictures. But as I sat down this morning to edit them, I was overcome by melancholy at the beautiful grey images in front of me. Right now it’s a gorgeous sunny day, no rain or clouds in sight. But when I took these last week, we were having a rainy spell, and the pictures really reflect that in their tone. Admittedly, I enjoy rainy and overcast days to sunny days, in real life and in photographs. This brought me back to a few days ago when I was living in my raincoat and piling on the blankets.

My raincoat is a hand-me-down via my best friend from J.crew.

The striped shirt is from American Eagle (so soft!!!).

My jeans are my trusted grey jeans from Target. Honestly, the best jeans ever.

Not pictured, but I wore white converse with this.

I also wore this grey hat from Target (my new favorite) and it kept the cold, wet air from swirling into my hair and creating a mess.

I’ll be posting soon, hopefully on time and with holiday themes!


Indian Summer


As usual, I’m posting an “outfit” blogpost without seeing a full length shot of me.

I can never get a good angle from the spot in my room! Once I do outfit shots out and about or when I have things going on I’ll be able to get full shots. For now, here are some details of my outfit. It’s been so warm this week that I didn’t even need a jacket with this dress!

I wore my new hat from TJMaxx and I loved the vibe it gave off with the chambray dress. My hair also looks really dark in this, I’m not sure why but when I straightened it, it seemed a lot darker!

How have your weeks been? Has the weather warmed up a bit where you are as well?


OOTD- New H&M Skirt

OOTD skirtOOTD close upOOTD detailsHappy Friday!!!!

I wore my new H&M skirt yesterday and needed to take some pictures of it.


Kimono- TJMaxx

Skirt- H&M

Chelsea Boots- Target


Kate Spade Suglasses

Rifle Paper & Co. Phone Case

Hair ties (I have no idea from where!)

Gel Liner


Daniel Wellington watch

DKNY purse

I hope you all had a great day! I had a question for you, if I started up a Youtube channel, would you watch? Let me know.


OOTD- Getting Over A Summer Cold

OOTD- Getting over a coldIMG_1647IMG_1635IMG_1638IMG_1631

Hey everyone! I recently got over a cold, and it was the absolute worst! I hate colds in the summer because you need to stay in bed when it’s nice and warm out and you know you could be doing so many things outside. After a day of being bedridden I was itching to get some fresh air, so my boyfriend took me to get some crepes! I love crepes (mine was Nutella and strawberry) and it definitely made me feel a little bit better.

Shirt- Boyfriend’s

Jeans- Target

Boots- Target

Sunglasses- Kate Spade

Necklace and bracelets- Antiques from Santorini

Bag- NEW! By Ralph Lauren (I’m in love with it)

How have your weeks been? I have a refreshing treat coming on the blog (hopefully tomorrow) 🙂


OOTD- Braving The Rain


Today we’re talking about rainy days.

I’m not sure about you guys, but where I live, it’s positively freezing!

This was a fun (and comfy) outfit that looks put together, but helps you stay warm in this rainy season.

I’m Wearing:

Sweatshirt: Madewell

Jeans: Target

Shoes: Steve Madden

Bag: Donna Karen

Tiny Bag: TJMaxx

Primer: Benefit Porefessional

How are you transitioning from cool to warm weather? I bet you all have some great tips. Let me know!


OOTD- April 23, 2015


As you may know, I’ve been trying to take more OOTD pictures. This is kind of a hard task at my dorm right now because our space is so tiny and I usually don’t have my tripod for taking things outside. However, once I get home for the summer, I plan on forcing myself to use the tripod and take really good quality pictures. Until then, I’ll still share with you what I can.

Today’s outfit was very casual, but still looked stylish. I focused on using all casual pieces that can work together. I think the Asos boots pulled it all in.

I’ve had this Abercrombie shirt since middle school. But I always find appropriate times to wear it! it never goes out of style and it looks great thrown on with anything. The black skirt is from H&M and was another great cheap purchase. My jacket is from Express (you probably recognize it from previous OOTDs). I also am wearing my Kate Spade sunglasses.

This is another transitional outfit that will take you from winter to spring. I love layering, and this is a great way to do that with a basic black skirt.

You could also very easily wear this with Converse or even flip flops as it gets warmer. There are a lot of things you could switch in to mix and match. I love outfits that use mostly staples because you can really experiment with you closet. It’s important to have this kind of stuff when you live in New England.

I also straightened my hair for once. I really like the way it looks! What have you guys been wearing in these spring-weathered weeks?


OOTD- First Shorts of Spring


Goof afternoon guys!

Yesterday it was beautiful and sunny out, so I wore a pair of shorts (without tights) for the first time this year! I love these shorts from Urban Outfitters, they are so comfy and easy to pair with things. I also wore a big floppy hat to keep the sun out of my eyes.

I have been wearing this denim and leather jacket for over a year now. I got it from Express and I love the way it makes my outfits look. It has just enough edge to make something look cool. But it also is classic and can be worn with almost everything in my closet. I am so happy about the warm weather. It seems to be lifting my spirits a bit!

I wore my Steve Madden flats with my outfit because I wanted a little pop of color. The white button-up is from H&M. I think this outfit was great for semi-warm weather. I’m excited to go shopping this weekend to get a nice pair of sandals for spring/summer. I hope you are enjoying your weeks!

What have you been wearing in this spring weather?


OOTD- Easter 2015

OOTD easterDSCF2622_retouched

This is a little late since Easter was a few days ago, but I wanted to show you what I wore! I also want to apologize for another in-my-house picture, but it was actually snowing really hard on Easter. I thought we were over that! What happened!

You may recognize this from my eShakti review, I thought this dress was just perfect for Easter. It wasn’t too fancy, but it was dressy enough since my whole family was joining us. The cream and black color is so classic! Everyone at our Easter party loved the dress.

Dress- eShakti

Tights- Kate Spade

Flats- Steve Madden

Did you have a nice Easter?