Snow. Wind. Chill.


If winter wasn’t here before, I’m certain it is now. It has been freezing the past few days and I’ve had to make actual use out of my heavy jackets. It’s been fun trying to figure out how to layer and make it all work together. I’ve also been wearing boots every single day. It’s the only thing you can wear in this weather!

Today was a pretty casual day as I was getting ready to go back to school. Leggings and sweatshirts can apparently look great when you throw on a nice winter jacket.

Jacket- Volcom

Sweatshirt- Calvin Klein (Thrifted)

Leggings- target

Boots- Steve Madden

Necklaces- Both thrifted

-The Very Cold Heather


Winter Blues Haul


I’m sure you’ve heard people talk about how fast Christmas came and went, so  much so that everyone is sounding like a broken record. But can I just say it? Wow, that was fast! As you know if you read my last post, I took a well-needed break from the internet and social media (and this blog, consequently) so once the holidays were over, I wanted to get excited for this coming year.

I don’t think many people would say winter is their favorite season. It’s cold and in a lot of places, there is a lot of snow. Some like the winter for the holidays, and once they are over, so is their love for the season. I’m here to rescue you from that.

I recently bought a lot of things with money from Christmas that I intentionally got to get excited for the rest of the season. I actually love winter. I love the cold. I love the snow. I love it all. But there are times that I get a little sad when the days get dark so easily and I feel like hibernating as if I were a bear.

Here were the things I got! I hope you enjoy, they are all very random, but are guaranteed to make you feel better about the rest of the winter season.


Milani Lipstick in No. 66 “Matte Passion”

What’s better to make you feel good than buying some new makeup? I decided I would go for a lipstick to get me excited for winter outfits. Because most of my winter lip colors are dark reds or bright, Christmasy reds, I decided on this one because of it’s orange tint. I think it’s appropriate to liven up your dark outfits, and it’ll be an easy transition for spring. I’m currently also in denial about how many red lipsticks I have, and justify it by telling myself they are technically different hues.



Forever 21 Pajama Flannel

I love flannel for winter (who doesn’t) and I also love it for sleepwear. I got beautiful pairs of pajamas for Christmas that I adore, but I was looking for something I could lounge around in without getting hot. I found this tunic-type of flannel and it’s almost like a night gown, but more of a long night-shirt. It keeps me warm and I can layer it with leggings or long socks, but at night, it’s cool enough to sleep in. I always get hot at night (especially my legs) and I love having this on for the right about of comfort. Also, it makes me look cute and wintry, so I can make excuses for why I’m in pajamas all day.


SkinnyDip Phone Case

So, I know I got a new phone case in May and it’s by my favorite stationary makers ever, Rifle Paper & Co. And I know I don’t really need a new phone case. But this was the coolest thing I had ever seen. The glittery and stars inside of the case move around because there is a layer of water, so it’s like a glittery lava lamp for your phone. Yes, that’s right, a glittery lava lamp for your phone. I think I’m going to switch between the two cases because they are both awesome. But this one just really fuels my nerd obsession with space and looks lovely.


Chalk and Cork Board Wall Set (From Target)

I think we all wait until spring until we clean because after the holidays we are in this weird Christmas hangover where we are depressed and mostly lazy. I let most of my stuff accumulate and it gets really really stressful until I finally get the courage to clean it all. While organizing, I decided to get something for my wall that could be decorative but also keep me in line with cleaning and projects, so I got this from Target!


Animal Crossing City Folk

I really needed to get a new game to get me through this vacation, and since I love Animal Crossing New Leaf, I decided to try out City Folk. I use this on my WiiU and it’s actually very relaxing after a long hard day of eating chocolate and sleeping to create an imaginary digital town (nerd alert).


What have all of you bought since Christmas? Hopefully these suggestions will help you get through the rest of winter!




Baking Haul | All Discounted!


Hello there loves!

I did some shopping over the holiday weekend because there were amazing sales everywhere and I need some new baking supplies.

Old Fashioned Timer from Anthropologie, $7

As soon as I saw this in the sale section, I dove for it. I always see these at Anthro and never want to pay full price for them. I think they’re handy if you have a ton of things you’re baking at once and you need another timer. In all honesty, it was also just cute!

Gingerbread Cookie Mold, $10

I got this at TJMaxx and I can’t wait to try it out! I think you can also use this for sugar cookies or other types of cookies beside gingerbread. The company is French so you have to do some reading to see what it can be used for, but I thought it was so adorable! Silicone is generally super easy to bake with and I can’t believe I found one this cheap. I can’t wait to decorate little gingerbread cookies.

