Summer Inspiration Post

Hello everyone!

I hope you’re all having a great summer so far. Where I am it is so incredibly hot. I can’t believe there’s a hurricane coming up the coast, but I guess it is that season. I hope you all stay safe! I’ve been very inspired lately by beautiful clean lines that remind me of fresh summer days. I also just want to tell you guys that my blog may look a bit different lately, but please don’t mind its appearance. I’m working with different themes to change it up, and in doing so, I by mistake changed my theme and can’t get my old one back. If someone could tell me how to get that back, that would be great. I’ll update you when I finish all the re-vamps for the final product of my blog!


Have a great fourth of July!



Item of the Day!

Today’s item of the day is in spirit of the colder weather that’s coming! These are a great pair of Muk Luks Cold Weather Boots in the color Neutral. I am usually turning away from weather boots because since I was little, I thought of them as big, chunky, ugly things that only are for shoveling. Oh, how I was wrong!! There are morning where it is sleeting or thunderstorms or a snowstorm and you need to get to your car, you NEED a good weather boot at some point! Why not get a stylish pair?

The reason I love these is because of the fur on the front give an almost boho-eskimo feel. The brown and cream color is adorable, and the knitted snowflake design on the back is so festive and makes the boots look and feel cozy!

I have a pair of white ones similar to these, and I encourage buying some good, cute weather boots before it’s too late!

Thanks everyone, good luck and happy shopping!