Rays Of Sunshine


After a strangely warm winter, I’m kind of looking forward to spring. I know that a brutal winter might still be coming, but part of me is buying into the floral prints and warm, inviting colors. I wanted to do a nail look that incorporates the happiness of spring with some bold shapes. I went to TJMaxx to get some cheap polishes (Deborah Lippmann for $4!!!!) and went to work!

This is honestly a very easy thing to recreate. I just painted two coats of the blue polish and waited until that dried completely. Then, I angled the yellow and swiped it on either side of the nail to make an inside-out-triangle shape.

If you try this with different colors, send me the pictures and let me know how they look! The great part about this design is that you can really use it with any bold colors.



Flower Spring Nails

Hey guys!

My roommate (who is amazing at nail art) gave me the cutest little manicure last night. I wanted something with spring colors, and I wanted some cute flowers as well. We made use of a few nail decals for the design.

We alternated the blue and yellow every other finger except the middle and ring finger were the same. The tips were a bit difficult, but we just painted as best we could and then cleaned it up with a q-tip and nail polish remover.

The flowers were done with plain white nail polish and a dotting tool. The little nail decals were in a set from Claire’s, and I think they’re really cheap. I also know that I go some cute Katy Perry ones in her Deluxe album set, and she made another collection of them for Claire’s.

Basically a self explanatory design, so let me know what you guys think! I have loved floral nails lately because I think it’s so girly and appropriate for the season. I might even try this design with different colors. What do you think of floral nails?



Summer Beach Pieces

1. Salty Girl Jewelry $169

2. Vans


Here’s some summer inspiration for you!

I found this beautiful bracelet at Fab.com and loved it! It is hard to picture on, but it is literally like a bracelet for a mermaid (or mermaid lover). The fringe is delicate and feminine, and these bracelets are all hand made in Hawaii.

The second item is a pair of awesome, bright vans. I don’t know the price, but I believe they are from the Carhartt collection. (That’s leather, so I’m pretty sure they’re expensive.) But the color and style is awesome for the beach or just out on a summer night.

I love both of these summer pieces. What do you think?



Trends April 30th, 2013

1. Fab.com $18

2. Salvatore Ferragamo $160
3. Seaman Schepps
4. DV by Dolce Vita $100

Hey everyone!

I have some more awesome products for the warm weather! (finally)

1. This scarf is adorabs and is in a trendy color! THe polka dots are definitely my style, and have a pop of teal. The best way to wear this is with a neutral tank top, a colorful bandeau underneath, and jean shorts!

2. I love brown leather bracelets because they add a chic and simple addition to your look. The gold on this also makes you appear classier! The coolest way to wear it is with a white 3/4 length sleeve shirt and colorful shorts! With a statement necklace, the leather bracelet will tone down the trendy outfit.

3. Gold cuffs are my favorite thing because they can be worn with MANY styles and for the most part, always look cool. They can be stacked with other bangles or with leather and watches. The best way to wear it is to wear a black maxi dress with cutouts. The trendy dress will look perfect and chic with a classic gold cuff without overdoing it.

4. This dress is adorable! I love yellow for spring and summer, and the cut is flattering for people with curvy hips (me). Paired with brown and cork wedges, this becomes sexy and cute!

What do you think?