Holiday Sprinkles, $4

I got these at TJMaxx too, and all I can say is that they are adorable!

Holiday Baking Cups, $3

I found these at TJMaxx as well, and these are perfect in every way. We always make so many treats for Christmas time and now we are prepared to be even more festive. I’m already looking for cupcake recipes to use these bad boys. The best part about them is you don’t have to put them in a muffin tin! They can stand straight up on a cookie sheet and have batter poured into them. Very convenient and easy to use.

Copper Cookie Cutters, $8

Last year, my family went through a cookie cutter crisis. We had no idea what to do because we had lost all but two of our cookie cutters. We vowed to get more, and never did. When I saw these at TJMaxx, I had to get them. Firstly, because they are copper and wonderfully on trend. Second, the shapes are lovely and wintery, I can’t wait to use them.

Paper Straws, $2

I actually have some red and white striped straws like these, but these are soooo cute. I love the striped green and the red polka dots. I think these will be good for drinking eggnog or other festive drinks for a party. Also from TJMaxx, I was surprised at how many were in here for the price, and I’ve started thinking up ideas for what cute things we can use them for.


Now that I have all these new baking goodies, I’ve got to get baking!



Cozy Weekend//Productive Work


I’ve been seriously relaxing all weekend! At school, the project and midterms have been crazy and I was so happy to come home and chill out. I’ve used a lot of Lush and read a lot of books. I’ve also had my fair share of peppermint hot chocolate. I think recharging on the weekends is a great way to get a pep in your step for the week ahead. Not only is my magazine launching, but I have projects for class and Thanksgiving!

I got this amazing tea from the Yankee Candle Factory store in Deerfield and it’s my favorite tea EVER. It’s got chocolate and peppermint, and I added a bit of creamer that was flavored of Crème Brûlée. It was amazing.

I’m sorry about the quality of the pictures for my outfit. I left my tripod at school and had to set me camera on a shelf. The lighting was not ideal. But you get the idea! I liked the chambray-on denim- on paisley. It seemed like a cool combination with a cozy winter coat on top.

Shirt- Thrift Store


Shoes- Converse

Scarf- Urban Outfitters

Sunglasses- Kate Spade

How has your weekend been? Let me know!



Preparing For Winter Haul | Ulta & H&M

Winter Haul_DSC0245_DSC0250_DSC0254_DSC0255_DSC0256_DSC0257_DSC0258_DSC0259

Sweaters are my go-to’s almost every day, so this time of year is wonderful when I can snuggle up in them.

The only issue was, I really wanted a Christmas sweater. I know that Christmas is very far away and I need to get it together. But I predict that when all the Christmas sweaters come out, they’ll be overpriced and snatched off the shelf. I wanted to get a head start on finding my perfect holiday sweater, but that led to me going and buying a few more things! Before I knew it, I had collected a little haul for myself.

All of these really do have a winter theme because they all remind me of Christmas or winter beauty care. I stopped at Ulta to treat myself to a few new things to help my dry skin and I bought some basics at H&M. I’m also aware that I already bought a sweater at H&M this month, but I don’t even care. Both of them are my all time favorites, I might have to just wait a little to wear this new one.

Christmas Deer Sweater- As I was looking around H&M, my eyes fell on this and I picked it up right away. I imagined myself near Thanksgiving time or in mid december wearing it while drinking hot chocolate. I decided right then and there to buy it! I don’t have any other sweater like this and I’m proud to own my first “Christmas sweater,” eve if it was $35. It feels slightly scratchy, but it honestly kept me so warm that I had to take it off because I was roasting, so it’s great for freezing cold winter days.

Wine and White Basic Tees- You might say, “Heather, this is a winter haul, why did you buy t-sirts!” Well, because winter is about layering and honestly, you might need a good old basic t-shirt. They were having a 2-For-$10 deal which is insane. The quality of the shirts is great and you can’t go wrong with a staple plain shirt to go with your outfits.

Sally Hansen Miracle Cure- The fall and winter makes my nails flake like crazy (which is really gross) so I bought this to combat it, and so far it works great!

Simple Cleansing Micellar Water- I watch so many Youtubers who use this cleanser or something similar, and they rave about the results. I think it’s because it’s very light and still washes away bacteria and extra makeup. I use this after already cleansing because I feel like it gets everything else off for good. Also, It’s so cheap! This is my first time using Simple products and I’m very happy with it. I think it’s worth repurchasing!

