Fall Neutrals

Did you know I’m obsessed with Polyvore? I honestly can’t help but go on and try to make fun outfits or make collections of things. I feel like it’s the perfect site for becoming inspired and being creative. I truthfully go there almost every morning for outfit ideas.
I’m not being sponsored by them at all, I just love playing around with the site and trying new things. I made this collection a few days ago about Fall Neutrals because I needed help finding basic pieces for outfits. This was so fun to make because I could use all my favorite colors and themes for fall and put them in one place. There’s a good amount of outfits in this collection to look through. Most of them are similar to my style or just things I enjoyed looking at!
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Blush Trend

Blush Trend
Hello there!
I know it’s predictable that the winter-into-spring trend this year is blush and nude, but who doesn’t get excited for these things?! When I see the pretty pastels, I know warmer weather and new clothes are coming. This year, I’ve noticed a lot of rustic touches mixed in with the baby-pink blush.
It may be hard to style pastels, especially blush. A lot of paler people (me) find it hard to wear because it sometimes washes you out. The best way to deal with this trend for spring is to mix in some nudes and browns. This will be a mature way to wear such a girly color. Make sure that your browns are of good quality, like a nice leather boot, or else it can start to look a little cheap. Pairing creams with it will also be a nice compliment to the blush color.
When it comes to clothing, I might stay away from the blush sweaters. I have pale skin with red undertones, which can make very pale pinks look like I’m not wearing anything (yikes). However, a nude color with a blush skirt is very complimenting, especially if you pick a floaty skirt. I love wearing a cream or off-white hat with pale pink accessories as well, since spring can still be quite cold! A nice pink nail is also a cute way to wear pastels, and Essie is quite popular for their range of colors.
As for makeup, using orange-toned bronzers bring out the red in blush, so when applied lightly it will go perfectly with a rosy tint to the cheeks. A light pink lip looks beautiful in the spring, but you could also use a brown-pink lip liner from winter to compliment your blush!

Zoya Nail Polish: Spring Line Review and Comparison


Hey everyone!

I recently picked up one of the spring colors from Zoya’s newest line. I bought the glittery color called ” Harper” that is a beautiful pink polish that reminds me of a Barbie pink or bubblegum pink. The main reason I picked the color (besides it being a great spring pink) is that it looked similar to the sparkly shade I bought from the winter Zoya line, which I got in the color “Storm”. I thought the comparison between the formulations and everything would be pretty easy, but turns out, it was quite different. When first putting on the polish, I thought to myself, “it’s just a springy version!”, but that was not actually true!

When first putting on the polish, it goes on pretty smooth. This is only my second polish from Zoya, but the smoothness is very consistent. I think the $10 price tag may be worth it with the easy application and the long lasting strength.

“Harper” was very similar to “storm” glitter wise, as long as it was on the nail. In the light, the sparkles had an iridescent shine to them that looked especially glittery. I actually wore “Storm” after wearing “Harper” to compare a bit better. The only difference I could find was when taking OFF the nail polish. When I removed “Harper”, it took forever. I was scrubbing and scrubbing with a cotton pad and then I tried actually scraping the glitter off with my nails and a nail file (which is VERY unhealthy and I wouldn’t recommend unless you desperately need to get it off). It seemed I should have used a base coat before applying “Harper”, which is kind of a no-brainer, but if I’m being honest, I don’t think I ever apply a base coat. (Do you guys? Haha). When I took off Harper, I immediately put on “Storm” without a base coat, so the comparison is fair. Both polishes lasted me a week, and honestly could have lasted longer, but my cuticle area was growing out too much, so I took both off after a week.

When I took off “Storm”, it came off so smooth that I was literally surprised I wouldn’t need all the utensils I gathered for scraping off the chunks of glitter. Before you start saying it was a difference in formulation, I investigated the sparkles (how pathetic). From what I could see, the spring like has sparkles that are much chunkier, and don’t sit in the polish, but rather on top (which basically just means that you should apply a base coat before using these kinds of sparkle formulations.

The sparkles definitely compliment the brighter colors in the spring collection, and the glitter looked just amazing on the nail and in the light especially. I went and sampled a few of the normal opaque colors and thought they would cover the nail in one coat. These nail polishes are honestly amazing in color and in lasting power, and I think you guys should check these out before going to buy any Butter London or OPI’s.

Have you guys tried Zoya yet?


6/13/13 Summer Picks

1. Evanworld $4.50
2. Haoyou $5.99
3. Madewell $138

Hey guys!

My favorite way to accessorize in the summer is with bracelet stacks. When you don’t wear as much layers, it is nice to stack up on bracelets to add some dynamics.

The top bracelet stack is a Harry Potter themed one, (I couldn’t resist, I am in love with Harry Potter). It has metal, leather, and cotton as materials, and the size of the bracelets can be adjusted. This is a product from Etsy.com and the shop name is Evanworld. The bracelets are handmade and shipped from China or Singapore. The shop I must say is very reliable and will contact you with address information, as well as being extremely open about feedback and keeping the costumer satisfied.

