Another Item of the Day…

Hello everyone, I know I posted those beautiful rings, but I had to show you these shoes. These red lace up pumps are from BDOODAH and are on sale for $23.99 (yes, you read that correctly). They are patent leather and suede, and have laces that go up the front. Excellent for any occasion honestly. Here’s the link:

The only color they come in is red, but hey, why not be bold?

Again, happy shopping everyone!



Item of the Day!

Hey everyone!

Something I’ve wanted to try for a couple years now is leather leggings. But they’re always very expensive and it’s hard for me to not spend my paycheck as soon as I get it…

But I found a new twist on the usual basic leather legging. The front is a very sexy leather, while the back is “stretch ponte” (which is a fancy way of saying, stretchy soft material).

These leggings are in black, but they also come in taupe, which is another great neutral color.

I found these leggings at Hale Bob, but the link is here for you:

There’s only one big problem with these wonderful leggings, the steep price of $284.00.

So an alternative I can offer you is:

These leggings were a little less expensive, at $198.00. That’s still expensive, but at least it isn’t close to $300, and you can count on the quality. These leggings are similar except they are faux-leather, And they don’t have any other material on the back. The color is in “blackberry” . They are by Adriano Goldshmied, found at

I hope you enjoyed both pieces, because this is a huge trend for fall!

Thanks guys:)