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Clinique sensitive skin nail polish in “Really Rio”


Hey guys!
My vacation is almost over, and I repainted my nails with a new Clinique nail color. I really think orange and salmon will be a big color for the fall as far as beauty goes. I have seen great makeup on the runways with orange lips and bold eyeliner.
The color is not too orange, so it is pretty and subtle for summer. It’ll also go great with the fall colors in a month or so!
This is for sensitive skin so I am curious about how my nails will be when they are bare. The polish wasn’t too thick or thin. It had a great opacity so I didn’t really need two coats.
It was $12 at Macy’s, and there are other beautiful colors. It should be a great collection!
What do you think?

Another Nail Idea: Pastel Tips

Ok, I know I just posted about a nail idea, but this has got to take the cake.

As soon as I saw this picture, I was like, “I can do this. This is easy.”

I decided I would scout my collection for colors closest to this (and most are old and crusty) and then buy the rest. As for the silver strip, I thought I could get nail stickers and cut a thin strip and stick it on, or take tinsel and glue it on…

But just as my ideas hit a rut, I clicked the link that the picture came from, and found the most glorious thing. sells sets of nail polish to achieve different looks. Seriously. Most of these colors were Essie colors as well as an Orly, and GET THIS, silver tape. In the kit. For us. WOW.

It is all $24.00 (worth it if you’re a nail freak) and looks perfect instead of a makeshift version. I haven’t bought one of these kits yet, but I plan on it.

What do you think of having this handy dandy kit?


Ombre Crackled Nail

Ok so I am obsessed with nails and new designs and when I saw this, my initial thought was, oh gosh no way, that’s way too difficult. But then I realized it just looked super hard, but could definitely be achieved easily. All that needs to be done is some careful sponging to create the ombre effect. I actually thought the whole ombre on nails thing was impossible the first couple of times I tried it, and I learned with practice, it can be so simple.

The first thing you want to do is out down a color on your nail normally that you want to be the color closest to your cuticles (in this case yellow). Next, you would sponge the next color once the yellow is dry, and keep sponging and letting it dry until you have a gradual change. Once the second color is done, you sponge the last color that will be on the tips, and you keep sponging and letting it dry until it looks gradual as well. It doesn’t have to be too perfect in this case anyway, because you’re putting the black crackle nail polish over it, and it’ll hide many of the imperfections, while giving an edgy, polished look!

Tell me how you guys like this, and if you do it, please give me some feedback!!

Thank you!

Outfit of the Day!

I love this outfit so much that my new mission is finding this color jean!! To start, this beautiful charcoal sweater is from Urban Outfitters. I love the texture of it! It looks so casual! The striped shirt underneath is from Target, which is great because it matches the color of the sweater. The orange corduroy pants are from Anthropologie, which I love. The brown Mary Jane flats are from target. I love these because they do dress up an outfit instead of just some old sneakers, but they aren’t too flashy, they’re comfy! I don’t know where the scarf is from, but it is so cute. I love the way the cream looks against the dark sweater!!

This outfit is from a blog called so check them out!!!

Thanks guys, I hope you loved the colors in this outfit for fall the way I did!!

Happy fall:)

Perfect Party Dress


I found a beautiful Frill Aztec Border Dress by Reverse, (I seem to be loving the aztec theme) and i loved every part of it. There are so many trends in one dress! The first great part is the padded cup top, which is everywhere this season. But it isn’t completely obvious, because of the pattern on the top, which i like. It gives it texture, and when you start to really check out the dress, you see the quality of the cupped top. It goes down into a simple black band, and this ruffles out to the black skirt of the dress, which looks like it flows and has layers, not like something too poofy. 

The aztec patterned top has white, black, red, orange, and yellow. The warm colors in contrast to the white and black are beautiful, and you don’t need to go crazy on the accessories. That brings me to why this is so great for a party! You want to wear something cute and something that stands out. You can make a statement with this dress because there are so many details that are so flattering, you don’t need a whole set of bangles and colored earrings and all the bells and whistles! You can keep the accessories simple, and let the dress do the talkin’. 

Find this beautiful dress at 🙂