The second bracelet set would probably go with any summer outfit. The shop is Haoyou, and you can actually design a lot of the stacked bracelets yourself and request them from this shop. When ordering from the shop, you can specify the materials and colors that you want and the shop owner will communicate with you to give you the bracelets you want. This is also from Etsy.com

The third little item is a beautiful washed chambray blazer. This is by Madewell, and as always, delivers awesome quality and versatility for summer outfits. It is structured for a casual jacket, and is also polished with small pockets that lay at the hips. The hem in the back is also very flattering for summer dresses and things of that nature. I found this at Shopbop.com

What do you think of these summer picks?


Adorable Summer Finds

1. Evon Case $40
2. Amadi 1 $29

Hey everyone!

Now that the weather is finally nice and I have enough money to go to a total shopping spree (which I will share with you when it happens) I have been thinking of cute new items to invest in. I came across these adorable little gems and thought I should share them with you.

The first is a pair of phone cases for a couple, a bff, sisters, etc. For people like me with a Droid, the cases can’t be used. But these cases do work with the iPhone 4, 4S, and 5. It is $40 for both cases (which is a pretty good deal), and it comes in a couple different colors. The colors shown are “Pink/Mint on Wood”. The other colors are: “Red/Navy”, “Red/Mint”, and “Red/White”. When the cases are apart, they also just look like a cool design! I found the cases on Uncovet.com (I am becoming very fond of this website.)

The second item is a pair of beautiful heeled sandals. These single-sole wedges have a rose-gold plate (which is all the rage) and a gorgeous rose color. They are by Amadi 1 and are relatively cheap for heels at $29. And for those of you conscious of this, it is made completely of vegan leather. They only come in one color (rose) and there are only four left. So hurry! I found them at lulus.com 🙂

What do you think of these precious summer finds?


Spring Hair

Well everyone, these seem to be the hottest hair styles/colors right now. How is everyone’s Easter? I hope full of yummy food.

The first hair is a pastel pink. This is really popular with that grungy/hipster style. I really like it! Blacks and dark colors worn would look great with that pink.

The second one is Mila Kunis (love her) with a chocolate brown color. It looks beautiful with tan skin for spring. It is less darling but solo gorgeous. This would also look good with black flawy pieces of clothing for spring.

The last is a very interesting color. At brightest, it has a strawberry color, and at its darkest, it looks like a burgundy. There are some cranberry colors in it, and the whole thing looks beautiful. I would say black slouchy sweaters with shorts for spring would look awesome. (as you can tell, I’m transitioning my blacks for the warmer weather)

What do you think?


More Hot Pieces…



Hey guys!

So for this trend page, I have shown you what I plan to get and wear when it gets warmer (hint hint, mother nature).

1. This is a Vera Wang bridal collection shoe, but I think it could really be worn with a number of things in the spring to cutesy-up and outfit. They could even make black skinny jeans a bit softer!

2. I thought this necklace was so sweet. I’m not sure where it’s from, but I love the idea of intricate jewelry during the hotter months. With less clothing, the simple delicate jewelry is so classic. It could look great in contrast to a plain black tee and printed pants. Viola!

3. On the other hand, I love the bohemian feel of the gold and feathers. This bracelet is so cool, and is from Jewelmint. I had an account, but canceled it. If I see anything I really love I might open it again. This would look amazing in a bracelet stack with beads, cross bracelets, and even real feathers on some bracelets. VERY boho.

4. This Raw Amethyst Point Necklace is on Etsy by Keyla Viviana. The shop name is called “shopkei”. I am in love with this right now. I love the raw cut stones, and I wanted them so badly in a ring or necklace. I love the color of this so much! To go really grungy, you could wear it with a tie-dyed tunic and thigh high socks.

5. I don’t know where these are from, but I love the pink in these earrings. Sometimes in the summer, it’s easy to get into the habit of wearing a plain tee with plain denim shorts. So adding simple beautiful earrings in a summery color look perfect. On the other hand, they can be completely dressed up if you want to wear a classy sheer shirt and pencil skirt for something. Add these babies and you have a very classy vintage vibe.

6. The last are sandals by Birkenstock. I surprisingly never owned a pair, and want some so bad for summer! They look so simple with a tank, white shorts, and a summery scarf!



Giraffe Nails

Hello everyone!

I did not do these nails! Just want to make that clear, but I thought they were amazing inspiration for some nail art that incorperated a fun bright color for spring!

You know I love doing fun nail stuff, so you may be seeing some fun things in the future…

I can not figure out how the giraffe was done so well. What do you think?



Chanel Chance Eau Tendre







If you’re wondering what I just bought, yes it is Chanel. I was so excited to finally buy this perfume! I got the smaller version for $68. The new Chance Chanel perfume is called “Eau Tendre”, and quickly caught my attention and its sweet, springy smell. I don’t change my scent often, so this was a big deal.
The translation of “Tendre” is “tender”, and that perfectly describes the fragrance. It is a romantic pink bottle, and the sent is a floral-fruity interpretation of the orinigal Chance by Chanel.
What do you think of the latest Chanel fragrance?