Cozy Weekend//Productive Work


I’ve been seriously relaxing all weekend! At school, the project and midterms have been crazy and I was so happy to come home and chill out. I’ve used a lot of Lush and read a lot of books. I’ve also had my fair share of peppermint hot chocolate. I think recharging on the weekends is a great way to get a pep in your step for the week ahead. Not only is my magazine launching, but I have projects for class and Thanksgiving!

I got this amazing tea from the Yankee Candle Factory store in Deerfield and it’s my favorite tea EVER. It’s got chocolate and peppermint, and I added a bit of creamer that was flavored of Crème Brûlée. It was amazing.

I’m sorry about the quality of the pictures for my outfit. I left my tripod at school and had to set me camera on a shelf. The lighting was not ideal. But you get the idea! I liked the chambray-on denim- on paisley. It seemed like a cool combination with a cozy winter coat on top.

Shirt- Thrift Store


Shoes- Converse

Scarf- Urban Outfitters

Sunglasses- Kate Spade

How has your weekend been? Let me know!




A Fresh Drink For Your Face


I don’t actually drink green tea. It has a lot of caffeine and it tends to be too much for me. However, almost every other human that I know drinks it. It has natural supplements that help with aging and weight loss. Green tea has been quite popular over the past few years!

Today I’ll tell you about a little alternative for your green tea. If you ever have left over tea bags or you feel like trying a little treatment on your face, you can do this.

The tea bag I’m using is the Bigelow Green Tea with Lemon. I wouldn’t recommend using any of the other fruity green teas on your face like pomegranate or something because it might irritate your skin.

Heat up your tea bag in water the way you would if you were making the green tea to drink. After letting it soak a munute or two, take the bag out and dry it. Open the bag up carefully and use the green tea leave to exfoliate into your face and leave on for about five minutes, and you’ll see refreshed and happy skin!