Snow Day Inspiration 2015

I thought now that I’ve had another start of my week off, I could do a little inspiration post. From staying inside most of the time from the snow, I’ve been browsing around Tumblr and found amazing inspiration there. I wanted to share it with you!

As always, these pictures do not belong to me. I found all of them on wonderful Tumblrs and compiled a little inspiration piece. I don’t have the sources, but I’ve linked the picture to where I got it. If you click the picture, you’ll find the Tumblr I found it on. A lot of times with Tumblr, the sources aren’t really the sources.

Has everyone been staying safe with all this snow? I hope so!

I might need some advice from you guys on things to do when you have cabin fever. I really want to get out of the house and start doing things! I ended up finishing most of my homework for the rest of the week (totally cabin fever).

I also recently did a post on my friend Colie who just started a blog and she recently did a blog post on snowday essentials. You guys should check that out too! My dog has been extremely bored with us and is also over the whole snow thing. I think I’ll stick to Netflix and Youtube videos for the rest of the day. After tomorrow my busy week is starting up again. I hope everyone is staying nice and warm!



Cutie of the Day!

I thought I should post something a little cute, since there is a snowstorm coming to my area and I’m just feeling cozy 🙂

Here is a picture of some puppies in the snow for you all. Have a fun winter season everyone, and stay safe with all this crazy weather!

Item of the Day!

Today’s item of the day is in spirit of the colder weather that’s coming! These are a great pair of Muk Luks Cold Weather Boots in the color Neutral. I am usually turning away from weather boots because since I was little, I thought of them as big, chunky, ugly things that only are for shoveling. Oh, how I was wrong!! There are morning where it is sleeting or thunderstorms or a snowstorm and you need to get to your car, you NEED a good weather boot at some point! Why not get a stylish pair?

The reason I love these is because of the fur on the front give an almost boho-eskimo feel. The brown and cream color is adorable, and the knitted snowflake design on the back is so festive and makes the boots look and feel cozy!

I have a pair of white ones similar to these, and I encourage buying some good, cute weather boots before it’s too late!

Thanks everyone, good luck and happy shopping!