Rays Of Sunshine


After a strangely warm winter, I’m kind of looking forward to spring. I know that a brutal winter might still be coming, but part of me is buying into the floral prints and warm, inviting colors. I wanted to do a nail look that incorporates the happiness of spring with some bold shapes. I went to TJMaxx to get some cheap polishes (Deborah Lippmann for $4!!!!) and went to work!

This is honestly a very easy thing to recreate. I just painted two coats of the blue polish and waited until that dried completely. Then, I angled the yellow and swiped it on either side of the nail to make an inside-out-triangle shape.

If you try this with different colors, send me the pictures and let me know how they look! The great part about this design is that you can really use it with any bold colors.



OOTD- Braving The Rain


Today we’re talking about rainy days.

I’m not sure about you guys, but where I live, it’s positively freezing!

This was a fun (and comfy) outfit that looks put together, but helps you stay warm in this rainy season.

I’m Wearing:

Sweatshirt: Madewell

Jeans: Target

Shoes: Steve Madden

Bag: Donna Karen

Tiny Bag: TJMaxx

Primer: Benefit Porefessional

How are you transitioning from cool to warm weather? I bet you all have some great tips. Let me know!


What I’ve Been Up To // 5-16-15


This type of post has been brewing in my brain for awhile now. 

I wanted to be able to share with you what I’ve been up to through pictures, and what better way than to show my latest posts on Instagram. This goes back to about 6 weeks ago when I was still in school. Here is what I’ve been doing!

1. Through the school year, I tried to start eating better, and that meant buying fresh fruit every week to snack on. Not only is it tasty, but it looks cute when you put them in mugs and eat them from there.

2. As spring came, so did my trench coats, and I dug out one of my favorite thrift store finds with this Jones of New York pink trench. 

3. Mother’s Day was an amazing day, and I got the cutest wrapping paper for my mom’s gifts at TJMaxx. I love putting together gifts and then wrapping them up. My mom loved all her goodies (which consisted of many candles).

4. Another Mother’s Day post was in order as we had a huge brunch with lots of delicious food to celebrate the mom’s in our family.

5. Earlier this week, I moved out of my dorm and said goodbye to my school for the summer. Although I had a hard year, it was still bittersweet to leave. The houses on our campus are beautiful. 

6. A shameless selfie I took while trying to unpack my stuff (it still isn’t done). There has been so much to do this week that my procrastination levels have been at an all time high when it comes to putting my clothes away. This is also the last picture of my hair like this! Two days ago I got my hair cut 4 inches, dyed a bit darker, and I got some bangs cut in.

If you want to follow my Instagram, here is the link! 

What have you been up to this past spring? I’d love to know how your week has been!


Lush Inspiration: Avobath


I’ve fallen in love, and his name is Avobath. This is another repurchase for me, but I indulged in a bath after I had a hard day moving out of my dorm, and it was just what I needed.

This bath bomb doesn’t  have all the bells and whistles that some of the other ones do (ie. seaweed, glitter, confetti hearts) but it still one of my all time favorites. It doesn’t fizz for that long before it’s done, but the color and scent are very strong. This was a good relaxing and fresh bath bomb to use when you’ve been on your feet the whole day. I find that when I use this I can relax easier because the scent is calming but still uplifting. This is a perfect spring-into-summer bath bomb!

Here’s some specs on Avobath:

-perfect for early mornings when you just don’t feel like getting up

-lemongrass scent helps wake your brain up

-has mixed in avocados to bring moisture to your dry skin

-having a foggy brain? this might help you get motivated

-a zesty refresher

Have you used Avobath?


Inspiration Post: April!

Here at Glitterbunnies, I really consider myself inspired by everything around me. I’ve noticed in April, it has been a mixture of very fresh, crisp images mixed with gloomy, rainy days. It is April after all, and with April comes showers.

These are some images to describe what has me inspired, outfit-wise and also just creatively in general. As always, these images were taken from Tumblr. When you click the image, it will bring you to wear I found the picture!

I am also doing a shameless little plug and will add my Tumblr for you to look at and perhaps follow.


OOTD- First Shorts of Spring


Goof afternoon guys!

Yesterday it was beautiful and sunny out, so I wore a pair of shorts (without tights) for the first time this year! I love these shorts from Urban Outfitters, they are so comfy and easy to pair with things. I also wore a big floppy hat to keep the sun out of my eyes.

I have been wearing this denim and leather jacket for over a year now. I got it from Express and I love the way it makes my outfits look. It has just enough edge to make something look cool. But it also is classic and can be worn with almost everything in my closet. I am so happy about the warm weather. It seems to be lifting my spirits a bit!

I wore my Steve Madden flats with my outfit because I wanted a little pop of color. The white button-up is from H&M. I think this outfit was great for semi-warm weather. I’m excited to go shopping this weekend to get a nice pair of sandals for spring/summer. I hope you are enjoying your weeks!

What have you been wearing in this spring weather?


The Season of White


Spring is here!

I went hunting last weekend for the perfect white Spring dress.

The day before Easter brought many sales into stores and I was pretty surprised. I took a look at a bunch of different places, but I found the best Spring dresses at Gap.

I actually don’t shop at Gap too often, but they had white and yellow dresses in the front that drew me in. Because of the sale, there weren’t a bunch in my size, but luckily, this beautiful babydoll style dress was!

I’m not sure of the exact name of this style, but it has eyelet details and is layered cotton.

I have a few events coming up for the late spring/early summer, and this was the perfect amount of sophistication for them. The dress isn’t too long, but it shows enough leg to make up for the conservative top. I think with nude heels and delicate accessories, it could work for many things. I have a couple graduations to go to, and this will be perfect!

The dress was originally around $80, but with the sale, it went down to $40. I thought that was an incredible deal for Gap! I also found a dress for $5 in the sale section! This just goes to show that you can find some treasures if you’re really looking. Overall, I am so pleased with this white dress and can’t wait to share some outfit ideas that I can put together with it. If you are looking for some sundresses/fancier spring dresses, check out the Gap right now!


OOTD- Easter 2015

OOTD easterDSCF2622_retouched

This is a little late since Easter was a few days ago, but I wanted to show you what I wore! I also want to apologize for another in-my-house picture, but it was actually snowing really hard on Easter. I thought we were over that! What happened!

You may recognize this from my eShakti review, I thought this dress was just perfect for Easter. It wasn’t too fancy, but it was dressy enough since my whole family was joining us. The cream and black color is so classic! Everyone at our Easter party loved the dress.

Dress- eShakti

Tights- Kate Spade

Flats- Steve Madden

Did you have a nice Easter?