MANGO blue cape
$105 – johnlewis.com

ViX button front shirt
$79 – brandoutlet.com

Dolce Gabbana snap wallet
$875 – net-a-porter.com

Etro gold plated jewelry
$605 – net-a-porter.com

Oscar de la Renta navy belt

Bobbi brown cosmetic

Mac cosmetic

Every so often, I’m convinced I won’t be able to find the joy in life. That sounds heavy, but it’s true.
You’ve probably noticed I hadn’t blogged for awhile. I was dealing with many different things, like school, finals, finding a job, holidays, family, etc. These things weighed on me, and I was brought to a not-so-happy place around the holidays. I wasn’t only absent on my blog, but on most social platforms. I had taken a step away from the internet as much as possible during finals so that I could focus and end the semester proudly. That period of time led to me just not wanting to come back.
I also suffered from a lot of anxiety and spent a lot of my nights holed up in the house. This was not particularly a bad thing, it was just a time to take a step back and take a breath. I think 2015 was a difficult year for me (and many others!) and I was happy to recuperate.
Around New Years, I got some inspiration again. I started seeing a bright future, I had ideas for my blog and for paintings and writings galore. What I mean by telling you this is that sometimes, it’s ok to have time away from your life, even if it was longer than you ever expected you’d be gone. I feel refreshed and new. I have so many ideas, they’re practically leaking out of me. It is certainly a good time.
I’ve created a Polyvore to share with you. It’s just a simple Outfit Of The Day, but you can count it as my return.
See you all soon! Happy New Year.




Hello everyone!
I’m at it again on Polyvore. Winter florals have been my favorite thing lately because they are feminine with a darker edge. This is how I would style a Valentino dress if I was ever lucky enough to have one.
Also, how cute is this bag?! The cat is adorable. I want this so badly!
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Fall Neutrals

Did you know I’m obsessed with Polyvore? I honestly can’t help but go on and try to make fun outfits or make collections of things. I feel like it’s the perfect site for becoming inspired and being creative. I truthfully go there almost every morning for outfit ideas.
I’m not being sponsored by them at all, I just love playing around with the site and trying new things. I made this collection a few days ago about Fall Neutrals because I needed help finding basic pieces for outfits. This was so fun to make because I could use all my favorite colors and themes for fall and put them in one place. There’s a good amount of outfits in this collection to look through. Most of them are similar to my style or just things I enjoyed looking at!
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Paris FW

Paris FW


Vince dress

Wool poncho coat

Platform boots

Black handbag
$380 – spartoo.co.uk

Forever 21 necklace

Olivia Burton silver watch
$105 – the-dressingroom.com

Givenchy pearl earrings
$545 – ssense.com

Christian Dior eye shadow brush

Trish mcevoy makeup

Bottega Veneta rose perfume

Burberry fragrance

Korres body moisturizer
$15 – liberty.co.uk

Soy wax candle

Succulent pot

Oh, writers block.
I’ve been trying to come up with blog posts for a week now, but I’m honestly going through a hard time. Besides being busy, I don’t feel myself. I’m trying to come up with some before Halloween though, so be patient with me.
Currently I am staying at my friend’s beautiful loft and I wanted to make some cozy outfits on Polyvore to reflect my mood. The cold weather is comforting to me, as well as layers. I played around with some beauty items in this one to sharpen it up. But I thought I’d share with you what I would wear if I were going to Paris Fashion Week.
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Are Those Overalls

Are Those Overalls


Hey, friends!
I have been really into making outfits on Polyvore lately, (as you could see with my latest blog post) and wanted to do one that was very fall-esk. Winter is coming, and soon the whole overall shorts trend won’t be as big. I don’t own a pair of these, but whenever I see someone in them I admire from afar. One great example of this trend is Alexa Chung, as she makes them look not at all like a little girl, but very chic.
I just wanted to share this with you as the sort of vibe I get from this look and how it can be styled.
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Rosy Autumn

Somewhere in the forest, MASSACHUSETTS

Somewhere in the forest, MASSACHUSETTS


I know I’ve been posting a lot of Polyvore’s lately, but bear with me! I have a few blog posts ideas to get through and I’m also getting ready to move back to school next week. I’ll be doing a super fun workspace project once I’m moved in.
I hope you liked this set, it reminds me of fall in my native state. Let me know what you think!

Luna Lovegood

Luna Lovegood


Isn’t Polyvore the best way to get your fangirling out when you need to? I love Harry Potter and I watched it the other night while relaxing. I think getting lost in the world with the characters is so fun and sometimes therapeutic.
One of my all-time favorite characters is Luna. She has always been the character I related to because she is so dreamy and optimistic. I also love Luna’s eccentric but nostalgic style. I thought this might be a good representation of what Luna would wear.

Untitled #304

Untitled #304


Polyvore has been my best friend lately.
Since autumn is coming, I can’t help but make a bunch of outfits that I wish I could wear now. I hate to say it, but I’m over this heat! I can’t wait to wear long sleeves and jeans again. I love this outfit because it’s pretty casual, but it looks like there was a bit of work put into it. Stacking rings always adds a bit of flare as well.
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