Late Winter Inspiration

Happy Sunday!

I took some inspiration lately to a lot of preppy styles. I think my style is more quirky, but I’ve incorporated some prep elements into my wardrobe. All of these pictures were found surfing Tumblr, so when you click the image you like, it will bring you to the Tumblr post.

Now that winter is colder than ever, all I can think about is spring. Are you excited for warmer weather soon?



4 Pastel Nail Polishes That Will Motivate You For Spring


Hello there!

The first polish I have to talk about here is Essie’s “Romper Room”. I know that the classic favorite of Essie’s pastels are “Ballet Slippers”, but this color pink is a bit more pink and really puts me in a girly mood. It seems to have some peach in it, which I really love for spring time.

The Second polish is Clinique’s “Really Rio”, which is picking up a lot bolder than what it really is, which is a nice easy-to-wear peach.

The third polish is Zoya’s “Stevie”. I haven’t worn this in a long time, because I think I got this around September. It’s more of a spring shade and I can’t wait to use it more in the next few months. It’s texture is a “pixie dust” finish, which is sort of a sandy/soft finish. I might enjoy this kind of texture with all the soft materials and colors of spring.

The fourth polish is Essie’s “Mint Candy Apple”. I think you probably could have guessed that though, since it’s the most commonly used Essie polish out there. This is a beautiful color year round, but when you pair it with these other pastels, it honestly looks gorgeous.