Nail Party

peach nails

And the Nail posts continue…

I know that the Northeast just braved a huge blizzard and there are over 20 inches of snow outside my house right now. But I really can’t stop with the pastel trends right now. This is usually when people start with light colors and floral patterns because after Valentines day, I consider it spring. Is that too soon? I can’t help it! I love spring trends after a long, cold winter.

I did my nails like this halfway through the week after I had two snow days from school. I was feeling the winter blues and wanted something brighter and happier. I have’t used my Clinique polish in awhile and was excited to dig it out again. Something about peach makes me feel so optimistic, it has a great feeling to it.

I wanted to pair this with a very glittery gold, but unfortunately, all mine ran out from all my Holiday looks! I scrambled around looking for a substitute and failed miserably since peach is actually quite hard to match. However, my friend Colie let me use a China Glaze (I’m sorry, I don’t have the name!) that was a sort of metallic-glittery-gold.

I immediately loved the look of this together. It has a preppy feel to it because of the gold color, but it goes with almost all my outfits. I love looking down and seeing such a cheerful combination, even though it’s freezing and snowing outside. The polish also dries very quickly, so I’m considering getting more from the Clinique range. The one I used is called “Really Rio”. The bottle also looks adorable, don’t you think?

I’m excited for brighter nail looks as the weather gets warmer.  I will need to invest in some more pastels though, as my collection is filled with darker colors from winter.

What do you guys think? What have been your go-to manicures this month? Also, let me know what would be a good glittery-gold to invest in. I’m currently looking for some additions!