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OOTD January 15th, 2015


I forgot to upload this outfit of the day yesterday! My post ended up going late and I decided I could put it up tonight. Yesterday was a pretty lazy day for me. I did a few things out of the house, but besides that, I just tried to keep warm. It didn’t help that we ran out of oil last night. Luckily, the oil company came and helped us out before me and my dog were popsicles.

So basically, this was a very casual outfit.

The sweater I wore was my comfy wool one from Zara that seriously insulated my body heat. It went well with my new jeans from Urban Outfitters, which are kind of baggy and casual.

The boots I wore were from way back in the day. I reviewed these shoes from Wanted a couple years ago. They still work when you don’t feel like slipping on the ice on the way to your car.

What were your days like?


New Favorite Winter Sweater


DSCF2185Hello everyone!

I’m sorry that I’ve been away for awhile. I had a small hiccup in my life and am trying to make up a lot of work right now! I thought I’d share with you this gorgeous sweater I got on sale at Macy’s that I have been wearing non stop! The brand is Eyeshadow, and I love the lace detailing, it can be worn with so many different things for the colder months.

What are your favorite types of sweaters for this time of year?


Casual Fall Fashion

Best Ways to Dress for Spring (And Keep it Fresh)

1. Use Something Comfy
2. Be Trendy
3. Black and White


So some of the spring styles are predictable (like pastels) and some were a bit more surprising! (Like black and white)

I have shown the top three things to do with your outfits this spring to keep feeling fresh.

1. The first thing to do is to go for something comfy. Today, in Massachusetts, it is gloomy and it should rain soon. Instead of wearing all the bright  and sheer and flowy sping styles I just bought, I opted for ripped jeans and a big grey t-shirt (my boyfriend’s actually) with boots and a cardigan. Spring can be unpredictable with cold and rainy weather. So when you feel like you don’t wanna dress all the way up on those cloudy days, dress up a sweater, sweatshirt, t-shirt, etc. Comfy clothes with can looked polished if they are worn the right way.

2. The next thing to do is to try all the trends, honestly. There will be ones that you don’t get or you think are unflattering. But you really don’t know until you try. The biggest trends are pale pastels, bright neons, lace, miniskirts, leather, etc. Many of these things sound great, and then don’t look so good when you put them on. All trends are made for different body types, so see which ones work for you! When you buy a lot of trendy items, it will make dressing up everyday fun instead of a task that you would rather scratch and throw on sweats. (We all do it.)

3. The last thing is one that I probably do the most. Black and white. And luckily, black and white (especially in a pattern) was huge on the spring runways. Living in the Northeast, wearing all black is a pretty common thing. But I also like to throw whites in when I can. It is always classy, and black is the most flattering color for every body type. Leather black leggings with a black and white striped shirt or sweater can always look chic, and can be worn with converse, booties, pumps, flats. The possibilities are endless. This is one trend that is always easy.

What are your solutions to keeping your spring wear fresh?


Mint/Seafoam Green

I think the biggest colors this year were pastels. We saw cotton candy-colored pastel hair all over fashion week all around the world. There was light lavender and pale pink everywhere. But a very popular pastel that was seen in clothing was the light mint green, slightly seafoam that was in skinny jeans, wedges, sweaters, even accessories. And the best part about it was that it was able to transition so well through the seasons. In the summer, you could wear it with jean cutoffs and it looked effortless and beachy. In the fall, it could be worn with skinny jeans and boots for a fresh fall look. And for winter, it is all over winter coats! This gives you a minty fresh wintery look that we aren’t used to seeing. I love this color, and I can’t wait to see more of it.


Thanks guys 🙂

Rachel Bilson: Red Carpet Spotlight

Hey everyone!

I have great respect for Rachel Bilson. She was one of the reasons I started loving fashion. I read her articles that she wrote in for magazines, and I would see her outfits that she wore on the red carpet, and think she always looks effortless and gorgeous. It wasn’t until I started looking at her less dressy styles that I realized I dressed a lot like her!

Bilson always wears some piece that has a casual vibe to it. She wears jeans and a button up. She has sequin tops and cut off jean shorts. And in this case, she has dress pants, a blazer, and a comfy sweater!

I would have thought this sweater would look frumpy if it wasn’t paired with something sort or tight on the bottom. But that’s not the case! The way the black dress pants and blazer draw a line, and the sweater cutting it, it has a sharp looking style, with the relief of a knit sweater. Genius! She accessorizes with an off-white matching pare of pointed heels, and a statement necklace that has simple bronze triangles.

The best part of this is the pop of color in the bag! I love that she’s holding it by the handle, making it more chic. Beautifully done! You can vote “love it” or “leave it” at right here:,,20634935,00.html

I of course, voted “love it”. 🙂


Outfit of the Day!

Hey everyone!

Today’s outfit of the day is so cozy and beautiful, I think I might where something like this for my brother’s birthday party today!

The black skinny jeans are perfect tucked into a pair of black wedge booties. It draws a long black line down your leg, making you look leaner! A cream button up shirt is tucked into the black jeans, looking so chic. On top of that is an off-white chunky sweater-jacket. It is long and draped over those long legs, and also is long in the arms, making you look comfy and fashionable all at once. The red scarf is wrapped in a circle around her neck, balancing out the whole outfit. Lastly, the beautiful over the shoulder bag has the redish-orange of the scarf, along with color blocking some brown in there to pick up the fall feel! The sunglasses make you look oh-so-chic like a movie star. Perfection!

I don’t have any information about these items, but these are all so easy to find!

Thanks guys, I hope you enjoyed it! 🙂

Outfit of the Day!

This is amazingly beautiful and casual at the same time! I found this on Lookbook, and I couldn’t find any specifics about the clothing pieces. But The cream sweater is beautiful and knit. It is belted with a brown skinny belt, and a ballerina skirt is peaking underneath with a pale pink. Lastly, there is a black and gold embellished over the shoulder bag. I hope the weather stays warm for awhile so I can keep wearing stuff like this!!

Thanks guys!


Outfit of the Day!

I love this outfit so much that my new mission is finding this color jean!! To start, this beautiful charcoal sweater is from Urban Outfitters. I love the texture of it! It looks so casual! The striped shirt underneath is from Target, which is great because it matches the color of the sweater. The orange corduroy pants are from Anthropologie, which I love. The brown Mary Jane flats are from target. I love these because they do dress up an outfit instead of just some old sneakers, but they aren’t too flashy, they’re comfy! I don’t know where the scarf is from, but it is so cute. I love the way the cream looks against the dark sweater!!

This outfit is from a blog called so check them out!!!

Thanks guys, I hope you loved the colors in this outfit for fall the way I did!!

Happy fall:)