Maybelline Color Sensational Matte in “Siren in Scarlet”- Ok, this color is very bright. I put it on and thought, wow, that is pretty red. However, I don’t have a great pigmented red that packs a punch like this one. I think this will be perfect to wear around the holidays with my Christmas outfits and such. The matte is very useful because it stays in place all day, but it really doesn’t crumble or seem too dry. I think this is their new collection out, so go check them out because the formulation is wonderful!

Let me know what you’re planning to buy to get ready for these colder winter months! I know it’s early, I’m just being enticed with the coziness of November.


H&M Essentials|October 5th, 2015



Oh H&M, while I would love to buy every single item in your store, I had to stick to the essentials this time. I went shopping yesterday and I knew I had to get just a couple items to complete my Autumn/Winter wardrobe. And in my defense, I never ever spend full price at any store, so this was a fun trip to let go and just buy a few beautiful items at my favorite store.

H&M is my favorite store for get-the-trendy-things-cheaper items. I know I only bought two items, but they excited me so much I just had to show them!

First, look at these adorable patent loafers. I have always wanted to wear these and never thought I could, but I put them on and immediately decided they were worth $35, so here they are on my feet.

The second thing I got was the coziest and most beautiful cable-knit sweater I’ve ever seen. I often see beautiful pictures on tumblr or in books of this gorgeous grey/white color that reminds me of snow. I know that’s so corny and cliche but I saw it and immediately thought about winter and how bad I needed this cozy sweater. There were two colors, another was a soft lilac that was also beautiful, but since they were also $35, I would only buy one. I love how this looks, and I showed the picture of my arm in the sweater because the colors are so accurate to real life and I wanted you to see how lush and comfy it really is.

Have you splurged on anything lately? I won’t judge! Let me know.

ALSO. Quick update. My computer might have to be shipped somewhere today in order to be repaired. If that’s the case, I will attempt to get as many blogposts up as possible via my phone or the computers at school. If it’s slow, stay with me, I’m attempting to fix my laptop as soon as I can. Thanks guys!


Flea Market Finds & Other Adventures

T1_DSC0082_DSC0085_DSC0087 _DSC0092 _DSC0094 _DSC0096 _DSC0097 _DSC0099 _DSC0104 _DSC0105

Looking for some cheap, wacky stuff?

I was looking for some eccentric items to spice up my mostly-IKEA dorm room in the fall and decided to go to a local flea market.

We started our adventure with some good old donuts. There is a little cafe right up the street from my house that we’ve been going to. We got a classic chocolate frosted, and then a cinnamon sugar donut as well. Cinnamon donuts got me immediately ready for fall! It also fueled me for a day of bargains.

My favorite thing about flea markets is you have no idea what you’re going to find. We go back to this particular one every so often because sometimes the venders change. You could find some crazy things, good and bad. We got some cash ready and looked around. I was happy I brought my camera, because I noticed some of the setups were absolutely beautiful. The clutter of items is always fun to look through.

On our way home from the flea market, we went by an estate sale. Sometimes I find it creepy to look through someone’s house when they’re gone, but in this case, the house was full of books and amazing things to explore through.

At the end of the day, we bought a lamp, a picture, a book, and a guitar (not pictured). This lamp was at the flea market and we talked it down to $12!!!

I’ve been collecting more things to arrange on my walls at school, and I thought this $10 old picture of flowers was so perfect with the other things I’ve gathered.

The last thing we got was at the estate sale. I saw so many classic novels and authors that I wanted to bring home with me. But we found this amazing collection of Edgar Allen Poe stories that was printed in 1907. As a literature buff, I freaked out (quietly) and we payed only $1. I couldn’t believe how many interesting items were at the estate sale. It just goes to show that sometimes bargain hunting is the way to shop.


Anthropologie Picks| July 16th, 2015

Anthro July.002Anthro July.003Anthro July.004Anthro July.005

I was browsing around for some mid-summer sales and found some really great things that are on the Anthropologie website! A lot of these are on sale, and some are not. I really like putting these together because it’s interesting to see what’s in stock and on sale right now. I’ve noticed there are a lot of florals and pastels. I really enjoy both those things, so I’m quite happy.


My Anthropologie Picks: 5/21/15

anthro may.001anthro may.002anthro may.003anthro may.004

No matter where you are on your shopping journeys, you must find yourself at Anthropologie.

This is my favorite store. I feel like it completely embodies my style and aesthetic. However, it isn’t always worth the prices. I like to go in every so often and buy myself a few things that I love and be done with it. I compiled a few things that are in stores right now that are totally worth the money, and a lot of the stuff I’ve included is on sale!

What have you bought at Anthro recently?