Blush Trend

Blush Trend
Hello there!
I know it’s predictable that the winter-into-spring trend this year is blush and nude, but who doesn’t get excited for these things?! When I see the pretty pastels, I know warmer weather and new clothes are coming. This year, I’ve noticed a lot of rustic touches mixed in with the baby-pink blush.
It may be hard to style pastels, especially blush. A lot of paler people (me) find it hard to wear because it sometimes washes you out. The best way to deal with this trend for spring is to mix in some nudes and browns. This will be a mature way to wear such a girly color. Make sure that your browns are of good quality, like a nice leather boot, or else it can start to look a little cheap. Pairing creams with it will also be a nice compliment to the blush color.
When it comes to clothing, I might stay away from the blush sweaters. I have pale skin with red undertones, which can make very pale pinks look like I’m not wearing anything (yikes). However, a nude color with a blush skirt is very complimenting, especially if you pick a floaty skirt. I love wearing a cream or off-white hat with pale pink accessories as well, since spring can still be quite cold! A nice pink nail is also a cute way to wear pastels, and Essie is quite popular for their range of colors.
As for makeup, using orange-toned bronzers bring out the red in blush, so when applied lightly it will go perfectly with a rosy tint to the cheeks. A light pink lip looks beautiful in the spring, but you could also use a brown-pink lip liner from winter to compliment your blush!

Pretty Easy DIY Manicure for Gold Polish

nail art stars


Hey guys!

I’m sorry my blog has been full of nail posts lately, but I haven’t really been into any other beauty/fashion related items besides that in awhile. Is anyone else in a mid-summer slump?

This is a pretty self explanatory nail art, so forgive me that it isn’t a groundbreaking design. I used the Formula X nail polish from Sephora in the color “Heroic” for the base of the nail.

I used this polish and let it dry completely after two coats. I then took a basic black polish (specifically from Forever 21 I think) and VERY thin paintbrush to make the star-like design on the two fingers. I will disclaim that even though I cleaned my brush immediately after using it in the black, it kind of messed up the brush, so maybe find a cheap one that you won’t reuse for actual painting. After letting the black dry, I used a top coat, but I really thought this was a easy manicure that jazzes up plain gold polish, since gold has been SO in lately.

If you try this out, comment and let me know so I can see! I was also tagged to do sort of a “About me” type of tag so I’ll be uploading that tomorrow night for you!


Thanks for reading,


Flower Spring Nails

Hey guys!

My roommate (who is amazing at nail art) gave me the cutest little manicure last night. I wanted something with spring colors, and I wanted some cute flowers as well. We made use of a few nail decals for the design.

We alternated the blue and yellow every other finger except the middle and ring finger were the same. The tips were a bit difficult, but we just painted as best we could and then cleaned it up with a q-tip and nail polish remover.

The flowers were done with plain white nail polish and a dotting tool. The little nail decals were in a set from Claire’s, and I think they’re really cheap. I also know that I go some cute Katy Perry ones in her Deluxe album set, and she made another collection of them for Claire’s.

Basically a self explanatory design, so let me know what you guys think! I have loved floral nails lately because I think it’s so girly and appropriate for the season. I might even try this design with different colors. What do you think of floral nails?



Best Dressed

1. Michael Kors $397.98
2. Unknown


3. Body Glove $57


4. Zara


5. Angel Court $72.99

Hello everyone!

I hope you are all safe with the crazy weather we have been having. Yesterday was my birthday, and it was extremely hot out. We are in for a heat wave, and just in time for some summer picks. I found all of these items scattered across the internet, and I will share where to get em’! Enjoy.

1. Michael Kors has done it again. When looking for something casual that is still chic, this dress does all the work. This is a shirtdress with beautiful cargo pockets and a stretch quality that is perfect for warm weather. The last thing you want is to wear something that doesn’t breathe or move with your body. The light color is gorgeous, and it can be belted to accentuate a waist line. I found it online at Nordstrom, and it was originally $995. But it was 60% to a still cool $397.98. Worth it if you have the money to spend!

2. I wish I could give you all the deets on this beautiful dress, but I can’t find it anywhere. I did want to include it though, because it has a bunch of trends in it. The black and white was all over the spring and resort runways, as well as stripes. It also has a very cool look to it. Literally cool, as in it looks like you won’t be sweltering in it. Gorgeous, and something to model any event dresses by for the summer season.

3. This halter just screams music festival. I actually thought it was a bathing suit top at first. I bet it could be used as one. I thought it looked awesome in black, which is the biggest color of the summer (oddly), but it comes in like a billion colors. And by a billion I mean: Blueberry, Fabulush, Mochachino, Orangerine, Pink Pulse, Scarlet red, Sea Blue, Sunny mango, and White. If you have any doubt what the creative names for the colors are, they actually look exactly as they sound. I found the top at!

4. Zara heels. Need I say more? You can probably find these anywhere. I stumbled upon them via a blog, but I couldn’t seem to find them on the website. This once again has the color-blocking black trend, and is perfect for summer. Let your toes breathe!

5. This might be my favorite find. This pendant is by Angel Court and is the symbol for devotion. It is perfect for that laid back summer vibe. (It would look awesome with that Body Glove halter!) It even has Swarovski crystals in it. $72.99 is a bit much for a necklace, but if you are looking for a splurge, this would be the perfect summer accessory. I found this at, and it was my first time visiting there! It had amazing accessories as well as apparel and artwork! They have a bunch of vintage finds and great things by small designers. Please go support this cool website!

What do you think of these summer picks?





Nail Idea: Chevron and Sparkle

I am still trying to find a good design for my next nail idea. I loved the way this looked! This is not mine, but it might be what I do next! The peach color is adorable, and you can even reuse it for the nail with the sparkle.

To do this, you only need to paint your thumb, pointer, and pinky finger a peach color. The middle finger is a chevron nail sticker, and they can be found in a majority of places. They have these awesome stickers on with many other types of patterns as well. Sally Hanson and Sephora also carry chevron-patterned nails. The ring finger is a sparkly nail, but you could out the peach used from before, and then use two coats of sparkles on top to give it the illusion that it is a sparkly peach color.

Perfect for spring!

What do you think?



So I got some positive responses on my beige trend post, and I decided to put up a few of the pictures that didn’t make the first cut of the previous post. These are all beige styled clothing, and hopefully can give you some more inspiration!!

Now the last one isn’t beige, but let me explain!! I think that if you wore a beige top or possibly a skirt, that orange and black against it would be beautiful and unique for the winter. (That’s what I’m on the lookout for now…)

Anyway, enjoy!


Item of the Day!

Hey everyone!

Something I’ve wanted to try for a couple years now is leather leggings. But they’re always very expensive and it’s hard for me to not spend my paycheck as soon as I get it…

But I found a new twist on the usual basic leather legging. The front is a very sexy leather, while the back is “stretch ponte” (which is a fancy way of saying, stretchy soft material).

These leggings are in black, but they also come in taupe, which is another great neutral color.

I found these leggings at Hale Bob, but the link is here for you:

There’s only one big problem with these wonderful leggings, the steep price of $284.00.

So an alternative I can offer you is:

These leggings were a little less expensive, at $198.00. That’s still expensive, but at least it isn’t close to $300, and you can count on the quality. These leggings are similar except they are faux-leather, And they don’t have any other material on the back. The color is in “blackberry” . They are by Adriano Goldshmied, found at

I hope you enjoyed both pieces, because this is a huge trend for fall!

Thanks guys:)